Mercedes will create a competitor vw amarok in our market

Mercedes создаст конкурента VW Amarok на нашем рынке

The developers of the German automaker Mercedes positively praised the pickup from their competitors from Wolfsburg - VW AmarokHowever, along with this, they took this model as a technological challenge to their design skills. The head of Mercedes-Benz saw that in the Russian market of pickups his brand can seriously press Volkswagen Amarok pickupby proposing a better design. The fact that the Mercedes pickup will be steeper than the Volkswagen one, the ambitious Soren Heze, does not doubt a moment.

Mercedes создаст конкурента VW Amarok на нашем рынке

Nissan Navara, on the platform of which the Germans will assemble their new pickup

With the opinion of his central leadership, the head of the Russian branch of Mercedes Rus agrees completely. Here we are sure that the overwhelming majority of Russians just do not have enough Mercedes pickup to feel happy. “Russians love to relax in nature, fish and hunt,” the Germans say, “we will offer them a new pickup truck that will satisfy their most intimate needs.” However, the Germans are not so far from Russian problems, as it may seem after such a statement, the main problem that they, nevertheless, set themselves before is to make the new car as affordable as possible for a wide range of Russians affected by the effects of the economic crisis and foreign economic problems. sanctions.

Mercedes создаст конкурента VW Amarok на нашем рынке

VW Amarok

Build your new pickup "mersedesovtsy" going on the platform of the Japanese Nissan Navara. There is still nothing definitive, but the initial equipment of the new pickup will have a turbocharged 2.3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 190 horses under the hood, exactly the same is installed today on light trucks of the Renault-Nissan concern. The basic modification of the new pickup from Mercedes-wheel drive in stock will not. The 4x4 drive will be available in it only as an option additionally paid.

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Well, the coolest equipment in the line of the new German pickup will be equipped with a 250-horsepower turbodiesel. It will be a four-wheel drive version, and the “technological kit” of this truck will be no worse than that of all premium off-road vehicles of this brand. Accordingly, the price tags on the top configuration of the new pickup will not be small. Although the basic version, for sure, will not cost less than two million Russian wooden rubles. This is the Germans ... Mercedes создаст конкурента VW Amarok на нашем рынке The Germans officially will be showing the whole world a new Mercedes pickup truck, most likely at the October Motor Show, which will be held in the French capital. A model for serial assembly will go no earlier than next year. Therefore, lovers of German SUVs will have to wait, before the new pickup goes into series at home, in Russia it will not appear.

The Germans tentatively orient us to the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018. Those who think that they will see only the turned Nissan Navara in a new pickup truck are greatly mistaken, said the head of Mercedes-Benz, “these will be completely different cars.