Kalina cross received a luxury package

Калина Кросс получила люксовую комплектацию

New, luxury equipment, developed for Lada Kalina Cross at AVTOVAZ. The “Lux” version became possible due to the fact that the AvtoVAZ Consumer Satisfaction Center, long studied the opinions of drivers who bought this model, in terms of what it lacks and what they would like to see in its configuration. Based on consumer preferences, the developers suggested luxury package Lada Kalina Cross, in which in the form of an optional "body kit" all the wishes of customers are taken into account.

Actually Lada Kalina Cross luxury equipment differs from the lower in the "rank" configuration only additionally installed equipment. No structural or technological changes have been made either to the salon or to the power units. Parktronic sensors were hung on the bumper, the windshield was equipped with heating functionality, foglights were added, electric drive for rear-view mirrors, rain and light sensors and other “bells and whistles”. Of course, all this additional “kit” should lead to an increase in the price of the model, but no one has yet called this price.

Калина Кросс получила люксовую комплектацию

Today, motorists can by purchasing wagon Kalina Cross in the "normal" configuration ("Norma"), order retrofit to the luxury equipment. Калина Кросс получила люксовую комплектацию Basic Lada Kalina at the price today starts from 486 thousand rubles. So much is the car with a 1.6-liter eight-valve engine for 87 horses and a mechanical five-prong. Cross version of KalinaEquipped with a 106-horsepower gasoline engine and manual transmission, the starting price tag has 496 kilorubles. And equipped with a robotic engine (AMT) will cost buyers from 517 thousand wooden.

Buying Lada Kalina Cross, it is worth remembering about the discount that can be obtained from dealers until the end of the month. This discount is ten thousand rubles. Калина Кросс получила люксовую комплектацию In addition, it is worth noting that the line  Lada Kalina expanded by the 118-strong sports version, which received more lightweight equipment, which will save the price tag of twenty five thousand rubles. Sell ​​it will start in December 2015.

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