Bmw 3 series gt combines sport and comfort

It is considered that the hatchback body is very practical, but a car with such a body does not look as impressive as a sedan. Earlier, BMW developers had already created hatchbacks based on triplets (BMW E36 Compact, BMW E46 Compact), but they positioned themselves as economy-class cars and didn’t look very nice, resembled Volkswagen Golf, so these threes were selling rather sluggishly.

BMW 3 GT Front

But the BMW company is progressive, it’s not worth it, so the developers decided to create BMW 3 Series GT, moreover, the task was to make the car prestigious and very practical. Gran Turismo looks, of course, differently, and how it behaves on the road, we now tell, a test drive showed a lot of interesting things about this car.

Each car that has a GT index is larger than a sedan or station wagon. If you take the 3rd series, it is longer than 200 mm and is 4824 mm, the wheelbase is also larger and equal to 2920 mm, respectively, even the distance between the rows of seats is 7 cm more than in a sedan. The trunk, of course, is also larger, its volume is more than that of a sedan by 25 liters and is equal to 520 liters.

BMW 3 GT back

All these additional centimeters of space have a good effect when landing on the rear seats. To passengers BMW 3 GT will be very convenient and comfortable ride. Even if the front seats are put in a recumbent landing, it will still be comfortable for rear passengers and they will have enough space. Of course, to lie in the back seat as well as in the front one will not succeed, because of the angle of the back seat backrest.

With regard to the rear seat backrest, it can be tilted slightly forward in order to increase the amount of luggage. And if you tilt the rear seat back as much as possible, the passengers will not be able to lie down, and they will sit in an upright position.

But such an inconvenience does not cause any inconvenience, except that if the passengers behind want to get comfortable when traveling long distances, and this they will not succeed. But a great roomy trunk will allow you to forget about all the shortcomings of this car. The trunk is opened by means of an electric drive, it has a side socket and even a handle, thanks to which you can fold the back of the rear seats with a simple movement, after which you will have a flat floor. In addition, the developers have made and retractable hook for the grid in the walls of the trunk.

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BMW 3 GT saloon

The driver's seat and the front passenger seat are made in the usual style for the 3rd series, all the devices are arranged quite ergonomically. When compared with a sedan or station wagon, then in the GT version the driver's seat is located 6 cm above. As for the location of buttons and controls, they are conveniently located, they are always at hand, they do not interfere with the driver and do not distract him from driving.

The instrument panel is quite informative, everything is clearly visible, especially the speedometer, because in this car speed is of particular importance. On the dashboard control lamps are placed various auxiliary systems.

In general, there are several different configurations of this car, but today we will focus on the all-wheel drive diesel version of the BMW 320d GT, which is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 184 liters. with. and peak torque, which is 380 Nm. Gearbox in this configuration - 8-band automatic. As is customary, in the cars of the BMW brand there are paddle shifters and there are several modes of operation of the gearbox, thanks to these modes the car can behave differently. There are such modes:

  • «Comfort»;
  • «Eco Pro»;
  • «Sport»;
  • "Sport Plus".

Judging by the name, you can see which of the modes behaves. Therefore, depending on the desire of the driver, you can drive in different ways: calmly, leisurely, in economy mode, or drive in full, press the gas to the floor and accelerate as quickly as possible on a sports car.

BMW 3 GT instrument panel

Before driving it is necessary to set up a seat for yourself, because during a fast ride it is necessary, surely, to sit comfortably behind the wheel. Also, it is important to put the steering wheel in a comfortable position. In addition, for a sports ride, especially to give the car a sporty look, you can release the wing, for this there is a special button. The rear wing at high speeds makes the car more stable, which is also important. After all these settings, you can safely start the engine, for this there is also an "ENGINE" button. After that, the sound of the motor is very pleasant in your ears, now it's time to choose the gearbox mode.

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When you go on this car on city roads, you feel that the car does not fully use its potential. The power reserve is really great, and in order to show what this car is capable of, it is better to go on the road, but to be honest, in some parts of the city you can also show excellent speed characteristics. If you drive fast in the city, overtake all traffic participants, go around them, then the power is 184 l. with. it is enough, the car starts off especially well at traffic lights, takes off without a hitch and reaches the mark of 100 km / h very quickly. Further photo BMW 3 GTwhere you can see the car clearly rides.


The automatic transmission works very quietly and imperceptibly shifts gears, it is very difficult to track its work, especially if you drive quietly in economy modes, but if you switch to sport modes, you will not notice how the gears are switched quite difficult. In the Sport and Sport Plus modes, the engine speed reaches the maximum mark, the car behaves tougher, the steering wheel becomes tougher, and the gas pedal becomes more responsive, it is very pleasant to drive in sport modes.

The car is more designed for high-speed driving, it jerks a bit in traffic jams, because the car nervously responds to the gas pedal, so here you can either press the gas to the floor or experience some inconvenience when driving in traffic.

BMW 3 Series GT

What is interesting, in the BMW 3 Series GT 320d, is that with relatively small power, this car provokes the driver to drive fast. Even when driving on the highway, where you can safely go in economic mode, behind the wheel of this car there is a serious desire to switch to sports mode and push the gas to the floor. Also, in the sport mode it is very pleasant to watch the suspension get stiffer thanks to adaptive shock absorbers.

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For those who think that in the Sport Plus mode it is possible to put this car into a skid, it turned out that in the BMW 3 Series GT the auxiliary electronic systems are fully functioning, which do not allow the car to drift, correcting the movement, slowing down some of the wheels to make the car even out. Of course, if you wish, this system can be distinguished and be happy to drift.

BMW 3 GT photo

With regards to the suspension, it is really good, because the car easily swallows all the bumps on the road, while the elasticity is felt, thanks to which the driver and passengers are in comfortable conditions. And if the car gets into serious holes, then in that case the rigidity can be felt, but the car does not get off course, continues to drive confidently.

For those who love to travel while driving the whole family, there are also some features that are associated with the carriage of a baby carriage and bags.

Oddly enough, the standard stroller for a child is not included in the trunk of the GT3, so the carriage will have to be folded or you can place the carriage on the rear passenger seat, after folding it.

In general, the car is quite roomy, and can easily carry a sufficiently large number of things. So, the BMW 3 Series GT makes an excellent impression for fans of fast driving, and for those who love to travel with the whole family.

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