Where to call if the car was evacuated

Parking problems are felt by many motorists in the country. This question is relevant to most major cities. In this regard, sometimes you have to take risks and leave your car in the wrong place. However, such manipulations lead to undesirable consequences, for example, specialized services can transport a vehicle.

If they evacuated the car, where not every driver knows to call. In a stressful situation, one has to do a lot of unnecessary unsuccessful actions. Someone even comes across the tricks of fraudsters working in this field. You should not fall into despair, but what to do if you evacuated the car, we will understand further and give you a step-by-step instruction to get out of this situation.


  • 1 Facts of forced transportation of vehicles
  • 2 Telephone assistance
  • 3 Following actions
  • 4 Financial side
  • 5 Driver's rights

Facts forced transport vehicle

It is important to understand and understand that it was the tow truck that took the car, but the case of theft did not work. To confirm the events are usually questioned by witnesses of the incident, located nearby. At will, forced transport does not provide special equipment. This requires compelling reasons for traffic violations. When the car was evacuated, what to do, the driver does not know only in the first case. When you repeat such events, he usually arm himself with the necessary phone numbers in advance and connects current services, such as SMS mailings or bookmarks for web resources.

where to call if the car was evacuated in Moscow

Forcible evacuation of the car to the car park without the knowledge of the driver occurs for several reasons. We list them:

  • the driver was at the wheel of the vehicle who did not have documents for the car or driver's license;
  • the vehicle was driven by a person in a drunken state;
  • the car stands on the road and provokes emergency situations, since it cannot leave on its own because it is out of whack;
  • the driver violated the parking rules and left the vehicle in the wrong place, for example, on the pedestrian zone, under a prohibitory sign, ran over a curb or a zebra.

Telephone assistance

How to find out where to call if you evacuated the car in Moscow? It should be noted that this should be done well in advance, since for each day of idle time at the car park you will have to pay a round sum, which depends on the type of vehicle. Differentiation is carried out on the power of the car and its class.

It is important to know! The first day during the evacuation of the car in the penalty parking area is not paid, so the driver has a chance to save money with the rapid execution of the relevant documents.

if you took the car to the tow truck, where to call

The main phone numbers in the capital are:

  • 02 - the main number of the nearest police station when calling from stationary devices, it is relevant for all regions, including Moscow;
  • 112 - the main number for calls from any mobile operators, is also used in the regions;
  • 8 495 539 22 99 - a single metropolitan dispatching service, accessible from both fixed and mobile phones.
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In that case, when in St. Petersburg there was a car parking, how to find out where the car is, the telephone will also help. From a mobile phone, you need to contact by phone in a single dispatching information service or in the police department:

  • 004;
  • +7-812-004;
  • 112 or 02.

For the residents of Yekaterinburg there are also separate contacts, through which the autoladiers will be able to get the information of interest. This can be done in the time interval from 8.00 am to 20.00 pm:

  • 8 (343) 263 19 89;
  • 8 (343) 263 18 35;
  • 02 or 112.

If you took the car to the tow truck, and where you do not remember to call or not possible, you can in advance or if necessary connect to a convenient service with SMS notifications. It will provide current information about the current location of your vehicle. In the body sms will indicate the following data:

  • the address of the special parking where the locked car is sent;
  • Department of traffic police, through which it is necessary to return the car;
  • contact details of the traffic police office for communication.

how to find out where the car was evacuated

There are several ways to subscribe:

  • We send SMS to the number 7377 with the code text: EV P state number of the car. It is important to set a space after the first two letters, for example, EV P K555KK169.
  • Registration is taking place on the profile resource parking.mos.ru, where you need to confirm the data.
  • Registration is made on pgu.mos.ru.
  • The mobile application "Parking Moscow" from the profile virtual stores of applications for smartphones is used.

You need to know that the service of mobile information and registration is provided free of charge.

Following actions

There is a simple step-by-step instruction for finding a car that is forcibly taken away. It is quite simple and looks like this:

  • So how to find out where the car was evacuated by phone, you need to use this method. It is important to consider that information appears in the database 15-60 minutes after the car is delivered to its destination. During this time, the vehicle is registered.
  • We clarify with the operator, in what department of the traffic police got documents on administrative violation. We will also find out the phone number and address of the owners of the penalty area.
  • In the duty unit, we obtain data on the possibility of obtaining permission to issue a vehicle from the site.
  • Independently sent to the police to process the necessary documents. Upon receipt of the Detention Protocol and the Act of moving the vehicle to the penalty area, we monitor the presence of all seals and signatures in it.
  • At the time of applying to the car park it is necessary to have with you a package of documents, which include: a passport, driver's license, the Act on the withdrawal of the vehicle and the Protocol and CTP. For machines owned by the organization, you must issue a power of attorney for the recipient.
  • The car can be received as a payment field, and on advance payment.

It is important to know! If the vehicle is taken after payment of towing services, then you can get a legal discount of 25% of the cost of the procedure.

what to do if the car was evacuated

Often there are situations when some documents remain inside the evacuated car. In this case, you will have to first contact the staff of the penalty area to draw up an act of opening the sealed vehicle and re-sealing it. Usually the procedure is carried out on one driver's door.

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Financial side

Vehicles have fixed rates for evacuation:

  • TC categories A and B, having a capacity of up to 80 liters. with. (inclusive) are forcibly transported by tow for 3000 rubles;
  • during the evacuation of cars of category B, having a capacity of more than 80 liters. with. up to 250 l. with., the amount will be 5,000 rubles;
  • for powerful cars that have more than 250 liters under the hood. with. it is necessary to give 7,000 rubles;
  • trucks and vehicles of category D will cost motorists 27,000 rubles;
  • for oversized cars, the evacuation rate will be equal to 47,000 rubles.

Differentiated is the tariff when making a parking lot for daily storage:

  • the first day for all categories of vehicles are free;
  • from the second day of storage the tariff is charged, for category A it will be 500 rubles / day;
  • category B and B cars weighing up to 3,500 kg will cost 1000 rubles / day;
  • for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons of category D, prepare 2000 rubles / day;
  • oversized cars will cost the car owners 3000 rubles / day.

Driver's rights

The driver should know that his car can be evacuated from under the sign “Stop prohibited” only if there is a corresponding information sign “Evacuator working” under the prohibitory indicator. Otherwise, the car owner is issued only an administrative fine for parking in the wrong place.

If the driver has time to get to the place of evacuation before the tow truck starts moving, then his car will be returned to the place, and you will not have to pay any amount for the refund or parking. He gets off just fine.

To protect themselves often under the front glass, some car owners put a large white sheet of paper with the phone number for emergency situations. According to it, the driver can be called up for reparking a car or for other information.

Allow the evacuation can only traffic police inspectors or MADI. Other persons conducting this operation at will, conduct it illegally.

Upon receipt of the car from the penalty area, you must carefully check the car for damage. If they are present, they can be compensated for by CTP. It is important not to write documents without comments about the reception of a damaged car.

Pay the amount for evacuation can not immediately. The law sets aside 60 days after receiving the vehicle.