Comparison nissan terrano and renault duster


We're the same blood! Yes, that's exactly what Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster would say if they could talk. However, despite consanguinity, both crossovers have different qualities, and the buyers are faced with a really difficult choice, which is better - Renault Duster or Nissan Terrano? And this is no exaggeration. At first glance, each applicant is unique in its own way. And if one lures with a loud name and beauty, then the second one inclines to itself a lower price, greater maneuverability and not less than flattering reviews from those lucky ones who have already purchased this unit and use it with pleasure.

Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster - crossovers with many similarities

Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster - crossovers with many similarities

Мы долго стояли меж двух кроссоверов, пытаясь разглядеть отличия Nissan Terrano от Renault Duster, и нам это удалось. Итак, добро пожаловать на битву кроссоверов Renault Duster vs Nissan Terrano! Ну а результаты этого поединка помогут вам раз и навсегда определиться с выбором покупки.Читать далее о сравнении Nissan Terrano и Renault Duster-->


External comparison of Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano is one of the most difficult stages of our fight. And there are two reasons for this:

  1. Every motorist has his own taste and his own concepts of beauty.
  2. Both crossovers are very similar in appearance, and it’s impossible not to recognize one design in them.

However, despite the strong similarities, Nissan Terrano and Renault Daster are just as different and that, in turn, makes it even more difficult to choose, and you can argue about which one is more attractive endlessly.

Nissan Terrano is suitable for commuting to and from work outside the city

Nissan Terrano is suitable for commuting to and from work outside the city

The main external difference between the two cars is in the front and rear headlights, grille, rims, as well as in the bumpers. All other differences are quite insignificant, and such can be attributed to the protruding lines on the body and other minor restyling. But, despite its inconspicuous, together these little things produce an indelible effect, and strongly distinguish Terrano on the background of Duster. And in general, the Nissan Terrano turned out to be a kind of mini-version of a solid SUV, where you can come to the office and play around outside the asphalt, you can also install the spare wheel on the fifth door and there would be no price at all. Therefore, Renault Duster is still in terms of appearance a little in the red, for his appearance directly indicates that he is a budget, compact all-terrain vehicle for mere mortals. So in the Nissan Terrano vs. Renault Duster fight, after the fight for the best appearance, the score becomes 1: 0 in favor of the first fighter, and we proceed to the next stage of the crossover battle.

Exterior seems that the car Renault Duster lacks sophistication

Exterior seems that the car Renault Duster lacks sophistication

Interior decoration

So, welcome to the salon Nissan Terrano! The first thing that catches your eye is the steering wheel, which slightly changed its design and acquired the Nissanovsky emblem. Deflectors in the center of the panel have lost a circular shape, rooted in Reno, but the side for some reason remained unchanged. The niche for all sorts of trivialities that Duster possessed in Terrano is now closed with a lid. The instrument panel has remained virtually unchanged, except for a slightly modified design of the tachometer and speedometer. By the way, not very successfully changed, so that in Duster they look prettier.

Salon car Nissan Terrano после обновления практически не изменился

Salon car Nissan Terrano после обновления практически не изменился

Chairs completely moved from Duster without any changes. But the multimedia component has undergone a complete replacement. In Terrano, they installed a proprietary Nissan audio system, and again, nothing. The Reno audio system has a larger display, a clearer and more beautiful graphic design of the software, as well as a higher screen resolution, which allows for a better image. However, in the top version of Terrano, the rear view camera is built into the audio system. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, which, by the way, is not very convenient to use because of the very low location of the display. But, on the other hand, the Duster, in its complete set, has a steering wheel control of the audio system.

Renault Duster is not inferior to the opponent in the equipment of the cabin

Renault Duster is not inferior to the opponent in the equipment of the cabin

Another advantage of the Renault Duster is a two-zone climate control, Nissan offers only air conditioning. Otherwise, everything remains the same. Therefore, given the unsuccessful, easy modification of the cabin in Terrano, we award Renault one point, and the score becomes 1: 1.

Power unit and driving performance

Well, the time has come for Nissan Terrano to fight against Renault Duster. This part is one of the most important criteria for each motorist, because the key factor is not only the external and internal appearance of the car, but also how it will drive.

First, let's look at the Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster engine lines. By purchasing Nissan, motorists have the opportunity to choose between two types of gasoline units. The first has absorbed a volume of 1.6 liters and produces 102 horses with a torque of 145 N * m, and the second has a capacity of two liters and in return provided 135 horses at a moment of 191 N * m.

Test drive car Nissan Terrano:

Of course, it’s sparse, but you don’t need more, choosing the two-liter version, you get everything you need for a small crossover. Especially, if you prefer an automatic transmission, then you have no choice, as the machine comes only with a two-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive in Nissan for some reason decided not to equip the automation at all.

Duster looks on this background where more attractive. You can choose from three types of engines, one diesel and two petrol. The diesel unit comes only with all-wheel drive version, has a volume of one and a half liters and produces ninety horses at the moment of 200 N * m. It is worth noting that this is the most economical version of all, the flow rate in the general mode will be only 5.3 liters per hundred. Gasoline engines are similar to the two Nissanovsky, 1.6 and 2.0, respectively. However, the two-liter version of the Duster has a little more traction and produces 195 N * m against 191 in Terrano. Both units are available for both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models.

Another important advantage of Reno is that the automatic transmission is completed with both front-wheel drive and with all-wheel drive two-liter version. Diesel and gasoline 1.6 are equipped only with mechanics. The rest of the Nissan and Renault are all the same, the same magnetic clutch from Murano, the same MacPherson front suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, and the identical rear multi-link. By the way, in both crossovers, this suspension works off-road with a bang, but it's better to forget about comfort because of excessive rigidity.

Test drive car Renault Duster:

As for patency, then in comparison Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster, the second one looks more confident. This contributes to the unpainted lower part of the bumpers, with which you can not be afraid of scratching your way through the undergrowth, as well as Duster has the ability to overcome steeper ascents and descents. Terrano has less steepness in entry and exit due to new bumper design.

No significant differences in driving should be expected, in general, the behavior of vehicles both on the road and off-road is the same. The same can be said about comfort on the road. Therefore, one point gets Renault Duster, for a richer engine range, for the opportunity to purchase a four-wheel drive version with a gun, as well as for a little more freedom on the roads. And the score in the fight Renault Duster against Nissan Terrano becomes 2: 1 in favor of the Frenchman, and we move on to the next and final stage of the battle of crossovers.

Cost battle

The price is the main criterion for most car enthusiasts, so it’s impossible not to say about it, especially the price tag is almost the main difference between the Nissan Terrano and the Renault Duster.

Car model:Renault DusterNissan Terrano
Producing country:France (build Russia, Moscow)Japan (build Russia, Moscow)
Body Type:SUV (SUV)SUV (SUV)
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cc:19981998
Power, l. c./about min .:135/5500135/5500
Maximum speed, km / h:177177
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.4 (manual transmission), 11.7 (automatic transmission)10.4 (MKPP)
Type of drive:full (4WD)full (4WD)
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.3; track 6.5city ​​10.3; track 6.5
Length, mm:43154342
Width, mm:18221822
Height, mm:16251668
Clearance, mm:210205
Tire size:215/65R16215/65R16
Curb weight, kg:13771412
Full weight, kg:18771866
Fuel tank capacity:5050

As they say - beauty requires sacrifice, and the Nissan company decided to sacrifice an affordable price for a beautiful appearance. Judge for yourself, the cost of a front-wheel drive Terrano with a 1.6 engine and manual transmission starts at 719,700 rubles, and the minimum price for a Duster with a similar technical filling is 554,000 rubles. True, the Nissan for such a price comes with painted bumpers, with front electric windows, with a separate backrest of the back sofa, which is 60: 40, with air conditioning, two airbags and an audio system. But the price of the Duster in the same configuration as the Terrano, is still less - 642,000 rubles.

The top version with a two-liter engine, four-wheel drive and manual transmission from Nissan is 932,200 rubles, while the Duster in a similar embodiment is limited to 844,000 rubles. And even with a gun, all-wheel drive Duster in the maximum configuration costs 882,000, which is 50,200 rubles cheaper than Terrano with mechanics. And therefore, without doubt, one point is awarded to Renault Duster, and the score becomes 3: 1 in favor of the Frenchman. The victory of Reno in this battle showed that beauty is not the main thing, and the car should be chosen not only with the eyes, but with all other parts of the body.

Whether you should overpay for Nissan is up to you, and our verdict is this: Nissan Terrano with its fashionable appearance and big name is more suitable for young people, and Renault Duster will always be honored among fans of simplicity, reliability and versatility, because the French will always pass where Japanese "nodding."