Solex carburetor 21083 jets: types and selection

Solex 21083 carburetor jets are presented in the form of two types: fuel and air.

Solex carburetor 21083 jets

Air and fuel jets are opposite in their interaction on the composition and quality of the combustible mixture. In the process of increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the fuel jet, the enrichment of the combustible mixture will be observed, and in the case of the air jet - the lean.

It should be noted that the degree of their impact is not the same for different modes of operation of the Solex carburetor 21083. If you change the cross section of the main jet, the composition of the fuel mixture will begin to change in direct proportion to all modes of throttling from low loads to full throttle.

Also, the effect of the air jet is felt more in the process of increasing the opening angle of the throttle valve.

Thus, if you need to change the composition of the fuel mixture throughout the range of characteristics, you will need to change the performance of the fuel main jet. To change the characteristics of the curve of the composition of the combustible mixture, it is necessary to use the air jet.

Air jets of the carburetor Solex 21083

From the economic characteristics shown by the car with different performance of the air and fuel nozzles of the main carburetor system, it follows that in case of an increase in the performance of the fuel main nozzle, the fuel consumption will increase accordingly at all vehicle speeds.

Changing the performance of the air jet allows you to increase fuel consumption only at high speed auto modes. Selecting the most appropriate performance of air and fuel jets, it is important to choose the optimal composition of the fuel mixture for a particular mode of operation of the motor vehicle.

The correct choice of the required characteristics of the metering main system will continue to determine the smoothness and stability of the engine, this will be especially noticeable at partial loads. In the course of moving around the city, the car works 65% of the time with a slightly covered throttle valve at the time of discharge of the intake pipeline above 450 mm Hg and consumes up to 35% of the total amount of fuel.

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Table fuel jet carburetor Solex 21083

Table of jets carburetor Solex 21083

In the process of choking the carburetor, it is possible to observe an unstable composition of the fuel mixture over time in the service charges, there is no identity of cycles. This significantly affects the composition of the exhaust gases. Also on the heterogeneous composition of the combustible mixture in cycles can affect three factors:

  • the nature of the distribution of the mixture over the flow section;
  • fuel dispersion;
  • the nature of the distribution of the mixture along the stream.

The flow pattern of the emulsion mixture from the channel of the main sprayer system can have a significant impact on the flow structure. Depending on the ratio of performance in the metering system of the nozzles and the rate of emulsion flow, it is possible to obtain the following types of flow: laminar, plug, roughly emulsion, axisymmetric and wave.

Thus, depending on the change in the type of flow from the atomizer of the main emulsion system, the homogeneity of the composition of the fuel mixture in the operating cycles of the motor will vary considerably. Axisymmetric mode is the best for the stable operation of the auto engine. This is achieved through a uniform fuel supply.

Solex carburetor 21083 jets

Air jets of the Solex carburetor 21083 make it possible to adjust, together with the fuel jets, the optimum performance of the carburetor. It should be remembered that the location of the air jet of the main system inside the air-gas main path is undesirable because of the possibility of clogging or grinding of the jet, which can lead to malfunctions of the carburetor.

Often this is observed in the case of passing crankcase gases of the engine through the carburetor. It is best to place air jets in special pockets that will protect them from the effects of direct air flow.

In the case of refinement or tuning of the Solex carburetor 21083, due attention should be paid to the selection of jets. This process should be carried out depending on the volume of motor cars. Thus, under large volumes of the engine, for example 1.5-1.7, it is best to use small jets.

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Air jets of the carburetor Solex 21083

Due to the fact that a large volume per unit of time will pass a lot of air through the diffuser, and as a result significantly more fuel will be consumed. Of course, if you are not going to pump your car for a quick ride, then for you it will not be so essential. Otherwise, it is better to install the jets with a smaller cross section.

To begin the selection of the jet most correctly from the fuel one, and then proceed to the choice of air. Also note that you must first select the nozzles for the first chamber, and after installing the nozzles on it, go to the second carburetor chamber. Only in this way is considered the most correct installation or replacement of jets.

Qualified experts advise before starting work to find the original carburetor factory Solex 21083, which is designed for the same engine size that is installed on your car, and try to install these nozzles on it. The table below shows the jets of the Solex carburetor 21083.

Table of jets carburetor Solex 21083 Depending on your preferred driving style, you can choose for yourself the most optimal size of jets. But keep in mind that when using the jets of the “sport” series, the fuel consumption of your car may double.

Therefore, if you prefer the optimal flow and dynamic cars, it is better to choose the middle option, for example, “power normal” or “power moderate”. For those who prefer a measured calm driving style, economical jets are best suited. By the way, there is also one more modification: Solex carburetor 21083 1107010, it has its advantages.

And the video shows how to properly select the jets for the Solex carburetor 21083:

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