Mazda will create very economical second-generation skyactiv

Mazda создаст очень экономичные моторы Skyactiv второго поколения In just three years, Mazda cars will be equipped with engines that are 30 percent more economical than modern ones. This will be possible due to technological basis. Next generation skyactiv. This development will be made in partnership with Toyota. The main know-how of these engines is the mechanism of ignition of fuel through its instantaneous compression using a certain technology. At the same time, the fuel will burn with great efficiency, which will bring significant savings. With this innovative system, Mazda’s petrol engines, built using Skyactiv II technology, are approaching diesel engines.

Mazda создаст очень экономичные моторы Skyactiv второго поколения

Mazda CX3 with the engine, created using Skyactiv technology

An ordinary driver, in fact, on the drum with all sorts of technological nuances, he wants to get a more economical motor, and he will definitely get it. Thirty percent fuel savings near Skyactiv II engines to hybrid motors. Although they may become a substitute for a gasoline engine in hybrid power plants, and this will not be the worst option compared to a conventional hybrid engine, since new Skyactiv II units will have less volume and mass, which means, according to the developers, an extra battery for the electric motor can be safely placed on the saved space.

Working with Toyota, Mazda is responsible for second generation Skyactiv engines, and the partner will add to the joint development of features and secrets of the production of hybrid motors.

The plans of the auto-production tandem are to equip Mazda models with hybrid engines, in which a diesel engine will be used instead of the usual gasoline engine. The diesel hybrid will appear, according to forecasts, in 2017.

Meanwhile, by the end of this year, Mazda promises a presentation new generation SUV CX9. The crossover will have a 2.5-liter turbo engine under the hood. Immediately after this model, Mazda plans to release restyled pickup BT-50.

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