Top american car brands for today

The world-famous automobile magazine "Total Score Car" unveiled the top ten cars in North America. When creating this list, the conclusions and comparisons of car reviews for the most popular American car brands from the nine largest US automobiles were taken into account.

Cadillac CTS

As a result, an objective list of the best American car brands was compiled to the readers. It looks like this:

Top 10 best American cars

  • Cadillac CTS (86.5 points);
  • Buick LaCross (85 points);
  • Chevrolet Traverse (84.8 points);
  • Ford Flex (84.4 balls);
  • GMC Acadia (84.2 points);
  • Cadillac CTS-V (83,7 points);
  • Chrysler 300 (83.3 points);
  • Ford Taurus SHO (83.2 balls);
  • Kadillak SRX (83 points);
  • Chrysler 300 SRT-8 (82.6 points).

A little history about American car brands

We are all quite aware that the first cars, like the very idea of ​​a car, originated far from the lands of the United States. But it will be unfair not to recognize the important fact that the United States created a cult from automobiles and developed the idea of ​​“a car for every person.”

Referring to America in conversation, as co-founders of a car as a class, one can recall many worthy, distinguished individuals and names. And, of course, among them there are people who have made their own contribution to the creation of iconic brands of American cars.

The starting point in the automotive industry in America rightly considered the year 1896. It was then that the brothers Durray created the first automobile concern in the United States. These American cars were released in small quantities, but it was a great impetus for other companies.

buick photo

Competitor companies began to emerge just with great speed. However, it is impossible not to pay due attention to the fact that many of these companies have disappeared, not having time to appear, or simply failed to introduce any innovations, show their uniqueness in order to attract the attention of buyers.

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It was precisely in this fertile period that the concerns of the US auto industry were founded, such as Pontiac, GMC, Ford, Buick, Cadillac, and this extensive list of American car brands includes far from everything. Moreover, some enthusiasts worked, so to speak, “on two fronts,” for which even today motorists from all over the world express gratitude to them. By the way, Russian automakers also did not stand still and created a car with huge off-road qualities - GAZ 69, which is still surprising.

American cars today

Much to the disappointment of many motorists in the seventies, after so many years of cloudless existence, an oil crisis broke out, which not only affected the automotive sector, but also hit many sectors of the economy. This crisis powerfully shook the American automobile market and fairly reduced the list of American car brands, which previously amazed with its diversity.

american car brands list

In the same period, the North American car market began to be actively attacked by competitors from Europe and Asia. Especially began to fill the market cars from Germany and Japan. Such a powerful import was strongly reflected both in the automaker giants themselves and in the American car brands themselves, as well. And such a giant as Chrysler was almost on the verge of inevitable, seemingly bankruptcy, but, fortunately for many, the general manager of the company pulled them out of the debt trap.

american car brands

And, as often happened in history, general managers tried to solve the problem by the old proven method - they began to buy shares of competing concerns. But, unfortunately or fortunately, these measures were not very effective and a huge number of factories of foreign concerns were established in North America throughout the country. I think you should not once again remind about the most popular sedan in the States - the Toyota Camry.

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Time to withdraw

In conclusion, I would like to pay enough attention to the fact that, despite all the turmoil and problems in the history of the American automotive industry, you can always find a car that suits you and your list of American car brands always impressive in its scope.

Ford mustang

There are a lot of rumors about them, both truthful and fictional, good and devastating, but one thing is impossible to deny - these are cars with their own independent character, lively temper and real American spirit that gives such a genuine sense of freedom.