Ford mondeo 2014: a real sports bully

The next, fifth, generation of the Ford Mondeo received from the creators sports features like the Range Rover Sport 2014, which can be called quite unexpected, since previous generations of the model looked like “handsome beauties” Despite the changes, the designers were able to prevent the appearance of any extra or annoying strokes. It can be assumed that, while working on the exterior, the designers took the Ford Evos concept, presented a few years ago, as a model.

Appearance Ford Mondeo 2014

Ford Mondeo 2014

Ford Mondeo 2014 some resemblance to Aston Martin models gives the shape of a massive grille, divided by the original “lip” bumper.

It is impossible to ignore and squint headlights with a piercing "look", which is organically emphasized by fog. The headlights have exclusively LED stuffing, which is available in adaptive high-beam bulbs, direction indicators, running lights. The hood has sharp extruded edges, which gives the auto the appearance of a “muscle car”. This is emphasized by the shape of the front wings and the courageous arches of the wheels. The massive hood creates the illusion that there is a powerful three-liter engine underneath. Ford Mondeo 2014 photo gives you the opportunity to consider all these interesting details.

On the sides of the Ford Mondeo there are longitudinal ribs, the subwindow line of the body is high, the wheel arches are large with the correct circumference. The rear bumper looks powerful, in perfect harmony with the rest of the look.

Dimensions of the new Ford Mondeo

The car has become somewhat larger compared with other generations. At the same time, the wheelbase remained the same - 2,850 millimeters. The length of the new car is 4,870 millimeters, height - 1,852 millimeters, width - 1,476 millimeters. It is possible to install the wheels from 16 to 19 radius.

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Mondeo will be produced in three body types: hatchback, sedan, wagon. The volume of the trunk of a petrol or diesel sedan is 453 liters, while a hybrid car has a trunk with a capacity of 340 liters.

новый Ford Mondeo 2014

Interior Ford Mondeo 2014

And here you can safely say that the interior has changed for the better. Salon collected qualitatively using the best finishing materials. Three-spoke steering wheel equipped with an abundance of buttons, cruise control, multimedia system, built-in phone. The front panel was decorated with high-quality plastic, natural leather, aluminum inserts. And, again, the photos of Ford Mondeo give an optimal idea about this.

Ford Mondeo 2014 цена

In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with eight airbags, heated front seats and steering wheel, climate control system. It is possible to order an innovative cruise control system, leather interior, a system for tracking blind spots and some other devices that have almost become mandatory for most.

Ford Mondeo 2014 engine

New Ford Mondeo 2014 equipped with several power units. The main engines were gasoline units EcoBoost (working volume of 1.6, 2 and 2.4 liters, power 160, 200, 240 horsepower). There are also diesel units. In full accordance with current trends, a hybrid installation is also provided: a combination of a 2-liter gasoline unit and an electric motor that runs on lithium-ion batteries. The total power of the hybrid is 188 horsepower.

Ford Mondeo 2014 фото

The model is equipped with MacPherson racks, and behind it is a multi-link suspension. Especially for Ford Mondeo developed a new electric power steering. In addition, it has a new generation of seat belts for the rear passengers. At the time of the accident belts are filled with air, reducing the load on the body of a person.

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Price Ford Mondeo 2014 in Russia is still unknown. And in the US, it starts at $ 21,700 and ends at $ 27,200, depending on the configuration.