New touareg 2017 will be released soon enough

All the technical features of the new Touareg 2017 are already known, appearance is also not a secret, the future configurations and even the cost are announced. Therefore, motorists can only expect the official premiere, which is scheduled for the second half of 2017, and then the appearance of new items in car shows.

touareg 2017

On the eve of this event, a new concept was traditionally introduced, which may be as close as possible to the new Touareg - the T-Prime Concept GTE. Most likely, it was not by chance that the model was presented at the Beijing Auto Show. The steadily growing Asian market attracts the attention of a large number of eminent automotive companies.

Volkswagen's ambitions are very high, so the new Touareg 2017 will be presented in the premium category. The company decided that it will be built on the same platform as Porsche, Audi and Bentley Bentayga.

MLB Platform - Volkswagen Group Strategy

The first car presented on the MLB (Modular Longitudinal Matrix) with a longitudinal engine was the Audi A5 in 2007. Since then, the platform has been constantly improved. It was released more than 10 different models, including A4, A8, A7, A6, Porsche Macan, the second generation Audi Q7. Until 2015, MLB used only two brands - Audi and Porsche.

vw touareg 2017

However, in early 2016, an event occurred that marked the beginning of a new round of development for the Volkswagen Group. Exclusively and specifically for the Chinese market was created luxury sedan Phideon MLB, which replaced the Phaeton. It is possible that such a reorientation of the market is connected with the problems that have arisen in the North American market in 2015 due to the manipulation of relatively harmful exhaust from diesel engines. However, the novelty was accepted very kindly.

The modular longitudinal matrix, also used on the new Touareg, will allow you to create cars of any size, with different configurations of power units (gas, gasoline, diesel) and transmissions. It will not be possible to change the location of the front axle, the pedal assembly and the angle of inclination of the windscreen. According to foreign experts, VW returns to the classic conveyor, but only in an innovative form. Any car will be created 30% faster.

Power unit

На российский рынок Фольксваген Tuareg 2017 «заедет», оснащенный шестицилиндровыми бензиновыми и дизельными агрегатами. Вместе с ними будет установлена восьмиступенчатая автоматическая коробка, обеспечивающая работу также и полного привода.

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Фольксваген Tuareg 2017 engine

The Touareg 2017 in the basic configuration has a gasoline unit with a capacity of 3.6 liters and 249 power. The car will be able to reach a maximum speed of 220 km / h. 8.4 seconds will be enough for the speedometer to indicate 100 km / h. Consumption (which is important) will not be more than 10.9 liters in mixed mode.

And what does the beloved environmentally harmful diesel unit from the Volkswagen Group demonstrate? One of the two engines loses the gasoline power of 45 horses, but it will accelerate the longest in 0.1 seconds. Agree, this is a very decent indicator. Fuel consumption per 100 km of track in the mixed mode will be only 7.5 liters. The maximum speed of 206 km / h.

Но вот второй турбодизель в 245 лошадиных сил на Tuareg 2017 демонстрирует высокую динамику и лучшие показатели экономичности. Максимальная скорость 220 км/ч. 7,6 литра топлива в смешанном цикле езды, и главное, разгон до 100 км/ч всего за 7,7 секунды. Крутящий момент у этого мотора самый быстрый – он составляет 550 Нм против 360 Нм и 400 Нм соответственно у бензинового и дизельного силовых агрегатов.

Present in the Volkswagen Touareg 2017 hybrid plug-in hybrid installation, the same as the Q7. Coupled with a TDI-diesel power of 258 hp. 94 kW electric motor will be installed, providing overcoming a distance of 54 km. The combined recoil, according to the calculations of engineers, suggests to be 381 hp with a torque of 700 Nm.

Body - he is new

The new Volkswagen Touareg 2017 of the third generation will have solid dimensions. The length of this car is more than 5 meters with a width of exactly two meters and a height of 1708 mm. For the driver and passengers, internal comfort is guaranteed.

Новый Tuareg 2017

The same can be said about the free space intended for cargo placement. The dimensions of the luggage compartment are 520 liters with the seats folded out, and 1642 when folded.

In the manufacture of the new platform and the main body elements, the manufacturer uses extremely strong lightweight steel and special aluminum alloys, which significantly reduce the overall weight of the new Volkswagen Tuareg, as well as give additional body rigidity.

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In terms of visual innovations, LED-lights in the front and rear lights appeared, and their shape also changed. Has changed the front bumper, which housed fog and air intake. It is assumed that no more significant changes will occur.


Заметить существенные изменения внутри новой модели Tuareg 2017, увы, не удастся, однако этого и не требуется. Салон будет отделан более качественными материалами – изготовители учли замечания автолюбителей. По расположению – основные и дополнительные элементы останутся на своих местах, так же, как и в последней выпущенной версии.

New Touareg

The number of aluminum and wooden elements in the interior trim will be increased, it is planned to use Italian leather, finished using special technology Bonanza Braun. On the polished wood of the Sapelli Mahagoni breed you can see a special inlay. Each item will display a luxury style. The salon will be made in a monotone range of two-component upholstery "Saint Tropez".

The navigation system has changed, and the touch screen has become 12 inches. More multifunctional will be the steering wheel. The three-spoke steering wheel is equipped with touch-sensitive control panels. The tunnel will accommodate a 9.6 inch contact screen, and 10 inch tablets will be installed on each front seat on the back side.

The work of a two-zone climate control has been improved. As an option, you can order the air conditioner in four zones.

Offers for every taste and wallet

Designers VW Touareg 2017 created not only the most comfortable and safe car. They provided an opportunity to choose a suitable option and expand it with options and additional equipment.

Tuareg 2017

If necessary, you can pay, and on your car will install a recycling system at the entrance to the tunnel. It will work in automatic mode under the control of a smart processor. Not only the panoramic roof, but also all-round cameras will help to broaden the horizons. You can also increase the degree of safety when driving by ordering a complex of monitoring for dead zones (Side Assist) and cross traffic, as well as an electronic assistant for re-lining.

Smart Easy Open will be able to open the trunk with a flick of your foot if your hands are busy. For opening the door meets the system Keyless Access. To implement this operation, there is no need to get the key out of the pocket - the doors will open automatically when the key carrier approaches.

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Volkswagen touareg 2017

Off-road performance and safety

Has the German concern managed not to forget about the off-road qualities of the new Volkswagen Touareg 2017? Skeptics question the adequacy of the clearance of 201 mm, but it can be increased by air suspension to 300 mm and, if necessary, reduced by 140 mm

Use is possible in three modes. The most comfortable - automatic. It allows you to increase or decrease the clearance, depending on the speed of the car and the quality of the road surface during the ride. The manufacturer provides a guarantee on the performance of the air suspension for the entire life of the vehicle.

There is also a 4XMotion all-wheel drive, but it will be adapted to the new automatic gearbox. The brake system is improved, changes are made to the steering mechanism - a new power steering is installed.

Tuareg 2017

The exterior of the third generation Touareg will be decorated and aluminum wheels will increase the permeability. They are offered in two sizes: 18 inches - “Arica” and 20– “Masafi”.

Four types of airbags will be installed in the passenger compartment: frontal for the driver and a nearby passenger (with the possibility of deactivation), knee for the driver, side and front for rear passengers. Crash tests of previous generations showed excellent body strength and a well-thought-out internal safety system for passengers.

The most pressing question is when will the new Tuareg be released in Russia? The exact date has not yet been determined. Everything will depend on the economic expediency and actions of competing automotive companies. The new Touareg 2017, even before the official presentation, is in the highest innovation and technology segment. And, apparently, will be in it for a long time after the start of sales.

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