The best vacuum cleaners for cars and their selection


Modern car owners differently perceive the fact that they have a vehicle. For some, it is only a means of transportation that can quickly and comfortably deliver them to the right place. For others, it is an indicator of status, consistency and high position in society. There are those who literally live in the car, because most of the time he spends driving behind his wheel. But a representative of any category of car owners understands how important comfort is inside the car. If the car is initially good and has a high-quality interior, it is not a fact that it will remain so for a long time. The internal space must be monitored, cleaned and maintained clean.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

TOP best car vacuum cleaners.

Если вы предпочитаете решать такие вопросы самостоятельно, только изредка обращаясь в автомойки для комплексной чистки всего салона, вам обязательно понадобится специальное устройство для уборки. Выбор автопылесосов сейчас огромный. Но за широким ассортиментом скрывается целый ряд откровенно плохих аппаратов. Потому важно грамотно и правильно выбирать их.Читать далее про лучшие автомобильные пылесосы-->

Criterias of choice

Motorists are often interested in which vacuum cleaner is better to choose so that it can effectively cope with its tasks, and not just create noise and the illusion of cleaning. The main problem of modern vacuum cleaners is that only some of them actually cope with their tasks and correspond to the characteristics that the manufacturer claims. All vacuum cleaners are different. They differ not only in name or design, but also in a wide range of characteristics. Because we will try to help you with how to choose a really good car vacuum cleaner. We will also present the top 7 best models that have received top marks from specialists and are deservedly popular among car owners.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for cleaning in the car, pay attention to:

  • power parameters;
  • type of cleaning available;
  • cost;
  • power supply;
  • complete set.

Each parameter is very important because they should be considered separately.

Choosing a car vacuum cleaner


Если вы просто возьмёте самый мощный автомобильный пылесос, это не решит всех проблем сразу и не обеспечит вас превосходным качеством уборки. К вопросу о том, какой пылесос лучше, многие эксперты советуют подходить именно с параметра его мощности. В наш рейтинг автопылесосов вошли устройства с высокими показателями, что во многом объясняет качество чистки салона с их помощью. Не всегда удаётся выбирать по мощности всасывания, поскольку только некоторые производители указывают этот параметр. Power всасывания во многом характеризует эффективность работы аппарата. Чем она будет выше, тем с более сложными загрязнениями справится аксессуар.

Mainly on the market are offered units with a rate of 60 - 160 watts. If you need to perform simple cleaning and remove light pollution, 60 - 90 watts should be enough. But really effective models are considered to be from 100 to 160 watts. Buying devices weaker than 60 watts does not make any sense. They do not absorb garbage at all and only create the appearance of cleaning.

Do not try to compare the power of a car vacuum cleaner with those devices that are used for cleaning the house. The car is strictly limited to a voltage of 12 W, and does not have 220 V. Therefore, the maximum power will actively influence the network of the machine. As practice and experience of motorists show, models of 90 - 140 W are most demanded.

Power пылесоса для авто

Type of cleaning

The rating is also made up taking into account which modes are offered by one or another model. Basically, the best car vacuum cleaners are focused on the dry type of cleaning. Do not chase those models that have a washing mode. Here it is already better to trust a full-fledged household-type washing vacuum cleaner for your car. Automotive devices are able to provide good dry cleaning. Such a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning better cope with heavy soiling. The function of wet cleaning a car is usually that the device can suck up a small amount of moisture.

If you decide to take a multifunctional model, do not count on the high efficiency of the wet cleaning regime. Their essence lies in the fact that at first you manually apply the detergent, wipe it up, and with a vacuum cleaner just collect the wet foam. The practice and testing of many vacuum cleaners clearly demonstrates one pattern. Only in isolated cases can devices draw in a large amount of moisture without damage to the device itself. So it’s better not to abuse a wet car wash, since it significantly speeds up the wear of parts and the breakdown of the entire unit. Decide what type of cleaning for your vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Cleaning the car with a vacuum cleaner

Cost of

Think about the price you are willing to pay for a car vacuum cleaner. In many ways, the buyer determines which unit is better at the cost. Here it is important to understand what you are paying for. There are some manufacturers who increase the price tags only at the expense of their name. Brand factor does not always correspond to high quality or increased efficiency.

Good expensive car vacuum must combine:

  • high power;
  • good suction properties;
  • multifunctionality;
  • build quality;
  • reliability;
  • durability.

If you have an expensive machine vacuum cleaner from a famous manufacturer, but it does not have special characteristics, it is better to give preference to a less well-known brand, but with better parameters. But there is a downside to the price issue. The brand largely guarantees quality. Companies are not interested in losing their audience and receiving negative reviews about their products. Therefore, most expensive and well-known models usually compensate for the high price with quality, reliability and long service life. There is no unequivocal opinion on which of the vacuum cleaners is better to buy if you start from the price. For easy cleaning, you can purchase an inexpensive model. If you are expecting increased productivity, be prepared to pay a decent amount of money.


An important issue is the power supply to the device. In total, the market offers 3 options for catering, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages:

  1. 220 W household network This is an option for those who are engaged in cleaning the cabin Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% in the garage or near the house, having the opportunity to bring an extension cord from a household outlet. But with this type of connection, the main feature of car vacuum cleaners is lost, which lies in their mobility. Because mostly 220 watts are used to recharge the battery models.
  2. Built-in battery. A vacuum cleaner that runs on a battery that is built into the design of the machine is considered the most convenient. It is important to pay attention to such characteristics as the battery life. These devices are convenient and mobile. But a weak battery will not allow for a long time to clean the interior, you will have to constantly recharge the battery and wait. Models with powerful batteries are more expensive, but provide better performance.
  3. Car network at 12 volts. Devices are connected to the cigarette lighter. Such vacuum cleaners are the most common and effective. They can operate at high power. But such devices are capable of discharging the car battery. Therefore, it is better to use them when starting the engine so that the vacuum cleaner receives energy from the generator.

Despite the fact that the battery models of car vacuum cleaners are comfortable and mobile, practical drivers prefer those devices that are powered by the car network. They do not need to be charged, and can also be used anywhere. Or buy the combined devices, where you can switch from battery mode to power from the network, and vice versa.


Trying to determine which vacuum cleaner is better, many rely on equipment. But the fact that the manufacturer offers a huge range of additional accessories does not affect the actual technical characteristics of the universal machine cleaner. Therefore, it is better to select a complete set based on your personal preferences and the tasks that you set for the car vacuum cleaner. If you plan to simply periodically remove minor pollution from the main upholstery, the standard minimum configuration is enough. Replaceable nozzles, devices for penetration into hard-to-reach places can scavenge where standard equipment cannot cope.

For additional accessories have to pay extra. Therefore, carefully consider whether you really will use them, and how relevant or specific elements from the additional equipment will be in your case.

Top vacuum cleaners rating

In compiling the rating, the following main selection criteria were taken into account:

  • reviews of car owners;
  • efficiency;
  • practicality and functionality;
  • quality;
  • reliability;
  • durability.

Rating of vacuum cleaners for cars

All this allowed us to select the best car vacuum cleaners by the end of 2017. Simple motorists left their opinion, and we also listened to the conclusions of specialists. Therefore, in the ranking of the best car vacuum cleaners in 2018 were representatives of the following brands:

  • Aggressor;
  • Philips;
  • Black & Decker;
  • Pininfarin;
  • WAX;
  • Bomann;
  • Berkut.

Now separately we will get acquainted with concrete models of machine vacuum cleaners. This will make it clear what properties, features and advantages they have, and what allowed them to enter the top of the best devices for cars.


Открывает наш топ представитель одного из лучших производителей автомобильных аксессуаров в лице Black & Decker. Их пылесос обладает вместительным сборником для пыли на 560 мл. Комплектуется аппарат несколькими насадками и гибким шлангом, что позволяет осуществлять уборку в труднодоступных местах вашего автомобиля. Это отличное решение для сугубо сухой уборки. Очень удобный в использовании, практичный и надёжный. Все насадки хранятся в корпусе, потому проблем с потерей комплектующих возникать не должно. Некоторые отмечают тот факт, что устройству немного не хватает мощности на сложные процессы уборки. Но если перед вами стоят задачи средней степени сложности, аппарат великолепно справится со своими задачами.


SVC 800

This device from the company Berkut is characterized by the highest build quality among all models represented in the rating. But reliability turns into an impressive enough weight of 2 kilograms. The function of wet cleaning is absent here, but this does not make the vacuum cleaner worse. But the quality of dry cleaning exceeds all expectations. Included is a special shoulder strap with which it becomes much easier to use the device.

But the main reason for hitting the device in the rating was its high power. According to this indicator, he surpassed all competitors. The device consumes 100 watts, but gives 57 watts of suction power. It is connected to the car cigarette lighter with a 2 meter cable. The set provides 3 brushes for different modes and places of cleaning. To check the cleanliness in hard to reach places and remove pollution from there, the manufacturer installed an LED flashlight. With all its objective advantages, the only disadvantage is the high price.

SVC 800


The battery device of the company Bomann, which deservedly hit the rating of the best vacuum cleaners. The device is characterized by high suction power, ahead of many competitors. At the same time, the auto vacuum cleaner remains autonomous, it has a spacious garbage bag and a fine filter. There are no additional options here. It is difficult to call this a disadvantage, since the apparatus performs its main tasks qualitatively. If you take into account the cost of 3000 rubles, then you can’t find anything better for the same money.



Не совсем простое название пылесоса от компании VAX. Но это совершенно не мешает ему демонстрировать великолепные характеристики. Это портативный, мобильный пылесос с небольшим весом и встроенным аккумулятором. Power агрегата составляет 100 Вт, чего в большинстве случаев хватает для уборки салона автомобиля. Один полный заряд обеспечивает полноценную работу в течение 15 минут. Но вам не придётся заряжать и ждать возобновления заряда АКБ, если требуется срочно пропылесосить салон. Для этого производитель предусмотрел возможность подключения аппарата через кабель к автомобильной сети. Несмотря на свои компактные размеры, пылесборник всё равно имеет внушительный объём в 300 мл. В комплекте идёт несколько насадок, расширяющих возможности чистки салона машины. Их не так много, из-за чего некоторые покупатели жалуются на скудную complete set.


If 150

Очень интересная и недорогая разработка от компании Агрессор. Эта модель работает через кабель от прикуривателя автомобиля. Отечественный автопылесос, который мало чем уступает импортным аналогам. Плюс предлагается по более привлекательной цене. У этой модели пользователи отмечают высокое качество сборки, что для такой стоимости очень удивительно. Но факт остаётся фактом. Ручной автопылесос обойдётся вам примерно в 1500 рублей. В этом рейтинге If 150 оказался самым дешёвым, не уступив по другим важным характеристикам. Комплектуется аппарат кабелем длиной 5 метров, что позволяет без проблем пылесосить салон и легко доставать до багажного отсека.

Cyclone filter and 600 ml capacity. provide an opportunity to clean the interior and collect an impressive amount of dirt before cleaning. The kit also comes with several tips. The manufacturer sells its vacuum cleaner along with a handy bag that comes as a bonus. But there is a certain disadvantage. Some users have noted that the device is poorly assembled. There are not many such cases. Most likely, this is due to unsuccessful batches or poor work of those people who were responsible for the assembly. Recently, the facts of poor-quality assembly has become much less.

If 150

PNC VC 100B Turbo

Excellent vacuum cleaner, which is called one of the best among the battery models. Launches his company Pininfarina. The device has an average power rating of 85 watts. The dust collector is calculated on 470 ml. A single battery charge lasts for 18 minutes without interruption. Charging takes 6 hours. But it is not necessary to wait for recharging. The manufacturer has provided the function of connecting to the automotive network. For this, the bundle includes a cable whose length is 4 meters. A useful addition is the presence of a pair of LED lights, necessary for cleaning dust in poorly viewed places. The kit also offers a turbo brush and 4 nozzles of different types. The device can be easily disassembled and cleaned by hand. To build quality there are no complaints. Objective deficiencies could not be found.

PNC VC 100B Turbo


The leader of the rating, who also showed no flaws, but provides owners with a wide range of advantages. This is one of those cases where the big name of the manufacturer fully justifies itself. This device is released by Philips. Although the brand is known, it is not allowed to put the price tag above 3000 rubles. Because the device can not be called very expensive. Manual car vacuum cleaner has a power of 120 watts and a suction capacity of 22 watts. Connect the device to the automotive network using a long cable. The dust collector is calculated on 500 ml. The hose is long and flexible, you can connect to it 4 different nozzles that come in the kit.


Indicators of price and quality are balanced. The assembly is very good, there is a two-stage filtration system. The unit operates from a self-contained battery or on-board network, depending on the situation. The body is made of high quality plastic. Another important point is the design. Appearance does not affect the technical characteristics, but such a stylish and original design leaves few people indifferent.

Before making a final decision, carefully weigh all your requirements, wishes and possibilities. It makes no sense to buy expensive, powerful and multifunctional models, if you just want to periodically collect dust and debris from the surface of the seats. There is enough simple battery model with an average power. And those who regularly do complex cleaning of the cabin, puts them in the trunk, removes dirt from hard-to-reach places, should take productive and multifunctional models with a large set of attachments and the ability to connect to the car network.