The highest quality polishes "liquid glass"



Car owners who truly care about their “iron horse” pay attention not only to its technical side, which guarantees reliable and durable functioning. Those who care not only for the inside, but also for the appearance of the car, should choose an exceptionally high-quality polish, which, with the help of the owner, will help return almost the primary bright shade to any car. A good drug that is not able to spoil the paintwork is quite difficult to choose. To do this, you should know the chemical composition of such funds. Consider the most used substances that have proven their suitability and functionality.

Before and after applying the polish

Varieties of modern polishes

In the Russian market, you can buy absolutely any means for polishing a car, each of these substances in its composition falls into one of three categories, a polish can be synthetic, wax or abrasive. Such a class as synthetic is conventionally divided into several subcategories: silicone, refining, and polymeric.

Читать далее о том, как выбрать полироль «жидкое стекло»-->Человеку, который не планирует обращаться в сервисный центр и хочет вернуть автомобилю его первоначальный блеск, лучше всего попробовать синтетическое вещество, точнее, полироль класса очистителя-восстановителя. Именно это средство способно быстро и эффективно, с помощью входящих в его состав мелких абразивных частиц и различных химических компонентов, обновить внешнее лакокрасочное покрытие. Стоит отметить, что по сравнению с другими средствами, это вещество имеет гарантированный результат, на кузов авто будет нанесена восстановительная полироль, оказывающая хорошее очищающее воздействие.

Polish type liquid glass with ease will save the car from all the scuffs that arise during its daily operation, shallow scratches and chips, as well as bright spots, eats into the paint. In addition, this tool can perfectly cope even with oxidized paint. Today, in almost any auto shop you can find a great variety of both reducing and purifying substances, the most important thing here is to choose the most suitable means for the buyer in all respects.

However, any restorative synthetic polish has its drawbacks. To use such a tool can only be used in conjunction with another protective polish, otherwise all the updated elements of the body simply fade after only 2-3 weeks.

Choosing the "right" polish

Preparations, in the name of which, one way or another, the phrase “liquid glass” slips, consist mainly of silicates of such chemical elements as potassium and sodium. In other words, they are similar in structure to silicate glue. However, such a tool can easily become soaked when moisture gets on it; therefore, many additives are added to it that directly affect the quality of the solution. First of all, going to buy a polish of this class, you should decide on the color. All Japanese manufacturers separate the manufactured materials separately for cars of dark or light color, the difference lies in the refraction of light.

Applying polishes

Before using the substance, you should carefully read all the conditions indicated on the box. Some polishes may have a warranty period of several years. However, as practice shows, in the conditions of Russian roads, even with proper and regular maintenance, the life of the polish can be extended a maximum of 1.5-2 years. By the way, the drug can protect the machine even after the loss of the original luster, because its quality depends only on the number of washes, ordinary detergents greatly reduce the functionality of polishes. The owner of the car, who wants to drive a beautiful, updated car for a long time, will have to avoid washing preparations with different abrasive additives, which lead to the complete disappearance of the polishing result in just 6–7 washes.

The best polishes like "liquid glass"

Despite the fact that in the Russian market you can find a lot of various protective substances that help to return the car to the original gloss, we’ll dwell only on the three most popular polishes produced by well-known foreign manufacturers. Substances such as Pika Rain Diamond, Willson, and Sonax have proven their worth more than once. In addition to the guaranteed impact, the buyer receives, in combination with the means, a specialized kit that promotes the application of polishes to the car body, most often the preparations are completed with a cloth for grinding and a special cleaner with degreasing properties.

Pika Rain Diamond

The first tool - Pika Rain Diamond - will help the car owner to give the car a presentable look in the case when the car body has undergone various kinds of repair work. Pika Rain Diamond is a liquid glass polish made in Japan. The preparation is completed with two means, one of which is directly the liquid glass itself, and the second is the conditioner-fixer, which must be applied to the machine only 2–3 weeks after using the polish.

Pika Rain Diamond

If the owner of the car himself is going to treat the surface, he should remember that after the procedure, the vehicle should not get under rain for 24 hours, which is why it is better to carry out this procedure in a spacious, ventilated, but closed box or garage. After the correct manipulations, the car will acquire not only a rich color, but also a new mirror shine, but it will not work to wash the car in the next two weeks.

The protective glassy film that appears on the body will reliably withstand both the ingress of ultraviolet rays and various mechanical effects. Aggressive factors affecting a car during operation will no longer be able to inflict visible damage on it. In addition, Pika Rain Diamond nano-coating cannot be washed off with any chemical shampoo, acid, alkali, oil, or other road reagent. The machine will find a barely noticeable protective ampoule, opposing the effects of road grains and dirt.

Body Glass Guard

The second protective polish, provided by Willson, as well as Pika Rain Diamond, is able to provide reliable protection to the paintwork of the car and its body. In this case, the natural color will be preserved, which after processing will acquire saturation and bright luster. The substance forms a special coating on the surface of the machine, which has antistatic and water-repellent properties. With this drug, you can prevent the appearance of various stains and protect the car from shallow scratches and mechanical washers.

Body Glass Guard

Manufacturer Willson assures that the substance they produce covers the car with a strong thick layer, which is almost 2 times more than any other layer, on a wax basis. "Liquid glass" Body Glass Guard is able to prevent chemical exposure, environmental influences, stains and scratches from brushes on automatic car washes.

The protective function of the Body Glass Guard polish is able to manifest itself for one year, its water- and dirt-repellent properties, as well as its primary brilliance, will be maintained for six months.

In the complete set of substances are provided: applicator that promotes the application of funds; cotton towel, for rubbing; a small microfiber towel, due to which polishing becomes simple and comfortable; polyethylene glove that protects the skin of the hands; and 2 composition.


Another polish is recognized by Russian consumers. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% as one of the best - is the substance of the company SONAX. A protective film of this type can be applied to add shine to any color lacquer, including the color "metallic". Also, like all other means, this “liquid glass” is able to perfectly refresh the paintwork of the body and give the aging car a primary shine. Pigment Sonax is able not only to hide small scratches, but also to make them for a long time simply invisible.


The preparation contains Carnauba wax, thanks to which the protective film retains its properties for a long time, rejection of road dust, dirt and water occurs, due to which the car is polluted more slowly, the number of washes is significantly reduced.


Whatever polish has been chosen by a motorist, you should remember the minimum safety rules that everyone should follow. Any modern nanopolisol is a chemical substance that should not be used in open sunlight (on hot days) when the paintwork is very hot. Do not apply a protective film on the glass, as well as products from plastic and rubber. Surface treatment should be carried out only in small areas so that the substance does not have time to harden. The drug must be protected from severe frosts, and most importantly - do not let children play with it.