Rating of the best suvs up to 500,000 rubles


To date, there are many tempting offers to buy a SUV up to 500 thousand rubles. The most important thing to figure out which SUV to buy: domestic production, co-production or foreign. Recently, we considered the best SUVs for 600 thousand rubles (≈ 650 thousand rubles) and came to the conclusion that in Russia it is advantageous to ride a Russian “Lada” or a Chinese “Haime”. SUVs of foreign production to negotiate up to 500 thousand rubles is impossible; It is possible to buy only used.

Ravon R2

Ravon R2

Авторынки готовы отдавать за 500 тыс. рублей самые распространённые модели паркетников, например, российской компании «АвтоВАЗ»: «Лада Калина Кросс», «Lada Levels 4 × 4». Давайте рассматривать модели «АвтоВАЗ» и дополнительно паркетники французской компании Renault (Рено), японской компании Datsun (Датсун), совместной американо-узбекской компании Ravon (Равон), предложения которых за 500 тыс. рублей существуют на электронном авторынке.Читать далее о самых лучших паркетниках до 500000 рублей-->

Lada Kalina Cross (Lada Kalina Cross)

Front-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics / automatic and 87/106 l. with. September 10, 2014 the long-awaited “Lada Kalina Cross”, made in two versions, went on sale. "Lada Kalina Cross" is a reduced compact off-road SUV with a harmonious exterior. Under the hood is a 4-cylinder inline engine 11186/21127. On the front suspension, elongated struts and more “stiff” stabilizers. Increased ground clearance to 18.3 cm. The basic model includes: engine, daytime running lights, glove compartment lighting, mirror in the sun visor, electric front door windows, electric door lock with remote control of the passenger compartment, electric heated exterior mirrors, climate system, audio system with Bluetooth, USB, Handsfree, off-road kit system.

Lada Kalina Cross

Lada Kalina Cross

The basic model is retrofitted with ABS anti-lock brakes, auxiliary braking system BAS (“dortomazhivatelem”), heated front seats, parking sensors, heated windshield, fog lights, airbag. SUV transmission manual / semi-mechanical 5-speed. The driver's seat is adjustable back and forth, and the steering gear does not rest on his knees. The steering wheel is adjustable only in height. The location of the tachometer and speedometer opposite the driver. Between the dials, a small electronic scoreboard of the main indicators of a custom on-board computer. The on-board computer shows air temperature, engine temperature, mileage, charge, time. Mirrors are mechanically adjusted by the handle from the cabin. Space for coasters.

Passenger compartment "Lada Kalina Cross" close. Large capacity trunk opens vertically. The rear seats fold fully, lengthening the bottom. The sound of the engine is low, growling at low speed. On a rough road in the cabin felt "shake." Clutch groping difficult. The gearbox shifts clearly. Overtaking and turning do not cause complications. In 4th gear, the tachometer shows 2000 revolutions. At loss of a wheel saves a trajectory. The speed at 2000 rpm is 80 km / h. On the tracks going confidently. Swing SUV markedly reduced due to the provided stabilizers. Acceleration to 100 km / h "Lada Kalina Cross" takes 12.2 / 10.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 165/177 km / h. The front suspension is an independent MacPherson spring, the rear is a semi-dependent spring. The average fuel consumption of 6.6 / 6.5 liters per 100 km.

SUV is not for quick turns. There are no slopes ("rolls"). When arriving at the curb in the snow, the Lada Kalina Cross is experiencing problems. Dimension tires R15. Differential locking required. When leaving on the snowy roads rather sits down. Turnability of turns on snowy roads is low. On the "Lada Kalina Cross" when driving on the road feel like a Renault Duster (Renault Duster). SUV easy and rides on country roads without stopping and failures. In crash tests, the Lada Kalina Cross demonstrated compliance with European and Russian safety standards, sustaining a frontal impact with a 40% overlap at a speed of 56 km / h.

Lada Levels 4 × 4

All-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics and 83 l. with. In March 2013, the two-millionth Lada Niva SUV came out. Despite the 40-year release date of the Niva and the constancy of the form, the car underwent serious technical changes. The cabin is spacious and the driver and passengers behind. It is necessary to get used to the development of the SUV for a long time and develop muscle memory. For example, to turn on the air conditioning system, you need to find three switches. In the dark, not all switches are illuminated: buttons, toggle switches, knobs, and keys. For 40 years, the engine of the Lada Niva added 0.40 liters of working volume. Under the hood, 4-cylinder in-line engine 21,214. The average fuel consumption per 100 km is 9.9 liters.

Lada Levels 4 × 4

Lada Levels 4 × 4

Driving a car is bouncy, the gas pedal is comfortable, electronic, uniformly pressed, the driver feels the dimensions of the cab. On the SUV, you can "hooligan." Dynamics becomes sluggish after 80 km / h. Transmission 5-speed literally "howls." The gear ratio of the main gear 3-9. The main advantage of the “Lada Niva” is the suspension, which is no worse than the suspension “Chevrolet”; it reduces all types of irregularities. On the jumps, the SUV is great jumping and gently landing. It is a pleasure to drive a Lada Niva on a bad road. On high-speed zigzags, the SUV behaves completely; without cab movement. On the crash test "Lada Niva" scored 0 out of 16 points. The front suspension - independent spring on the transverse levers, rear - dependent spring lever. Tires R16. Acceleration to 100 km / h "Lada Niva" makes in 17 seconds. The maximum speed is 142 km / h.

Renault Sandero (Reno Sandero)

Front-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics / semi-mechanics and 82 l. with. On December 1, 2014, an updated Renault Sandero model was released with an increased ground clearance of 19.5 cm. The Renault Sandero is assembled in cooperation with the Russian car company AvtoVAZ. The closest copy of this SUV is the Romanian car Dacia (Dacia). Windshield "Renault Sandero" elongated flattened. In the cabin closely, the passenger rear compartment is freer, the trunk of a small capacity opens vertically. The rear seats fold. Dashboard of 3 round dials, one of which is an electronic tachometer, speedometer and board computer board. Inside, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: armrests, cup holders. The location of the switches is simple. The Renault Sandero is very similar to the Lada Kalina Cross SUV, but it has a more comfortable and improved multimedia system and a powerful on-board computer. When measuring the ground clearance received inaccuracy of passport data.

Renault Sandero

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Examples of Renault Sandero can also serve as Datsun mi-do (Datsun mi do), Ravon R2 (Ravon P2), which have almost identical technical characteristics.

We buy SUV from the reviewed

So, you can buy considered SUVs for 500 thousand rubles. When ordering a SUV from dealers, leave a reserve of 150 thousand rubles so that it does not cost more than 650 thousand rubles. Initially, buying a SUV, be guided by an inflated amount.

“Lada Kalina Cross”, “Renault Sandero”, “Datsun mi-do”, “Ravon P2” are practical light urban youth options for SUVs that are not suitable for a long off-road driving.

Datsun mi-DO

Datsun mi-DO

“Lada Niva” is a universal version of a country SUV that consumes a lot of fuel, but suitable for any road and weather conditions.

You can familiarize and buy SUVs in many car showrooms of the country. On the official websites of automakers, you can independently assemble (complete) the SUV.