Five-thousand ford fiesta got off the russian assembly line

С российского конвейера сошел пятитысячный Форд Фиеста The Ford Sollers Naberezhno-Chelninsky automobile plant, which is currently collecting the most affordable Fords in Russia, has already released more than five thousand copies of the Fiesta. For the modern car market, paralyzed by the automobile crisis, this number can be called the “jubilee” one. The five-thousand "graduate" of the conveyor was a sedan, having a complete set of Titanium and the color with the official name Copper Pulse, and in the opinion of a simple man in the street - just brown. Sedans of this configuration have under the hood of a 105-powerful gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters. A six-speed PowerShift machine is attached to the engine. This version without any special discounts will cost the buyer 784 kilo-ship, more precisely, from this amount. Ford Fiesta the same configuration, but in the back of a hatchback costs ten thousand rubles more. С российского конвейера сошел пятитысячный Форд Фиеста Ford Fiestapresented on our car market, has only two body options: a sedan and a hatchback. The sedan is available in four trim levels, and the hatchback is only in three. Basic equipment Fiesta sedan equipped with a 85-horsepower engine that works with a manual transmission. You can buy such a car, having in stock 522 thousand wooden ones.

The hatchback line of such a motor is deprived, it presents cars that have 105 or 120 horses under the hood. These motors work in pair either with a mechanical transmission or with an automatic one. Start price of fiesta from 637 thousand rubles. С российского конвейера сошел пятитысячный Форд Фиеста Car Ford Fiesta It has been tested for a long time in order to choose the most suitable equipment for the Russian conditions of use. As a result, its clearance was significantly increased, the engine was certified for use of ninety-second gasoline, and especially for cold weather, a so-called "winter" package was added as an additional option. Fiesta today has a potential that will not allow it to significantly increase in value, even if the dollar rate accelerates its breakaway from Russian wooden money. The whole thing is localized production, the percentage of which manufacturers are going to bring up to hundreds, i.e. not only fully assemble the car in Russian capacities, but also produce its components. С российского конвейера сошел пятитысячный Форд Фиеста Today is plastic Ford Fiesta detailsand are already being done in our country. In addition, just a month ago, the local production of 1.6-liter gasoline engines began specifically for equipping this particular car model.

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