New infiniti qx70 - infiniti ku x 70 2018: prices, start of

It is difficult to say whether the new 2018 Infiniti QX70 (photo below) belongs to the new generation of the 70th line or is another rebranding, which, to Nissan’s honor (namely this Japanese auto giant owns the Infiniti brand), was not so much. The last rebranding of the second generation of the luxury full-size crossover was carried out almost seven years ago, in 2011, when the model was still officially called FX. As usual among the Japanese, the updated car became even sportier and more aggressive, without losing excellent ride quality; all the same applies to the Qu X of 2018, regardless of its formal affiliation with restyled or new models.

Photo: new Infiniti QX70 2018

Photo: new Infiniti QX70 2018

But the name is much simpler. It is already clear that the next “letter change”, to the delight of nominalists, will not be: Ku X will remain Ku X. The renaming is not only completely devoid of meaning (the former was carried out for legal reasons, but now no one makes any claims against Nissan), but it would also discourage some customers, as it already happened after the 2013 roaming.

The new 2018 Infiniti QX70 (photo below) is marketed by the company as a full-size crossover that integrates seamlessly into the urban environment. Here we must immediately make a reservation: difficulties with the adaptation of a fairly large car can really arise, but due to the inexperience of the driver, who previously operated only cars, and not because of the flaws of Nissan’s engineers. High ground clearance relative to passenger cars - rather, even the advantage of the new Infiniti Q. X 70: the crossover is guaranteed not to “scratch the floor”, poorly located curbs and other man-made obstacles that make the driver's life a real nightmare.

More thoughts (both among motorists and outside observers) may raise the question of the suitability of the 2018 Infiniti QX70 (photo below) for traveling over rough terrain. Of course, the power of any of the cross-country engines for off-road Russian is enough (unless the driver seriously decides to “swim” in the swamp or overcome a forest windbreak), but is it worth risking the luxury look of the premium crossover? The question remains open; to answer it every owner of the Infiniti Qu X 70 should himself, to the best of their own ideas about feasibility. One thing is clear: in an emergency, you can safely rely on a car without fear of a sudden failure right in the middle of the road.

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