Comparison of citroen c4 and opel astra - the history of


Changing or buying a car is always some kind of experience for any motorist. For any driver wants to get the best of all possible options for their own money. It is for comparative purposes of some cars with others and to help in choosing a car enthusiast various reviews of new products or vehicles already loved by customers come out. In this article we will look at two popular and somewhat similar, and in some ways different car models and determine which one is better - the Citroen C4 or Opel Astra.

Cars assembled in Russia Citroen C4 or Opel Astra - which is better?

Cars assembled in Russia Citroen C4 or Opel Astra - which is better?

На первый взгляд эти машины во многом похожи. Обе они собираются на территории Российской Федерации, но при этом разрабатываются европейскими инженерами, имеют кузов hatchback. Но в остальном характеристики автомобилей существенно отличаются. Итак, какой же автомобиль лучше?Читать далее о сравнении Citroen C4 и Opel Astra-->

First impression

Let's start with external data. Citroen certainly deserves admiring glances: slanting headlights and an emblem stretched across the width of the bonnet give the car a special originality. The bright image of the Citroen C4 justifies the rates, and a reasonable price, combined with a not poor bundle, attract the main segment of buyers.

Citroen C4 car сочетает в себе яркий образ и адекватную цену

Citroen C4 car сочетает в себе яркий образ и адекватную цену

Astra is nothing extra remarkable this time stood out. Although her "eyes" are also invitingly winking and the general impression of the car - the model has become much prettier. In general, the car is quite practical and comfortable.

Comfort and practicality - characteristic features of the car Opel Astra

Comfort and practicality - characteristic features of the car Opel Astra

What's inside?

The internal space of the Opel Astra is characterized by high quality materials and careful forethought of trifles. Reasonable ergonomics deserves special attention: the controls are very convenient for the driver, and the steering column is adjusted to the height of the latter. Seats, in turn, are very comfortable because of moderate stiffness and excellent lateral support.

In the cabin Opel Astra everything is thought out to the smallest detail

In the cabin Opel Astra everything is thought out to the smallest detail

C4 inside and at all expensive. Conventional devices here are replaced by LCD counterparts, the backlight of which can be clearly seen at night, even from the street! And the immovable hub of the steering wheel initially enters into a stupor even the most seasoned drivers. The thing is that when the steering wheel rotates, only its rim moves, which, due to unaccustomed, causes a slight panic on the road. But, like all new, you can quickly get used to it. About ergonomics in Citroen C4 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% can be said that it is not too successful. The seats are not the most comfortable, there is not enough space in the area of ​​the pedals and not too clear gear shifting sequence on the automatic transmission.

Citroen C4 car interior is characterized by the presence of a liquid crystal dashboard

Citroen C4 car interior is characterized by the presence of a liquid crystal dashboard

Little about the main thing

Car model:Opel AstraCitroen C4
Producing country:Germany (build Russia)France (build Russia)
Body Type:hatchbackhatchback
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:13641397
Power, l. c./about min .:140/600095/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:200182
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.2 (MKPP)9.3 (MKPP)
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95gasoline AI-98
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.6; track 6.4mixed 6.1
Length, mm:44194329
Width, mm:18141789
Height, mm:15101498
Clearance, mm:145175
Tire size:225 / 65.17216/65R16
Curb weight, kg:13731275
Full weight, kg:18701720
Fuel tank capacity:5660

But to start only from these indicators when choosing in favor of Citroen or Opel is pretty stupid. It would be more rational to look at the indicators that really represent the main value.

  1. Driving performance.

Opel Astra boasts a really successful suspension, allowing you to move smoothly and quietly on any quality road surface. But Citroen makes the driver and passengers nervously shudder at the slightest road bumps. And the management of the Astra is much easier than that of the Citroen of this model.

  1. Acceleration to hundreds.

Here, the palm holds the Citroen C4. It accelerates much faster than its opponent, and on higher gears this car behaves more actively. And all because of a shorter transmission. Exactly looking at this characteristic, it becomes a pity that the management of Citroen is far from ideal. The more dynamic overclocking of the Opel is hampered by the stabilization system on the winter road. But the Asters' controllability can be set as an example to other manufacturers: you can literally drive cars with your finger. But this concerns, above all, a quiet ride mode. Further, unfortunately, the car is not too clearly responds to the actions of the steering wheel, body roll is felt—

  1. Acoustic comfort.

Here is the lead Opel Astra. It behaves with dignity and on small irregularities, and more tangible bumps. But the Citroen C4 can hear the engine already with 3 thousand revolutions. In addition, he was accompanied by auto tires. And in any speed range.

  1. Active and passive safety.

This item is very thought out precisely from the French. As in all previous models, the Citroen C4 is provided with everything necessary for safe movement, even if the car is the simplest equipment. In the more expensive models, there are passenger side airbags, front and rear curtains, anti-skidding systems and motion stabilization systems. Opel Astra is also quite prepared for possible accidents on the road. Frontal and side air bags, seat belts with pyronatyazhiteli, a body that takes a hit, and even removable pedals on impact in the area of ​​their knot - all this allows the model to protect passengers and driver fairly well in any situation.

  1. Maintenance.

At Citroen C4 service interval is equal to fifteen thousand kilometers. This replaces the following: oil, oil filter, as well as cabin and air filters. Free maintenance includes computer testing and running diagnostics. And if we talk about breakdowns, then most often the owners note the failure of electronic sensors, problems with the gas pedal, automatic gearbox and some others.

Test drive a car Citroen C4:

Opel Astra differs factory warranty in one year without limiting mileage. The interval for changing the oil and other minor technical procedures is still the same fifteen thousand.

Test drive car Opel Astra:

Paying attention to other technical characteristics of these two models of cars, in fact, it is quite difficult to say who wins the battle of the Opel Astra or Citroen C4. Each of them is good in its own way in one, but inferior to another in some aspects. Therefore, when making a choice before buying or changing a car, one should listen to the “motorist's heart” in oneself. After all, it never fails.