Tuning uaz hunter (hunter): an interesting off-road option

UAZ Hunter is a brutal domestic SUV that easily drives through the woods, mud and other off-road conditions. But in the city it is not very stylish to ride, so many Hunter drivers make tuning UAZ Hunter to make this car look more glamorous. If you do certain work, you can make a modest urban jeep out of the harsh conqueror of the marshes, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, because off-road performance is the Hunter's trump card.

UAZ Hunter tuning photo

True, all these transformations will cost a certain amount of money, but there will be no feeling when in a city shopping center you walk in big waders. But on the other hand, each car has its own purpose, and for those who want to improve their UAZ Hunter, you can make tuning, and it will not be very cardinal.

Since this car was produced in Ulyanovsk, a considerable number of offices are spinning near the manufacturing plant, which are engaged in tuning UAZs for various customer needs. Very often, the owners of the UAZ Hunters want the windows on the front doors to open completely, but this will not work because of the design features of Hunter.

Tuning UAZ Hunter with their own hands

Some people want to install tire swapping, but this is also not easy to do, because in Hunter there are bridges “spicer” on which big wheels, which need to be pumped up and blown off quickly, are not installed. But if there is such a need, then a mobile compressor is perfect.

Wheels UAZ Hunter

But this is not convenient enough, as the practice of driving with the impressive Maxxis Bighorn tires shows, the car overcomes some difficult areas perfectly if you reduce the pressure in these tires. For example, if you put a pressure of 0.7 atmospheres at the front and 1.2 atmospheres at the rear, then it is great to overcome deep snow and mud of various depths. These tires are of course quite rare, but they showed themselves well on pokatushki, but after the end of the road, and the car leaves on the asphalt, we have to pump up the wheels with the help of a compressor.

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pumping wheels UAZ Hunter

In this variant of tuning, the bumper canine is successfully made, which fits in with the wing spreader. As for the rear bumper, some lovers of improvements create elements of the car body according to their drawings. In this case, it turned out beautiful and practical bumper, there is a support for the reserve.

Below is a subframe on which the winch is mounted. In this tuning UAZ Hunter (photo further) the winch is both in front and behind, it is a sign that this car will pass anywhere. Everyone knows how the winch helps out when the car gets stuck in a swamp.

Tuning suspension UAZ Hunter

The crankcase cover is cast-iron, and under it is a self-locking differential.

Interior tuning

With regard to heating and air conditioning, the standard system is obsolete, it must be refined. A large box is placed near the front passenger's feet, which heats up well in winter, and cools well in summer.

tuning salon uaz hanter

Interior tuning УАЗ Хантера Also, you need to do it right and you should not overdo it. In this version of tuning it is clear that there are no special differences from the standard version, but this is at first glance. The front panel is changed, laser cutting is used here. The seats are trimmed with real leather, which is of course great, despite the fact that this car is designed for off-road and sorties to hunt. Also in the cabin adorned with a considerable number of light bulbs and toggle switches, which are responsible for various functions, such as winches, etc.

Bumper UAZ Hunter

As for the seats, here they are Toyotovskys, they are distinguished by their functionality and comfort, and if they are folded down, the trunk volume will increase significantly, and they fold well and do not interfere. Such comfortable chairs are not produced at the UAZ manufacturer, and this is not good, it’s necessary to excel. The front seats in this tuned version of Saab Aero, they also have a considerable number of functions and tinctures.

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The owner of this car was not originally going to make a real off-road monster from the UAZ, so the body lift was not carried out here, and the lift is not needed here, because in this case the Ironman suspension with rear springs, front springs and 4 shock absorbers was enough to install 33 '' wheels.

Tuning motor UAZ Hunter

Under the hood tuned UAZ very closely. Under the hood, there are 2 batteries, a ZMZ-514 motor, an air conditioner pump, and a cooling system radiator from GAZ-3102. Also visible are the vertical tanks, which have more area, they make the car more efficient.

Chip tuning UAZ Hunter

The motor is ventilated by an electric fan, which can be controlled manually or automatically. This is true, if the machine overcomes the lake, the fan is better off. Also in this tuned version of the UAZ Hunter is a vacuum clutch booster.

In general, this tuning of the UAZ Hunter is not particularly original, such tuning solutions for the UAZ are quite common. What is good about this UAZ Hunter (tuning) is that it demonstrates the fact that it is possible to make a very powerful and reliable SUV from a domestic car that can overcome forests, mountains and swamps.