Fiat 500x - italian compact crossover

At the Mondial de l'Automobile car forum in October 2014, many new cars were presented, and among these new products, the new Fiat 500X from the Italian concern was not unnoticed. The first announcement of the compact Fiat 500X crossover was in early 2012, then the pre-production version of the crossover was presented. This car has a lot to do with the Jeep Renegade, because they have the same platform - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Jeep Renegade was presented in the spring of 2014 and today is in full swing sold in European countries at a price that starts from 20,000 euros.

fiat 500x photo

As for the new Fiat 500X, sales of this car are projected to begin at the end of 2015, although the price is promised a little less. Today it is not yet known when the sale of this crossover will begin on the Russian market, but the official sale Fiat 500Х most likely to be organized, because the usual Fiat 500 in Russia is sold officially.

Exterior design

The appearance of the car says about the originality inherent in Italian cars. Externally, the car looks like a typical Italian car, so it is difficult to imagine that he is a relative with the American Renegade. But apart from the platform, these cars have nothing in common, because the Italian Fiat 500X is stylish and sophisticated, unlike the American crossover, which has a brutal appearance and coarse shapes.

Fiat 500x Crossover

The Fiat 500X will be offered in the future in several versions - “City Look” and “Off-Road Look”. From the name you can see for what purposes each version is more suitable. In the urban version will be installed standard bumpers and a minimum of plastic on the body. And the off-road version will do an excellent job with a country ride, there will be other bumpers, as well as plastic body protection.

Special bumpers, which are used in the off-road version, make the car 20 mm longer than the urban version, but these are trifles, of course.

Dimensions Fiat 500H are:

  • length: 4.25 m;
  • width: 1.8 m;
  • height: 1.6 m;
  • clearance: 185-200 mm. (depending on the type of drive, and the diameter of the wheels (16, 17 and 18 inches are possible).

In Fiat 500X, its rounded shapes look very nice, there are some similarities with the Japanese popular compact crossover Nissan Juke. Overall, the Italian crossover looks a bit glamorous, especially from the front. If we consider the version of "Off-Road", then in this version of the Fiat 500X looks slightly provocative and even aggressive.

fiat 500x price в России

The front of the car looks modern thanks to a special bumper, beautiful headlights and slots for air ducts. The exterior of the presented model can be called very attractive even with complete confidence. The appearance of the car looks complete, sporty and bold.

In addition, exterior mirrors with interesting legs, supports make the car more dynamic. In profile, the car also looks quite original due to the short bonnet, large cut-out wheel arches, large doorways, falling to the rear door of the roof, which is attached spoilers.

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The Fiat 500X in the back also looks nice enough thanks to the rear lights with chrome rims, a powerful bumper that gives the car a slightly sporty look.

fiat 500x in Russia

Many experts believe that stylistically new Fiat 500X will create competition for MINI models, which have been leading for quite a long time among cars with original designs.

Interior Design

Inside, everything is not so clear, thanks to its compact size, the lack of free space is somewhat felt inside the car, but this is not entirely critical, on the contrary, the comfort in the cabin is felt.

On the front seats is clearly expressed lateral support, it contributes to the comfortable movement of sufficiently long distances. In addition, a comfortable fit was also due to the correctly chosen length and height of the back, as well as the seat cushion.

fiat 500x salon

The driver and front passenger seat is more than enough, even if these people are large enough. But on the back of the couch with free space, things are a little worse, although it is stated that it can safely accommodate 3 people, but in fact, to ensure comfortable movement, it’s better that there are no more than 2 passengers, and then everything will just great At the foot of the place, in principle, it is enough, there is a small margin, although there is not enough space between the ceiling and the heads of the rear passengers, but in the cabin, in general, not closely.

Making the interior of the Fiat 500X, the developers used discreet solutions, but a bit of glamor in the interior design is still present. The quality of materials is at a high level, the details are worked out quite clearly, it is clear that they have received serious attention.

photo fiat 500x

Laconic front panel contains everything you need, and, ergonomics at a high level, the driver is comfortable to use the functions of the car, without being distracted from the road. The instrument panel also turned out to be quite informative, all its elements are perfectly readable, and the steering wheel is very pleasant to the touch, comfortably lies in the hands, thanks to its convenient form.

In the basic configuration of the car there are already 6 airbags, also, the car uses a anti-roll system, air conditioning, heated seats and mirrors, modern fog lights with a system that regulates the angle of luminous flux.

In more expensive trim levels, driver assistants are installed who track the double solid intersection to indicate whether there is another car in the dead zone while driving in the stream.

As additional options there are a lot of interesting features, such as climate control and a modern multimedia system Uconnect with a 6.5-inch screen, it also has a rear-view camera, navigation and even a braking system that controls the braking process to prevent collisions. especially if driving at high speed. As an option, you can also trim the interior is not a standard cloth, and high-quality leather.

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fiat 500x

As for the practical use of the car, there are some nuances associated with the trunk, because it is not famous for its capacity, its volume is 350 liters, but golf clubs, fishing rods and a pair of bags will easily fit there.


The developers claim that the Fiat 500H will be equipped with 3 different engines. One of which is the Turbo MultiAir II gasoline engine with a volume of 1.4 liters and a capacity of 140 liters. with. With this motor works fine box robot with two clutches, providing the fastest gear changes. It is also possible to purchase a car with a 6-speed manual.

fiat 500x 2014

In addition to the engine that runs on gasoline, there are also 2 diesel power units MultiJet 2 with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 120 liters. with., and a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 140 liters. with. A more powerful engine will only work with a 9-speed automatic ZF, and a 1.6-liter will work only with a mechanical 6-speed manual.

The developers promise in the future to complement the line of engines with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine E-Torq with a capacity of 110 liters. with. For this engine will be installed 5-speed manual. There will also be a Turbo MultiAir II engine with a volume of 1.4 liters and a capacity of 170 liters. with., working on gasoline and more powerful atmospheric 2.4-liter Tigershark engine, issuing 184 liters. with. power. Best for the latest engines to install a 9-speed automatic.

fiat 500x price

As for the drive, the Fiat 500F subcompact crossovers will initially be front-wheel drive. For front-wheel drive modifications, only an anti-skid system will be available that simulates the cross-axle differential lock. In the more expensive models, in which more powerful engines will be used, it will be possible to supply all-wheel drive with different modes of operation.

But despite the four-wheel drive, serious off-road this car is too tough. Fiat 500X is a real crossover-SUV, which is designed for city driving and country roads.

But this crossover from Fiat can easily overcome the snow-covered sections of the road, as long as there is solid ground or undercoat. In addition, the Italian crossover does not have a system that blocks the center differential, downshifts and a system that helps you descend from the mountain. For example, in Jeep Ranagede it is all there.

Driving a Fiat 500X

When you go behind the wheel of a Fiat 500X, there are twofold sensations, but in general, pleasant. Suspension is elastic, and sometimes even harsh, especially at high speed, but this is only a plus, because the car holds the road better. Small bumps and pits the car eats, so driving is felt comfort. Noise isolation at an average level, a little worse than on premium cars, at medium speeds in the cabin is quiet.

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fiat 500x 2015

The only thing that is doubtful is the steering, because the Fiat 500H “scour” on the track, and you have to catch the car, especially if the speed exceeds 120 km / h

Pros and cons of a crossover

The main advantages of this car can be considered the original appearance - the car is bright and stylish, involuntarily attracts attention. Also, you can choose a car according to your preferences, potential buyers have 12 different body colors available, and there is even a possibility to choose a picture on wheels among 8 different options.

Also the advantage of this crossover is the high quality of materials and assembly. The dynamics of car acceleration are also good, if we consider more expensive equipment with powerful motors.

fiat 500x specifications

Among the shortcomings - the steering, which clearly needs work. Of course, it is quite possible that the defect associated with the management can only be on the testing car, it is quite possible that in the serial versions of the Fiat 500X there will be no such flaws. And if such a defect is noticed in all the cars of this model, the car will not compete for the MINI, who have everything clearly in terms of control, though the price of MINI cars is clearly higher, BMW concern, after all. Also among the shortcomings can be considered the preliminary cost of the car, because today, when the Russian ruble has become two times cheaper, almost every foreign car will be considered unrealistically expensive.

The basic equipment will start with 17,500 euros, and this is substantial money, as for a compact crossover with front-wheel drive and mechanics as a transmission. Therefore, such a car for the money is unlikely to become popular in Russia. The first limited edition crossover Fiat 500X in the urban version will cost around 22,000 euros, and the off-road version with a 2-liter 140-horsepower diesel engine will cost 30,650 euros. So that, price Fiat 500X is large enough for such a car, but of course, this model will find its customers even in Russia, especially fans of the Italian car industry will be interested.