The rumble in the power steering (gur)

In order to have fewer faults in the car, it is necessary to carefully monitor the entire system. The driver may not attach importance to a small breakdown, which in the future will cause a serious problem. For example, the rumble in GUR (power steering) is often ignored. But it is in vain, because it shows that the machine is not all right.

Гул в гидроусилителе руля (ГУР)

Characteristics of GUR

Power steering is designed for comfortable driving. The driver can easily drive a car, thanks to the work of GUR. And if he starts to buzz, then this is a cause for concern. Pay attention to this so that in future there will be no trouble.

Causes of power steering hum and solutions

Power steering may make a humming sound due to:

    • Low quality oil. In the tank GUR pour liquid ATF. When a car travels for a long time, over time it begins to get dirty, to get over and dilute. The driver needs to change the oil somewhere every couple of years, or when the indicator reaches 80-90 thousand kilometers. You can independently check the quality of the fluid. If it is red, then all is well. Black or brown - it's time to change the oil.

Гул в гидроусилителе руля (ГУР)

    • Oil level is incorrect. Make sure that the fluid in the tank GUR enough. If the driver sees that there is not enough fluid, then you need to refill it. However, before that you need to figure out where the previous oil went.

    • Faulty steering rack. To confirm or refute this, you need to conduct a checkup. If the cause of the buzz in the power steering is really a problem with the rail, then perhaps it needs to be replaced. It is not cheap, but do not get very upset. It is better to spend money on rail, than to buy a new car.

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    • Air has entered the system. This happens quite often. There are loose connections in the system. Because of this, air can easily enter and cause damage. Only add or change the oil is useless. The approach should be comprehensive. It is important to detect the cause of the ingress of air. It is important to deflate it completely so that the power steering system works normally.

    • Drive belt too loose or worn. To solve a problem, you can simply tighten or replace it.

Гул в гидроусилителе руля (ГУР)

    • The power steering pump is out of order. The reasons are different: the failure of oil seals, the deterioration of bearings, etc. The driver who is faced with this type of problem risks spending a lot of financial resources to solve it. When the pump does not work well, then when you turn the steering wheel there is a big load on the hands. However, the exact cause of the buzz can only be called professionals. Therefore, contact them to get a diagnosis.


Now you know what can cause the rumble of the GUR car. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to regularly check the ATF fluid. For more than 10 seconds, do not hold the steering wheel in the extreme right or left position. This is harmful for the power steering pump. However, if you already hear a rumble, then do not waste time and solve this problem until it has caused serious consequences. We hope that this article will help you to understand the reasons for the malfunction of the car.

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