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Why in the developed countries of Europe about every fourth house you can see a minibus? They are practical and versatile. Suitable for both work and leisure by a large family or company. Seven or nine places is enough to take relatives and even a dog with you on a long journey. And if you completely transform the interior, there will be enough space to accommodate a large cargo. On the territory of our country, businessmen are accustomed to buying minibuses for business purposes, as well as practical people who want to get along with their personal resources when transporting goods. As a rule, they choose the cargo and passenger version, which allows you to combine business with pleasure.

review of the best minibuses

The best minibuses to buy

Мы составили топ десяти лучших микроавтобусов, список которых позволит вам правильно определиться с выбором.Читать далее о рейтинге лучших микроавтобусов-->

From a practical point of view

The best minibuses in the world today are the Volkswagen Transporter. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the data of the fourth generation cars are particularly famous, they are distinguished by a high level of reliability, the absence of high requirements for operation and fuel quality, as well as a high level of carrying capacity. At the moment, you can buy a car of the sixth generation, which differs from its predecessors with improved technical characteristics, as well as an increased base. Equipped with a turbo diesel and gasoline engine, the volume of which is equal to two liters. However, they are distinguished by the amount of horsepower, which ranges from 84 to 204.

volkswagen transporter minibus

High-performance minibus

Also, these vans are distinguished by three levels of roof height and two wheelbase options. There are passenger, cargo or combined.

There are also special versions of minibuses that are no less reliable than their "brothers", for example, the Caravelle and Multivan models, which are particularly comfortable, which is facilitated by improved trim. The 4Motion model will allow you to have a wonderful time with your family or friends in the secluded corners of untouched nature. It has increased ground clearance and all-wheel drive. Naturally, its permeability is slightly worse than the legendary Transporter Syncro, however, with stony slopes, as well as a diffuse primer, it does everything 100%.

If you are looking for the best minibus that can cope with various tasks in any application, then turn your attention to the Mercedes V-Klasse.

mercedes v-klasse minibus

The best minibus to solve different types of problems

Their model range includes three cars: a luxury V, a passenger or cargo Viano, and a cargo Vito. To your attention a few diesel engines, whose number of horsepower ranges from 88 to 224, and the volume - 1.6 - 3 liters. The same top modifications can be made to order with a gasoline engine, whose number of "horses" will be 258 (dynamics almost like a sports car). Available and four-wheel drive cars that were designed to improve handling on snowy roads. Accordingly, they are not distinguished by a particularly high level of cross-country ability.

Reliable and exclusive car - the main distinguishing characteristics of cars in this series. Exceptionally in the cheapest versions there is a simple upholstery fabric and a rather hard plastic. These are the cars that should be paid attention to when answering the question: “which way to choose an inexpensive and reliable car?”. Note that their build quality is much higher than that of similar vehicles produced by competitive firms.

The rest of the advantages of the above cars should include a simple re-equipment, for example, under a refrigerator, a car workshop or a fast delivery car.

Most capacious

In the ranking of the top 10 among the most capacious, Iveco Daily is the best option for commercial use. The model range includes vehicles whose capacity is up to 26 seats.

iveco daily minibus

Iveco Daily - the best option for commercial use

Iveco Daily cargo minibuses hold up to 3.5 tons, and their body volume is 22 cubic meters. They are distinguished by a particularly high level of reliability, dynamism, technical characteristics, as well as the possibility of re-equipment. Motors of these cars can have a power of up to 205 horsepower with the use of only 10 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Six-speed mechanical or robotic gear boxes.

Note that the company offers cars with all-wheel drive, which is no worse than this SUV Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% There are also onboard options that are cheaper than the rest, but do not differ much convenience while traveling.

ford transit minibus

Well proven Ford Transit

The Ford Transit minibus, which is very popular in different countries of the world, has proven itself in the market. It is offered in two versions: cargo, which is characterized by the ability to accommodate 2.5 tons, and passenger with 12 - 18 seats. Machines are equipped with the most modern electronic systems. There is Internet access. The 12-year guarantee for the absence of corrosion once again confirms the high quality of body painting.

Minibuses are equipped with 2.2-liter engines with a capacity of 100 - 155 horsepower. Pretty economical. Per 100 kilometers use only 7 - 9 liters.

Another advantage is the ease of maintenance and the comparative cheapness of spare parts. It is also worth noting that there are special modifications, among which are: a mobile office, a city route taxi, a tourist car, and so on.

gazelle nekst minibus

Domestic minibus

Meet the novelty of the domestic manufacturer, which, of course, was included in the rating of minibuses - Gazelle NEXT. The passenger version is distinguished by unprecedented comfort, which manufacturers managed to achieve thanks to the installation:

  • Outlets and YUSB in the cabin;
  • seats with integrated head restraints;
  • non-slip upholstery;
  • comfortable handrails;
  • places to install the TV and player.

The power of the motor is 120 to 150 "horses." The gearboxes are automatic, but in the near future we can expect an automated gearbox.

The most unusual minibus

renault avantime minibus

Unusual minibus Renault Avantime

Renault Avantime, which was released in 2003, the developers called the minivan, although critics decided that this car is still a minibus made on the basis of an office on wheels. Convenience of landing provide wide doors that open access to two rows of seats at once. Equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, whose power is about 150 to 207 horsepower.

Internal equipment - royal. For three passengers allocated as much space as in Espace given to 5 passengers. So much space is allocated to these seats, that there is quite possible to place a bed. By the way, during long trips in this interesting minibus you can have a wonderful rest, taking a reclining state, thanks to a special footrest. The interior is trimmed with leather, high-quality plastic, as well as natural wood. The car is equipped with the best electronic systems of 2003.

The best choice

Before buying a car is to determine the purpose of its application. For personal purposes, a minibus with 6 to 9 seats will suffice. In this case, look at the Mercedes Viano. It is worth your attention and Volkswagen Transporter. These are the comfortable cars possessing high quality of furnish. For commercial purposes fit both Iveco Daily and Ford Transit - economical and spacious. Luxury minibuses are the Volkswagen Miltivan, Mercedes V, as well as the original and interesting Renault Avantime. Everything is done in them so that the trips bring the maximum amount of pleasure.