Nissan navara d23 2015 model year

In recent years, pick-ups have become more popular in Russia, but despite this trend, the Nissan Navara, which has been produced for a long time, does not enjoy the popularity that the manufacturer dreams of. But nevertheless, the developers of the company Nissan are not accustomed to give up and released new Nissan Navara D23, they believe that it will certainly appeal to Russian motorists.

Nissan Navara 2015 new

This car has a more stylish modern design, the interior has become more spacious, and, as has become fashionable lately, fuel consumption has decreased. Nissan Navara is a frame SUV for which off-road is a natural habitat, especially since this pick-up truck will soon be available in 2 and 4-door versions. All these positive qualities should create an unprecedented desire of Russian motorists to buy these pickups. Now we will see in more detail whether it is worth buying a pickup truck Nissan Navara D23 and in general, for what purpose this car is better suited.

Exterior design

The exterior of the new Nissan Navara has changed for the better, now the Navara D23 looks more attractive and more modern than its predecessor. In the new car there are almost no chopped faces, the body lines become more streamlined and smooth. The front of the car looks very laconic - the embossed hood is combined with the bumper, on which fog lights are installed, the Nissan logo stands on the grille.

Nissan Navara d23 2015

Generally, Nissan Navara 2015 It looks serious and aggressive, thanks to its location on the front wings of the stampings and the formidable bumper. On the side mirrors now even have povortniki, thanks to which it is better to see that the car turns. If you look at the back of the Nissan Navara D23, it is also made in an original, stylish and modern way, new lights appeared, there is an additional brake light on the rear window, there are chrome inserts on the bumper that emphasize the style of the new SUV.

Body colors in general remained the same, only 2 new shades were added: yellow (Savannah Yellow) and dark brown (Earth Bronze). The dimensions remained the same, except that increased clearance of the car and decreased body height. Therefore, now the following dimensions:

  • Length - 5230-5255 mm (depending on the cabin and type of drive);
  • width - 1790-1850 mm .;
  • height - 1775-1820 mm .;
  • clearance is 180-220 mm. (in most configurations clearance within 205-220 mm.).
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Interior Design

The interior of the new Nissan Navara D23 is much better than its predecessor, the trim is made of high-quality materials, the insulation is better, now even at high speed the cabin is not loud.

Nissan Navara 2015 Salon The front seats are comfortable, they are comfortable to sit in, even with a long ride you do not feel tired. In the second row, the seats are not as comfortable as the front, the backs are not very comfortable, so the rear passengers will have a hard time at long distances, but it doesn't matter, you can always stop, warm up and go further.

Salon Nissan Navara D23 is equipped with a touch screen multimedia system, there is also climate control and many other useful features. All buttons and control functions are conveniently located for the driver. There are also buttons on the steering wheel to control the media system. In addition, the dashboard is decorated with special chrome inserts. On the instrument panel fit the speedometer, tachometer and even navigation.

Safety driving

To ensure safety, the Nissan Navara 2015 has airbags and several other systems that prevent collisions: the emergency braking system, the ABS system, a system that helps when climbing a mountain. In order to make sure that this car is reliable, you can wait for the results of crash tests that will appear soon, but the manufacturers claim that all security-related errors have been corrected and now the new Navara deserves the maximum rating on the crash test.

Nissan Navara 2015 D23


The range of engines for the Nissan Navara D23 is quite wide, it has both petrol and diesel engines. The most popular are diesel 4-cylinder engines of 2.5 liters with a capacity of 163 liters. with. and 190 l. with. and torque they have 403 and 450 Nm.

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Diesel engines that come with turbocharging and the Commonrail system have the best performance, according to Nissan, the new Nissans of Navara are 12% more economical. With regards to accurate information about the gasoline engine, while the manufacturer has not officially introduced it, but according to experts, it will be a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 2.5 liters.

Nissan Navara 2015

The exact data on fuel consumption is not yet known, but it will obviously be less than that of the previous model, because with the new automatic transmission the fuel consumption will be less. AT Nissan Navara 2015 (photo above) you can install a 7-band automatic or a 6-speed manual. When driving on a machine, the car gradually accelerates and slows down, the machine itself works smoothly and shifts gears.

Manual transmission is also done normally - the gears switch easily and quickly. There is a choice between all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive only. As for the biturbo diesel engine, it is high-spirited and high-torque, despite the small volume. The maximum torque is achieved even at 1500 rpm.

nissan navara 2015 photo

Configuration and prices

Nissan Navara D23 will be in 2 versions: two-door and four-door. The basic equipment will be equipped with an audio system, a rear-view camera, LED headlights, air conditioning, ABS, a system that distributes braking forces, airbags and many other useful things. Basic equipment will start from 1600000 rubles.

Driving performance

Generally, Ниссан Навара изначально создавался для того, чтобы легко перевозить большие грузы, удобно осуществлялась погрузка и разгрузка. Поэтому шасси было улучшено, теперь в версии Д23 колеса и крепления к ним стали более прочными, рама стала жестче. Также обновился задний мост и радиус разворота был значительно уменьшен, это позволит автомобилю лучше чувствовать себя в городе, да и маневренность в целом стала лучше.

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The suspension is the same as in many pickups - in front of the spring with wishbones, and behind the spring with a threaded axle. Improved suspension and reliable chassis are very suitable for everyday driving, carrying loads or passengers - what you need for lovers of pickups, who have to drive not only on city roads or dirt road, but also on serious off-road. The updated suspension perfectly copes even with difficult impassability: sand, rocky terrain and mud.

new nissan navara 2015

Who is this car for?

New Nissan Navara 2015 can not be popular among the huge variety of motorists, but only in a narrow circle of lovers of pickups, he will receive recognition. Despite the fact that Navara D23 has two body options, a pick-up is still a pick-up, so for those who are used to ride pick-ups, this car is a good option, though the price is high enough, but this is a Japanese car with high quality therefore, the price is justified. In general, the Nissan Navara is an assistant for those who carry cargo and for the most part travels where the roads are not of the best quality, in a word, Navara is a “workhorse” and there’s no point in buying one for daily driving through the city These goals are best suited for any crossover.

Nissan Navara D23 is easy to use, it has a small fuel consumption, robust design, original appearance and excellent off-road qualities, so that Navara D23 will definitely find its buyers.