Koreans published photos of the new kia cadenza on the

Корейцы опубликовали фото новой Киа Кадензы на официальном сайте автопроизводителя Koreans are in no hurry to publish full information about the technical characteristics and possible configurations of their new "four-door" Kia Kadenza. The new generation Cadenza is served a bit to the public: here is one photo, here is another couple, as if an excessive interest in this model is being pumped. Today it is already possible to see fresh photos of the car not only on the Kia Motors website: from there they are already pereposcheny in all known social networks. Kia Kadenza in the South Korean car market is sold under a different name: Kia K7. And the first photos of the new generation model of this brand were demonstrated last November. Koreans are silent not only on the technical details of the release, they don’t even mention the exact date of the start of the mass production of the new generation Kadenza, although, according to experts, it should take place as early as this January, that is, just a few days ago. It is also known that New Kia Kadenza will be sold not only in the native car market, but will also be supplied to the markets of other countries. Russia is not in the list of these countries yet, but knowing the love of Russians for the South Korean auto brand, it is possible that a new generation of cars will appear in our country. In general, the reasons are the same: as the further development of the economic crisis will show. Корейцы опубликовали фото новой Киа Кадензы на официальном сайте автопроизводителя Designers Kia Cadenza newcomer They say that their offspring got a very energetic and aggressive appearance, much more interesting than its predecessor. Made in full accordance with the new style of the brand radiator - this form is officially referred to as "tiger smile“, LED optics in a circle.“ This is already a premium class in its design, ”say the developers.

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There is an assumption that Kia Kadenza will get under the hood of the same engine, which sets in motion the flagship sedan Genesis G90. This is a 3.3-liter 370-horsepower V6, “warmed up” by two turbines.

Корейцы опубликовали фото новой Киа Кадензы на официальном сайте автопроизводителя

Current version of Kia Cadenza

In South Korea itself today current generation of Cadenza Available in three engine types. This 201-strong 2.4-liter, three-liter for 235 or 270 horsepower and 3.3-liter 294-powerful gasoline engines. Transmission to all these engines is automatic (six-speed).

We do not sell the Kadenzu yet, in the near future the Koreans are going to start selling the Kia Optima sedan and the Kia Sportage crossover (already the fourth generation).