Chinese crossovers in russia appear every year

In our country, Chinese cars are not uncommon. Firstly, many companies have large dealer networks here. Secondly, clubs of fans of the Chinese cars actively develop. And thirdly, every day, the transport that is produced in this country is becoming better.

And at a price below 600 thousand rubles, such a proposal becomes interesting for many Russian families. A good crossover-SUV with decent performance and a roomy trunk is a dream of many. If you do not plan to go somewhere in Siberia through the swamps, then Chinese cars are not so bad.

new chinese crossovers

For a city, Chery, FAW Besturn X80 or Changan are good workhorses. Fuel is not burned too much, handling is quite adequate. And if this is not the basic equipment, then you may be quite a good crossover for your money. A kind of car from the category of price-quality.

Russia and Ukraine are the two main markets for foreign trade of Chinese auto manufacturers. It is on the countries of the former USSR and Latin America that their marketers view is directed. Now, Chinese crossovers in Ukraine, or the Russian Federation - a common phenomenon.

К слову, за последние несколько лет, сеть дилерских представительств так разрослась, что Chinese crossovers in Russia можно купить практически в любом городе, не говоря уже о столице. Здесь есть и региональные центры. Почти все крупные автозаводы Китая имеют официальное представительство на территории РФ и успешно реализуют свою продукцию.

Geely MK Cross

Moreover, some manufacturers collect cars right in Russia. This is reflected in their value in a positive way. For example, the Geely MK Cross crossover popular in Russia is going to Cherkessk. With spare parts, too, there are no problems. They are supplied regularly and in sufficient quantities to fully provide the Russian market with everything necessary. Work service centers and shops in most major cities. And if you live in the outback, you can order delivery by mail, or courier services.

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For the past 2013 alone, the Russians purchased 400,000 Chinese-made cars in various networks. These are only new Chinese cars of 2013 of release. Just think about this figure - half a million cars, which many people say with a smile, were sold in one year. And if you consider that many companies, such as Cherie and Gili, have been operating in Russia for many years, you can imagine the total turnover of the Chinese automotive industry in our country.

new cheri tiggo

The sophisticated metropolitan buyer, of course, is more cautious about such purchases. However, Chinese crossovers in Moscow can be found. And here nobody is surprised. Just no one thinks that these are SUVs. They are perceived as urban cars. The owners of the Chinese crossovers of the 2014 model year do not complain, they believe that the cars of their money are worth and serve regularly.

Moscow drivers usually choose something average in price, quality and appearance. Yes, there is a separate category - a fan club for Chinese cars, and it is very large in the country. There is he in Moscow. The club has its own websites and forums where people discuss new products, share impressions of purchases and give tips on repair and maintenance. By the way, then on the photo is the famous Chinese-Belarusian crossover Gili Emgrand X7:

Geely Emgrand X7

Any Chinese crossover and SUV that the manufacturer would not write about it, getting to Russia becomes a SUV. Because in our country, only a tracked tractor or an air cushion vehicle can be considered an SUV. Machines from Japan and the United States do not always cope with our roads.

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And Chinese crossovers, most of which come with front-wheel drive, are generally not suitable for Russian off-road. Therefore, you will not encounter any Great Wall stuck in the mud under Tver. People perfectly understand the purpose of these cars and quite successfully exploit them in the city.

Chinese crossovers in Russia

Haval H6, which has become the best-selling in China, is also a frequent guest for Russia. The car is quite interesting, high-quality, although it is also far from the concept of “SUV”, which is actively repeated in advertisements. This is a very good city car, with a good interior, high-quality electronics and a 150 hp engine. At the same time, his fuel consumption is not big at all - 7 liters per 100 km.

Another interesting sample - Haima S7. For the first time this new Chinese crossover was shown to the public in 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car received a gasoline engine of 2 liters. and a power of 150 hp, comes with front-wheel drive, and looks quite modern. This car was waited in Russia with interest, but so far only the preliminary price of this Chinese crossover is known - from 505 thousand rubles.

buy Chinese crossover in Moscow

In China, sales have already begun. According to the latest data, a car with a somewhat “trimmed” engine will get into Russia. 136 hp instead of 150. The Chinese promise to even bring us a four-wheel drive version of this car.

Пока не сообщается, когда можно будет buy Chinese crossover in Moscow. Но о таких планах говорилось не раз. Кстати, далее нас ждет видео-обзор китайского кроссовера Haima S7: