How to transport children in a car

One of the main factors that should be taken into account in the process of road transport is the maximum safety of the driver and passengers. For this, certain systems are provided for each vehicle. The order of their application is regulated by the existing rules of the road.

A special place is given to the transportation of preschoolers and younger students. For them, special conditions of transportation in the cabin are being introduced. Actual rules for the carriage of children in a car can be assessed by drivers from July 2017. Implemented actions contribute to increased security in this matter.


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How can I transport a child in the car

Legislation is the most rigidly enshrines the features of the transport of small passengers. Under the regulation fall children under the age of 12 years. No other age groups in the current traffic rules are not provided. Car owners are advised to timely track all changes in the legislation on this account.

how to transport children in a car

The driver under the current rules of the road is obliged to create certain conditions for children. At the same time it is necessary to follow the rules of carriage of children of traffic rules:

  • It is not allowed to carry passengers up to twelve years in a trailer or in the back of a vehicle.
  • You can haul the above persons only in the cab of the truck or in the passenger compartment of the car.
  • In the process of transportation must comply with all precautions described in the SDA.
  • Group transportation of younger students and preschoolers can take place only when using the bus. A group is a meeting of more than 8 children.
  • Until the age of 12, it is prohibited to transport such a passenger in the back seat of motorcycles, mopeds or scooters.
  • A passenger who has not reached 12 years of age can only sit in the front seat of a car only with a special seat or a cradle.
  • Children whose height is below 150 cm are necessarily transported using special seats.

Legal devices

Рассмотрим, which restraints are allowed for transporting children. Нормативные акты предусматривают следующие вспомогательные приспособления:

  • for infants used avtolyulku;
  • children's full-fledged car seat;
  • older children will suit the booster pillow.

First type

The cradle is in demand in babies up to 1-1.5 years. Its weight usually does not exceed 5 kg. The kid in it settles down lying or reclining, providing a tilt angle within 30 - 45 . Fixture fixture, as a rule, built into the car with regular seat belts. In separate models there are several provisions:

  • in the direction of travel;
  • against the course of the movement;
  • perpendicular to the course, along the chair.

how can I transport a child in the car

The safest place for him according to statistics is behind the driver's seat. In extreme cases, the device is mounted on the front seat. Such transportation of children in the car should be accompanied by disabling the activation of the front airbag. To support the head of the baby use special rollers that minimize the load on the spine. It is not necessary to use twisted towels or other devices for this method, as they may fall out during the ride and cause inconvenience.

Second type

From one and a half years old, the baby is usually transplanted into a classic car seat that can withstand a mass of 15 kg. A wide range of these devices is presented in all specialized outlets.

It is necessary to know that the installed regular seat belts are effective only for passengers who are at least 150 cm tall.

The peculiarity of the dimensions is due to the fact that with a smaller growth the strap of the belt falls into the neck and is able in an emergency situation to exert pressure in the throat area. The belts built into the car seat demonstrate by their design how to properly transport children in a car.

how to fasten a baby in the car

It is strictly forbidden to take children in the car during the movement while driving. This is due to the fact that during the movement by car and sudden braking due to inertia, the mass of all passengers increases several times. With this factor, even a small child can hardly be retained. Both passengers are at significant risk of injury.

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The age of 12 years for the standard is not chosen by chance. By this period, many children reach 150 cm, which already meets the safety parameters, and after reaching this age it is allowed to transport a child without a seat using regular belts.

Third type

Для детей старшей возрастной группы используют подушку-бустер. ABOUTна представляет собой вспомогательное устройство, располагающееся на сиденье. Как правило, она не имеет спинки, а оснащена подлокотниками. Так how to transport children in the car без систем безопасности запрещено, то это приспособление помогает при транспортировке детей ростом выше 120 см и массой более 30 кг. Для фиксации бустера используются две системы:

  • American - Latch;
  • European - Isofix.

which restraints are allowed for transporting children

Disputes among supporters and opponents of this device do not subside, therefore it is necessary to monitor the legislation for changes in a timely manner. In this case, the relevant is the 22 chapter of the traffic rules, describing the rules of transportation of people. Special requirements, which describe how to carry a child in the car according to the rules, are made in paragraph 22.6 and 22.9.

Current seat classification

Manufacturers of automotive safety systems have provided a certain gradation for their devices so that the transportation of children up to 12 years old takes place in the most comfortable conditions. When choosing a chair you should definitely take the child with you. Ergonomics of the product will allow you to choose the best option.

The model is selected based on the height and weight of the baby. It also takes into account the presence of various equipment mounts in the cabin.

Group Passenger mass (kg) Estimated age (years) Characteristics of models
ABOUT up to 10 up to 1 Holding the baby in the right position helps a wide belt located on the stomach. When using the chair in the folded form using a three-point belt.
O + up to 13 up to 1,5 The passenger is located in a recumbent position. Some models allow you to mount the foundation against the vehicle.
1 10—18 1—4 To hold the baby used belts with five points of fixation.
2 15—25 2,5—7 The models have a backrest height adjustment. Installing the seat and keeping the children in this device is carried out by regular automotive belts.
3 20-35 up to 12 The equipment has certain design features. The special upper strap of the automobile belt is used. In most cases, there is the possibility of unfastening the back and turning the car seat into something like a booster. This allows you to use the model "for growth".

It is recommended to check the quality certificates offered by retailers. Their presence is a confirmation that this model is safe to use in our country. All certified products undergo a rigorous selection of quality. To neglect the safety of children is not worth it.

how to transport children in the car

Installation of child seats can be carried out both on the front seats in the car, and behind. Rules it is not prohibited. However, it is worth considering that the front seat is the most traumatic in case of unforeseen circumstances.

FEST application

Until 2017, drivers used a clause in the rules regarding the use of "other means" for fixing a child. Since July 2017, this provision is not active. Auxiliary adapters and devices of the FEST type are banned, as it is prohibited to fasten the child in the car with devices that do not comply with the norms of the Customs Union of UNECE No. 44-04.

The futility, and sometimes the danger of such additional overlays, has been confirmed by the relevant government agencies, such as the Rosstandard and the NAMI Research and Testing Center. These devices do not provide the proper level of child safety.

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Fixed punishment

По действующему законодательству несоблюдение норм безопасности в этой области подлежит наказанию. Правовые вопросы регулируются Административным кодексом ст. 12.23 часть 3. Согласно ей предусматривается наказание up to 100 тысяч рублей. Дифференциация происходит по такому принципу:

  • a fine of 3000 rubles is imposed on the driver;
  • officials are fined up to 25 000 rubles;
  • юридические лица должны будут рассчитывать на сумму up to 100 000 рублей.

In such a situation, it is necessary to be as careful as possible for taxi drivers. Several such violations can significantly affect the budget of the enterprise.

Please note that the transportation of children does not apply to the transportation of children. According to the last for the unfastened belt, you can get about 500 rubles. An important explanation is the fact that not only the driver who does not have a child car seat is punished, but also the car owner who misuses it.

The cost of an inexpensive chair has recently become comparable to the amount of the fine, so the equipment of machines with them increased from 36% to 81%. This allows you to save the lives and health of children.

Legislators are considering a bill that proposes punishing drivers for leaving a child under 7 years old on their own in a car. The amount for the admin violation is likely to be charged in the amount of 500 rubles. This action is not devoid of meaning, since children can accidentally remove the car from the parking brake or cause other harm to others or similar actions. Therefore, it is not necessary to leave the kids in the car unattended in the near future.

Correct installation of car seats

Experts recommend, if possible, mount a child seat for the driver or in the middle of the second row of seats. These security measures solve several problems simultaneously:

  • the child will be protected from the possible formation of glass fragments, penetrating into the cabin during a blow or an accident;
  • the baby has a living space;
  • landing in the middle of the cabin increases safety in the event of side collisions.

What are the rules for transporting children in a car?

Fixing the chair is due to the presence of special grooves embedded in it. In most cases, the process uses a regular set of belts. Also Some models use an anchor which the grip on the belt is fixed behind the main rear seat of the car. Step-by-step instructions for installing a child car seat:

  • Move back to the maximum comfortable distance for mounting the car seat. This will ensure further comfortable work with the car seat.
  • Having installed the autolink or a car seat, we fasten them with belts at all points specified in the instructions. For this you have to make a lot of physical effort.
  • In the next step, we check the quality of the shoulder strap fastening.
  • We do not allow the belt to touch other parts of the chair, since in case of a possible accident the clamp may not withstand friction and unfasten.
  • Correctly fasten the fixing belt. We do not allow it to stretch too high, because during an inertial jerk, the retainer approaches the neck and can create an additional threat. If the belt is too low, it will fall off the shoulders.
  • Return the chair after installation in its original position. A child seat should not have a backlash or stagger, as this will indicate improper installation.
  • We put the baby on his rightful place and fasten the seat belts. We do not allow the belts to twist and provide a gap between them and the body so that two adult fingers pass into it.

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