Compare kia soul or škoda yeti


The modern automobile industry sometimes presents interesting riddles to experts - for example, what should we call the KIA Soul body type? For a hatchback, it is too massive, and to call it an SUV does not allow too little ground clearance and the lack of rear-wheel drive. Maybe a crossover? Yes, but only in the understanding of the mixing of styles, and not of the terrain that is now implied when uttering this word. Therefore, it is better to compare KIA with urban crossovers of other brands - and we are given the opportunity to find out which car is better suited for everyday movement - KIA Soul or Skoda Yeti?

Kia Soul or Skoda Yeti - what's better for everyday travel?

Kia Soul or Skoda Yeti - what's better for everyday travel?

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Characteristics in statics

Practicality is my middle name

The bodies of these vehicles leave us no doubt - both the Škoda Yeti and KIA Soul can benefit from every cubic centimeter of internal space. At first glance, it is the KIA Soul that looks more - the “snub-nosed” front end raised upward, the roof “cap” lowered over the windshield, and the angular shapes, as if the geometry teacher left the pencil. However, the metric parameters say otherwise - the Škoda Yeti, which has sloping shapes, wins not only in length and width, but even in height! It is not surprising, because it was initially positioned as a crossover, and not a city hatchback of increased capacity.

Car model:KIA SoulSkoda Yeti
Producing country:Korea (Assembly - Russia, Kaliningrad)Czech Republic
Body Type:HatchbackCrossover
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15911197
Power, l. c./about min .:130/6300105/5000
Maximum speed, km / h:181173
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,812
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:6 automatic transmissionRobotic 7-speed
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city 8,2 / Out of town 6,0In the city of 8.0 / Outside the city of 5.8
Length, mm:41204223
Width, mm:17851793
Height, mm:16101691
Clearance, mm:164180
Tire size:205/55 R16215/60 R16
Curb weight, kg:12901370
Full weight, kg:17101915
Fuel tank capacity:4860

Here is just a comparison of the exterior of the KIA Soul or Škoda Yeti, which is far from being in favor of the Czech car - it is quite boring and does not allow the eye to catch on with any design features. The only element that attracts the attention of others is the round "glasses" of fog lights, which dilute the simplicity of headlights, similar to similar lighting technology on Skoda Fabia. What is it KIA Soul - a huge front optics, connecting the hood and bumper, raised up unpainted line of the lower grille. And the rear door is a bit like a mailbox slot - unfortunately, not only with the overall styling, but also with the dimensions. In general, if the Škoda Yeti looks like an exemplary bespectacled-excellent student, then KIA is more like a plump buton shoe which terrifies younger students.

The design of the car KIA Soul will appeal to every lover of Korean cars

The design of the car KIA Soul will appeal to every lover of Korean cars

This comparison is confirmed by the evaluation of the capacity of the machines - Škoda Yeti here gets a solid top five. Even with fully decomposed seats, the trunk volume is 410 liters - this allows the five of us to go on a long journey, having collected a complete set of things needed to travel. If necessary, the rear seats can be moved closer to the first row, winning another 100 liters of volume, and if they are fully folded, inside a huge cargo compartment is formed, the capacity of which exceeds 1.5 cubic meters. In addition, unlike its Korean competitor, the Škoda Yeti allows you to quickly dismantle the seats, receiving a gain of 180 extra liters. In addition, KIA Soul can not boast the ability to fold and move each of the three parts of the back of the sofa separately.

Some car enthusiasts find the Skoda Yeti car design a bit boring.

Some car enthusiasts find the Skoda Yeti car design a bit boring.

And what about our baby Soul from Korea? It is very difficult to stack large loads in its narrow and high rear door. - for example, the transportation of a 50-inch plasma TV from an electronics store will have to be abandoned. And the volume with fully deployed KIA seats is enough only for food packages - the capacity of the compartment is 222 liters. If necessary, you will have to sacrifice one or two places to get ready for a long journey - the sofa can be folded in a ratio of 40:60, and when lowering its two halves, a 700 liter cargo compartment is formed. In addition, KIA Soul lags behind Škoda Yeti and for the convenience of removing the spare wheel - this requires not only raising the floor, but also getting the box with the tools and plunging your hands into a very deep niche.

Turn inside

Opening the door of the KIA Soul, we immediately see the rich interior and light-colored decoration of the front panel. Plastic, from which it is made, is soft enough and does not emit extraneous sounds when hitting it. The only stylistic miscalculation is the dark spots of the deflectors of the blowing system, which are evident even during a cursory examination of the internal space. The center console of the KIA Soul is somewhat reminiscent of 10-year-old Nokia smartphones, including hard plastic that is unpleasant to the touch. Nevertheless, all the buttons on it are convenient to use due to the proper location and large signatures.

KIA Soul car interior поражает богатым убранством

KIA Soul car interior поражает богатым убранством

There are no complaints about the KIA Soul devices - they are perfectly readable and do not create glare due to the large canopies that protect them from direct sunlight. KIA leather front seats have a very large range of adjustments, and allow both a fragile girl and a rather large man to sit behind the wheel. If we talk about the rear seats, the Soul provides such space that you do not expect from a compact hatchback. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% . The large length of the KIA cushion and the large distance to the front seats make it clear why the car has such a small trunk and what was a priority for the designers. An additional advantage of the KIA Soul is the absence of a full-fledged tunnel in the center - the car can only be front-wheel drive.

At first glance, the first wins in the comparison of “Soul or Yeti”, however many Škoda owners are ready to argue with that. Salon Yeti looks very simple, and in some places - primitive. Traditional center console, gray and black plastic, four-spoke steering wheel with large gaps around the hub. However, sitting behind the wheel, you realize that this is not poverty, but brevity. All Škoda controls are located at optimally selected locations, and not too aesthetic plastic has excellent workmanship and processing quality.

Škoda Yeti boasts a comfortable and practical salon

Škoda Yeti boasts a comfortable and practical salon

Devices with bright backlighting are much easier to read than the KIA Soul - in many respects this is facilitated by radial digitization, in which the inscriptions are inclined according to the position of a certain mark on the dial. In addition, in Škoda Yeti it is more convenient and to view the readings of the trip computer - it is located between the two main devices, and does not take part of one of them. The front seats are very comfortable, and their range of adjustments will allow you to sit behind the wheel of not just tall people, but also real giants! But with the Yeti back sofa there are problems - it is pushed forward in favor of increasing the trunk, and a high tunnel, designed to drive the rear wheels in expensive versions, hinders the legs of the middle passenger.

It's time to go!

The motors of both cars are fundamentally different - if the KIA Soul has a larger atmospheric unit, then the engineers who created the Škoda Yeti relied on a small turbocharged engine. The first is to evaluate it - especially as it is assembled from a robotic gearbox, which has 7 stages. From the start, such a power unit is not impressive - the car accelerates frankly sluggish, and does not always keep up with more powerful neighbors in traffic. This is also facilitated by the Škoda gearbox, equipped with an electromechanical drive - despite its technical perfection, it sometimes allows for tangible jerks that do not contribute to the achievement of comfort.

Test drive car KIA Soul:

However, on the highway, the motor shows what it can do - the heavy Škoda Yeti accelerates to 100 km / h in 12 seconds and easily maintains this pace of driving. In addition, in the convenience of controlling the engine has no equal - if you maintain the crankshaft speed above 2000 per minute, the unit instantly responds to the slightest change in the position of the gas pedal. The Yeti gearbox also maintains a vigorous rhythm of movement - it shifts gears almost without breaking the power, spending only a couple of tens of milliseconds to do this.

The KIA Soul engine has a lot of power, but it cooperates with the traditional automatic transmission, which somewhat impairs its potential. But in KIA traffic jams there is no equal - the car is very smooth, but it quickly starts moving away, allowing the driver to enjoy listening to their favorite music without discomfort. By the way, about the music - in the maximum configuration Soul you can get an audio system with a subwoofer in the trunk, which the young people will love.

Outside the city, the motor also behaves excellently - it allows the KIA Soul to quickly pick up cruising speed and restore it after forced braking. However, the gearbox still allows some hitch in switching, which worsens the acceleration rate. In addition, it is necessary to prepare for increased fuel consumption on the Soul - practice shows that in urban conditions it is very rare to spend less than 10 liters per 100 km.

Test drive car Škoda Yeti:

The suspension works equally well in both cars. That's just the KIA Soul has a certain rigidity, which manifests itself in small irregularities and joints of the roadway. At the same time, management gains are unnoticeable - KIA does not have the best course stability. Škoda Yeti allows you to ignore minor defects of the road, passing them without noticeable discomfort. At the same time, the car very well listens to the steering wheel both in the city and the highway.

Where are we going?

It is rather simple to make a conclusion from all of the above - Škoda Yeti will appeal to seasoned travelers who love long-haul roads and cheerful companies. But on the KIA Soul easier to move around the city - for example, to transport children to school or go shopping. In addition, KIA will attract the attention of neighbors in the parking lot in front of the house - unlike the shy Škoda Yeti.