Japanese “cuisine”: comparison of subaru forester or toyota


Experienced car enthusiasts paraphrase the well-known wisdom: “You can spend hours watching three things: how fire burns, how water flows, and ... how two dashing Japanese SUVs find out the relationship.” Well, let's not deprive auto-gurders of such joy. Moreover, in today's review two cars will fight, which literally drove themselves to our virtual authoring, demanding recognition of their own merits. So, let's find out who is better - Subaru Forester or Toyota Rav4.

Subaru Forester and Toyota Rav4 - Japanese SUVs from reputable manufacturers

Subaru Forester and Toyota Rav4 - Japanese SUVs from reputable manufacturers

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Two of the casket

Many of you will rightly note: finding out who is more competitive with Rav4 or Forester may be incorrect. It seems like from different classes these cars. And at first glance, this is true.

Common features

But in fact, between these Japanese have a lot in common. At least they are united by a price range (about 35 thousand dollars) and growing demand.

But they are similar in other criteria. For example, in both cars in comparable configurations, you can find two-liter engines almost identical in power.

Same face

Similarly, Rav and Forester are also externally, despite the fact that Forester is longer and lower, and Rav is heavier. If you put the car nearby and carefully look at their "face", you know - they are at least cousin brothers. So we compare who is cooler - Rav4 or Subaru Forester - on quite legal grounds.

Car model:Toyota RAV4Subaru Forester
Producing country:JapanJapan
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19871995
Power, l. c./about min .:146/6200150/6200
Maximum speed, km / h:180190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,210,6
Type of drive:frontfull
CAT:6 automatic transmissionManual 6, automatic CVT Art.
Fuel type:gasoline АИ-95 — АИ-98(RU)gasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​9.4; track 6.2city ​​8.5; track 6.0
Length, mm:45704595
Width, mm:18451795
Height, mm:16601735
Clearance, mm:197220
Tire size:225 / 65.17225/60 R17
Curb weight, kg:15401475
Full weight, kg:20002015
Fuel tank capacity:6060

"Forest" character

Car Forester produces a large Japanese company Subaru. In our market, it appeared in the nineties. Naturally, the local drivers immediately renamed the car in their own way. "Forester" or "Forester" - this nickname was given to this SUV as a result of the translation of the original name from English to Russian.The appearance of the car Subaru Forester

However, this name fits the machine not only because of semantics. The car due to the high ground clearance has a high traffic and is perfect for trips to the countryside, to the forest. Incidentally, the car has acquired the pronounced qualities of the crossover only in the most recent variation. Initially, it was possible to argue what is more in Forester - the qualities of a car or off-road stubbornness.

Rav - off-road ambitions

Toyota Motor Corporation (the largest in Japan) showed the world the Toyota Rav4 car also in the early nineties. It immediately became clear that the "Rafik" - a special machine. After all, until now there have been no such SUVs with a “passenger accent”. Rav4 helped to give birth to the concept of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). And, perhaps, only with its appearance, motorists understood all the advantages of the SUV.The appearance of the car Toyota RAV4

In the two thousandth toyotovtsy restyled the car, and now we can consider the "Rafik" in updated colors. But his off-road ambitions are visible literally at first sight. At least the wheel on the door at the back gives a “dzhipovatye” habits Rav4.

The car differs in the smooth course at high degree of passability, and also takes for a soul respectable appearance and sound equipment.

Passion through the cabin

We continue the duel "Rav4 vs Forester"? Then let's look inside. And then there will be something to be surprised.

On board the starship

Have you ever been aboard a starship? Get behind the wheel of the Rav, and you will feel like a driver of an intergalactic unit. Salon is a miracle of technology. Modern technologies have literally walked through every corner of it. Buttons, screens, devices, displays ... Wow!In the cabin of the car Toyota RAV4

First, the eyes run, so it is not so fast that you can figure out what's what. For example, the top keys on the center console are responsible for controlling the audio system. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. There are buttons for changing climatic conditions. Separately removed guards to enable the function of heated seats and wipers. In general, it looks and functions really at a good level.

Only in the case

The forester, frankly, cannot boast of such "minced meat". The cabin has everything you need and familiar, but no frills. “Briefly and in the case” - apparently, designers worked according to this principle. But the classics, too, has a number of advantages. Everything here is traditionally good and ergonomic, everything is at hand, nothing blinks like a Christmas tree in the New Year, and does not distract the driver from the road.Inside the car Subaru Forester

The room capacity is won by the Rafiq Salon, which is taller and has a vertical fit. Also in this crossover the back sofa is regulated, therefore in case of need it can be moved and the inclination “under itself” can be changed.

Your luggage

What arguments will Forester vs. Rav4 present when it comes to comparing the capacity of the luggage compartments? And no! They are not particularly needed here, because the trunk is quite voluminous in both cars: Subaru - 390 liters, Toyota - 450. But the first one is longer, and the second one is higher.

By the way, both the “Forester” and the “Rafik” have an underground in the luggage compartments. Although in general, more space still in Toyota. Saving space is also achieved due to the fact that the spare wheel is mounted on the back door. But it is much more convenient to boot in Forester, because the door opens by lifting up, and not sideways, as in Rafik.

Another feature: when driving inside Toyota more noise than in Subaru. Perhaps because of the thin wall between the cabin and the luggage compartment.

Contest on the way

The competition "Subaru Forester vs Toyota Rav4" is interesting to watch on the road. In the city and on the highway, both cars do not slow down and on demand sharply gaining speed. Ten seconds - and you're already on the point. As much as possible, both crossovers take 180–190 km / h.

Test drive a car Subaru Forester:

Cars do not skimp on successful maneuvers, which is a very big plus in a city stream. Turns take effortlessly and do not think when choosing the required intensity of driving.

But it's all so smooth on the track. And how do Japanese SUVs behave on our bumps? Test drives show that the patency is almost at the same level. And at a fairly good level. Machines do not climb, but literally jump over "hills". At the same time in the cabin riding on irregularities almost imperceptible.

Test drive car Toyota RAV4:

Cars react to driver’s commands without a hitch. True, off-road crossovers have difficulty with acceleration. Here, to pick up speed as quickly as on the track, will not work.

In the "heart" lives ... drive?

Similar and "heart" of both cars. In particular, the pickings are gasoline engines on four cylinders. Although the nature of the ride engines still differ. Forester has a different drive and loves high speeds. But in Rafik, on the contrary, the motor is more likely intended for a measured driving style.

By the way, with more dynamic Subaru less "voracious."

On the scale

So, the battle of "Subaru Forester vs Toyota Rav4" finishes. Draw the line. Choosing a Forester or Rav4, do not lose your way with any decision. Who will pull down, being on the side of the scale, entirely depends only on your taste. In fact, the key difference between these cars lies in the brand of the manufacturer and the "stuffing" of the cabin: toyotovtsy with great creativity have made their Rav4.