Mini cooper in the secondary market is not very much? - why?

The small Mini car was first created a long time ago - about 50 years ago and was as simple as a door. But in 2001, the German concern BMW, this car was re-released, but the difference in it was the mass compared to the old car: the design became more complex, new technologies were introduced, in general, the car turned out to be rather serious in technical terms. Therefore, modern Mini repair is not easy.

Mini Cooper with mileage photo

BMW developed a new Mini Cooper for a very long time, 6-cylinder BMW engines were not under the hood, and a compact 4-cylinder was needed. So, I had to take the 1.6-liter engine of the Pentagon series, which was installed in some Chrysler cars.

This motor has an index W11B16С, it turned out quite reliable engine, there are options with a mechanical compressor Roots, which stands on the Cooper S and Cooper Works, the power of these motors varies from 163 to 200 liters. with.; and an atmospheric version of the engine, which is installed on the Mini One versions with a capacity of 90 liters. with. and Mini Cooper, whose power - 115 l. with. The atmospheric version with the W10B16 index is considered to be more reliable, it will easily serve at least 300 thousand km, if you make sure that the level of oil and coolant is normal. If you drive in active mode, the oil consumption can be 1.5 liters per 10,000 km. run

Engine W17D14A Mini Cooper

There are and diesel engine W17D14Aits volume is 1.4 liters, it is installed mainly on the Mini One, it is also a fairly reliable engine, in early models it was taken from Toyota, who installed these engines on the 1999-2005 Yaris. In 2006, was reystayling Mini, so the diesel engine has also become more modern - from the joint concern Peugeot-Citroen. Only in 2009, Mini began to install diesel engines of its own production - N47 engines, the volume of which is 1.6 and 2.0 liters. These engines are also distinguished by their durability, in contrast to French engines, which are sensitive to the quality of the fuel, and their control electronics are more complicated.

But all this is minor compared to the problems petrol engine Prince (EP6)which began to be established on Mini after restyling in 2006 instead of the Pentagon series motor.

Turbo engine for MINI Cooper

This engine was installed on the Mini, Citroen and Peugeot, problems with the engine appeared in all owners of these cars after 30,000 km. Began to disappear, and all due to the fact that the design of the cylinder head is unsuccessful. The channels of the block heads were blocked by sediments. And after 60,000 km. was beginning to stretch valve train chain due to weak tensioner and increasing shock loads.

Then everything goes according to several scenarios: either the chain breaks, which immediately leads to a major overhaul of the engine, or the valve timing phases gradually shift. Since the drive sprocket on the crankshaft is not reliably fixed with just one bolt, without keys and splines, the situation worsens even more - the motor loses its strength, pistons can burn out, and in turbo versions the boost can turn off with a certain cranking sprocket and the thrust will suddenly disappear.

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Mini Cooper GPM

In general, the outcome is also not joyful - the pistons will meet with the valves and then comes the costly (about 6,000 euros) overhaul. Therefore, in order to prevent such a situation, we must immediately, at the first extraneous noise from under the valve cover, or when the thrust starts to disappear, it will immediately change the entire timing gear, it will cost 2000-3000 euros, which is cheaper in the end than do the overhaul.

This problem is frequent, and dealers have already ceased to lay the blame on poor-quality fuel and not careful operation, and under warranty began to change cylinder heads, timing chains, dampers and tensioners. Only in 2010, BMW did a great job in the course of which errors were fixed, the engine received a huge amount of changes: a new cylinder head, new tensioner and oil pump, even new software for the engine management system and much more.

Mini Cooper Transmission


Concerning gear boxes, here the situation is different: the mini early years of production were completed with rather short-lived mechanics in 5 steps (Midland), of English production, the new one costs 3,500 euros, it was installed until 2004. After about 90,000 synchronizers the end comes, also the shift forks, too, wear out for this run, as a result of the transfer they stick in with difficulty and easily fly out. After 2004, the manufacturer began to install in the Mini more reliable German-made Gertrag boxes on 5 and 6 stages. 5-speed more reliable, and on the 6-point after 140,000 km. Synchronizers fail.

As for the 2-hpedalny Mini, but initially there were models with variant ZF, which serves for a long time, if you calmly ride - more than 200,000 km. But the variator does not like active driving, it starts to twitch and after 100,000 it fails. A new box costs 5,000 euros, and if you make repairs, you need to cook about 2,000 euros.

Mini Cooper Repair

After 2005 appeared 6-speed automatic Aisin 6F21WA, which was installed on the Golf, Passat and Audi A3, this box lasts longer than the CVT. But her cooling system is slightly weak, so this box can overheat in hot weather when driving through traffic jams. In general, if the combination of circumstances is unsuccessful, in case of overheating, an oil starvation may appear in the box, scuffs on the bushings of the pump and planetary bearings. In general, repairs can pull up to 2,000 euros, can also come out of a standing pressure regulator, solenoid valves from the hydraulic unit and oil temperature sensor. But in general, the box is reliable.

Overheating happens not only in the gearbox, but also in the first generation Mini suffers from overheating power steering pumpwhen the additional fan fails, after which the pump starts making noise. Replacing the old pump with a new one will cost 900 euros, and a new additional fan costs 120 euros. By the way, this fan is not very well located - at the bottom of the engine compartment, so it quickly clogs up and stops functioning. On machines manufactured after 2006, they began to install an electric power steering, but they have a risk that over time there will be a backlash in the rack mechanism. By the way, the new steering rack and pinion on the Mini costs 1,400 euros. On vehicles produced in 2006 and 2007, the slats were often changed under warranty after 20,000 km.

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Suspension Mini Cooper with mileage

Mini Pendant

Mini differs in that it has a tough and short-stroke suspension, is not famous for its special reliability, it is necessary to follow it. Already after 20,000 km. will need to change stabilizer bushingswhich cost 6 euros. After about 50,000 km. it is necessary to change the stabilizer bar, which cost about 25 euros. Also, the front ball bearings will need to be updated to this run, each costs 35 euros. Further, after the car departure 80,000 km. it will be necessary to change the tips of the steering rods (about 60 euros) and the front shock absorbers (approximately 160 euros), the rear shock absorbers (140 euros) will quietly serve up to 100,000 km

Concerning задней подвески, то ее скорее всего придется перебрать примерно на 100000 км. пробега. Это обойдется приблизительно в 800 евро.

You also need to understand that if you ride in the patsansky style, then brake discs it will be necessary to change more often than usual - the front once every 30,000 km., and the rear - every 50,000 km. New front wheels cost about 200 euros, and the rear - 120 euros.

Mini Cooper Salon

Body reliability

The body of the Mini, especially in its early years, is not particularly resistant to corrosion; rust can be seen on the welds and on the tailgate. After restyling, corrosion protection has been improved, so rust has become less, but chrome elements lose their gloss rather quickly. They can also go around the sensors of the PDC, the front part of the hood, the hinges at the wipers wear out, seize the locks on the doors ...

And on the Mini, released after restyling, it happens that the screen goes blank climate controlThe chrome rim of the ignition key also often breaks. Many cars of the first generation suffer from the fact that their front panel creaks, and the rear plastic shelf creates a crash, and the rear door also rattles, it is necessary to change the lock and dampers. And still there is one unpleasant moment - on the steering wheel the emblem with wings is crumpled, in order to change it, it is necessary to change the airbag, which costs 300 euros. There have also been cases that the electric windows and the sunroof stopped working.

Mini Cooper bu car

So, summing up, we can say that Mini Coopers are not particularly reliable, repairs are expensive, there is no comfort in the cabin, and the car is impractical. Yes, and it costs a little - if you take a less problematic package with a German manual gearbox and a Brazilian engine, then such a car of 2006 will cost about 500,000 - 600,000 rubles. And this is a lot of money for which you can buy the same age Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Audi A4. A 2-year-old car with an improved engine will generally pull 1,000,000 rubles. And despite these prices, Mini Coopers are still in demand, because the car is original with an unusual style and character.

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Despite the fact that the price of the Mini is quite large, but even the basic equipment contains ABS, air conditioning, central locking with remote control, an on-board computer and electric windows and airbags in front.

Mini Cooper car safety

Security in Mini Cooper

After conducting the EuroNCAP tests in 2007 for a frontal strike, the car received a deserved 5 stars - 13 points out of a possible 16. Traumatic column and front panel are considered to be dangerous in the Mini. But this result is better than its predecessor was in 2002, then the Mini of the first generation received 4 stars, since the dummy was hit in the head, the passenger hit the chest, in general, it’s better not crash on this car.

Sensations from the car Mini

The steering of the Mini Cooper S is just like that of a map - you turn the wheel slightly and the car immediately turns to where it was going to turn the steering wheel, without banks. At high speed, the car very quickly reacts to the actions of the driver, sometimes it scares. If you drive at medium speeds, the car on the road keeps well, if you turn off the stabilization system, you can ride with drifts, also exciting impressions.

Mini Cooper used car

On a good road, it is pleasant to drive a Cooper S, but when you leave on a bad road, it becomes very uncomfortable in the car, it shakes it all. On a bad road, handling is deteriorating, and smoothness is reduced due to the fact that the suspension is rather stiff. When the car is sausage, the steering wheel is simply pulled out of the hands. And if you run into large potholes, then the car in general can throw.

The cabin is very crowded, even if you sit in the rear seats together, the trunk is also very small, there is little that can be placed in it. But despite all the shortcomings, the car leaves a pleasant impression, the main thing is not to drive on it on a bad road, and on flat asphalt the car can give a lot of joy.

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