Americans are testing psevdokrosover spark

Американцы тестируют псевдокроссовер Spark

A new cross-version of the American hatchback has appeared on the Internet Chevrolet Beat Active. This car with the "all-terrain" characteristics will remind Russians Chevrolet Spark - it was this version that dealers of the American auto brand used to sell in our company. Actually, Spark is the father, and the Chevrolet Beat Active is his “podnachakenny” son, which Americans are planning to launch on Indian expanses. Photo Chevrolet new compact hatchback were published yesterday on the portal AutoUSA. But according to the American name of the site, it is not necessary to draw conclusions about the place of production of this model, since Chevrolet Beat Active, or New Generation Chevrolet Spark Develop in Korea, where these pictures were taken. The Active version does not consist only of the new-generation pseudo-crossover, since only a month ago the Americans produced Chevrolet hatchbacks in its framework and in the old body. In the above photos, we see a new generation hatch. Old way Chevrolet Spark probably not for sale only from us, since it can still be bought on the car markets of other countries.

Американцы тестируют псевдокроссовер Spark

Concept Chevrolet Beat Active, it was presented in India

Новопоколенный Chevrolet Beat Active recently presented at the Indian auto show called Auto Expo. Normal hatchback Chevrolet Spark has a more modest, in comparison with the novelty, clearance. The roof of the new generation Beat Active is equipped with roof rails. Psevdokrosover more heavily weighed in plastic parts than its predecessor. The new generation psevdokrosover will be sold not only in India, as previously thought, because in spy photos we see the presence of a left-hand drive, and this is definitely not for Indian roads. Chevrolet Beat Active From this it follows logically that Americans are going to sell a mini-subcompact in several countries. For example, in Korea, where the first shipments of new items are expected in 2016. On indian roads psevdokrossover Beat Active will be released en masse only in a year Chevrolet Beat Active In our car market budget models Chevrolet has long been a day with fire not found. Only left Chevrolet mosquitoes, Corvette and Tahoe, just those models, except for which the American auto brand left our car market at the beginning of the crisis. But we still see the old Spark soon. Sly Uzbeks decided to deliver it to us under another auto brand - Ravon. I do not think that they will get the right to produce a new one under this brand. psevdokrossover Beat Active. Therefore, we most likely will not see the novelty.

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