Car vacuum cleaners to maintain cleanliness in the car

Cleanliness in the cabin of your car - the same important factor as the care for its appearance. In addition, dangerous mites start up in the dust, which can cause many different diseases. Because everything inside was in order, you should get a good car vacuum cleaner.

Автомобильные пылесосы бывают разные по мощности и функциям. В зависимости от типа, размера и уровня регулярного загрязнения салона, вы выбираете более или менее powerful car vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?

All vacuum cleaners, including automotive, have a set of characteristics:

  • power;
  • suction power;
  • energy consumption level;
  • noise level;
  • dust collector volume;
  • the presence of a washing effect;
  • type of dust collector;
  • work from various power sources (cigarette lighter, batteries, battery).

Автомобильные пылесосы выпускают все компании, производящие пылесосы бытовые. Потому, выбор достаточно велик. Также производством автопылесосов занимаются и некоторые фирмы, занимающиеся разработкой строительно-ремонтной техники, такие, как Black&Decker.

What is the best car vacuum cleaner? There is no answer to this question. There is no ideal vacuum cleaner in nature, as well as an ideal car. You yourself must determine what power and functionality is required from the vacuum cleaner you are planning to purchase.

Vacuum cleaners are both compact and with additional tubes, hoses. They are completed with additional nozzles, brushes, slotted tubes, which allow for quick and high-quality cleaning of all corners of your car.

Car vacuum cleaner example

Небольшой, но достаточно мощный пылесос для автомобиля Black&Decker модели ACV1205.

Car vacuum cleaner

This is a classic handheld battery vacuum cleaner with a suction power of just over 12 watts. Dust collector volume 0.7 l. The device can work from the cigarette lighter, it comes with a large set of nozzles. In general, quite a classic sample. Thanks to such compact dimensions, this vacuum cleaner will easily fit in the trunk of even a tuned nine.

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Prices for car vacuum cleaner are different

Prices for car vacuum cleaner may vary. An average power vacuum cleaner, like the one above, costs between $ 50-60. More powerful models, respectively, can cost much more.

The South Korean company Samsung also offers many models of vacuum cleaners for the car.

how to choose a car vacuum cleanerSamsung VCH136DY. Power 60W, power of absorption 20 W, volume 0,18l.

Представленный на рисунке корейский пылесос – менее мощная и более дешёвая модель, чем показанный выше Black&Decker, но для ВАЗ 2106 такая недорогая модель автомобильного пылесоса будет в самый раз. Но существуют и модели большей мощности.

А вот и другой аппарат от Black&Decker, с трёхступенчатой системой фильтрации:

powerful car vacuum cleanerBlack&Decker PAD1200

Vacuum cleaners for the car are different in function. Some models treat the interior with steam, others with water. Each type has its own type of filtering. It is also worth reading carefully what the specific model is the noise level and mass.

Nozzles They do not have to be many. But it should be borne in mind that there are places in which the usual attachment, or the tube simply does not fit through. So when choosing a vacuum cleaner, think about it.

In most cases, a vacuum cleaner of a well-known company, like Philips, or Samsung, bought in a serious company salon is a guarantee of quality. But this is by no means a guarantee that it will have all the functions that you personally require.

Therefore, when choosing a model, consult with consultants and select the device that meets all your requirements. It also does not hurt to read reviews of various vacuum cleaners, which are regularly published on the Internet. And on various thematic portals you can find video reviews.

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