Volkswagen touareg 2015: what did restyling lead to?

Currently, the model of the famous German brand Volkswagen Touareg is one of the most sought after in the world. Actually, this car has already taken such a position in the global market since its inception.

Volkswagen Touareg 2015

Russian dealerships are now offering to buy this second generation crossover, which was demonstrated to the public in 2010 in Munich. But not so long ago, an updated car appeared on the European market. Volkswagen Touareg 2015 of the year.

About the exterior design of the German crossover

It should be emphasized that the model after restyling has acquired a slightly different look, which European consumers have already been able to evaluate. But the technical and dynamic characteristics remained almost unchanged. True, recently the developers and designers of the German concern revealed some secrets of their work. They explained that they were striving, above all, to create a new, attractive car design. In their opinion, such a “fresh” model will attract the maximum number of consumers.

The restyled version of the Tuareg, like the previous ones, was designed based on a platform that is also used in the legendary Porsche. Dimensions of the new items are the same as those of its predecessors. As for the ground clearance of a popular car as standard, it was 220 mm. Not changed the distance between the wheel axles. Increased ground clearance can boast the version of the "German" with air suspension. Ground clearance can reach 300 mm.

New Volkswagen Touareg 2015 года

Volkswagen Touareg 2015: photo news

But the front part has been greatly modified by the designers of the manufacturer. Particularly impressive is the upgraded head optics. Attention of potential consumers can immediately attract large headlights. It is also noteworthy that even the basic version of the restyled crossover boasts bi-xenon headlights. As for the main optics, it is made in the form of a rectangle. The LED strip of daytime running lights is also impressive.

Some changes were made to the grille of the updated crossover. Now it is decorated with a large number of original horizontal chrome strips. Of course, this made the car even more impressive. It seems that Volkswagen engineers decided to change the front bumper of the crossover. Now, fans of this car brand can see the air intake of three sections. It is made in the interesting form of the letter A. There is a new car and a front spoiler. By the way, it carries not only aesthetic, but also functional load. Spoiler significantly improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

The exterior of the restyled Volkswagen Touareg is now shaped by a more sloping hood and original wheel arches, which are drawn with compasses. They have perfect shape. In the side parts of the crossover, you can see a slight depression. Some changes also affected the appearance of the rear bumper. The presence of a new diffuser between the exhaust nozzles somewhat changes the appearance of the crossover bumper.

Appearance Volkswagen Touareg 2015

If we consider the individual parts of the body, it is unlikely to find any changes. This is the main feature of the Volkswagen Touareg restyling. The combination of the changes somewhat refreshes the image of the much-loved German crossover. Potential consumers will not see the familiar Volkswagen Touareg in the restyled version. But belonging to the famous German brand has not disappeared anywhere. So fans of the brand should not be frustrated.

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What's new in the interior?

Restyling touched and clearance of the car. True, the changes here were very minor. The classic interior of a Volkswagen car has always been considered a reference. But he could not be interested in young people because of the extreme "dryness" and conciseness of the lines. Therefore, in the updated crossover designers of the corporation decided to move somewhat away from this pensioner and attract younger consumers.

The extended range of colors of interior finishing materials somewhat saves the day. In addition, it was possible to significantly improve the quality of materials used. Although the elements on the center console did not change their location. Saved the optimal shape and size of all buttons.

It seems that the observance of the driver's seat ergonomics remained the main goal of the developers of the German concern Volkswagen. Surely many consumers will appreciate the "steering wheel", which simultaneously performs several useful functions. You can control your phone or modern multimedia system. And all this without stepping off the wheel! Also, the buttons responsible for controlling the car gearbox are displayed on it.

The classic dashboard is equipped with a multimedia system with a huge touch screen. Pleases the presence of a proprietary climate system. If in the previous model, the backlight of the controls was red, then now it has been replaced by white instrument lighting.

Salon Volkswagen Touareg 2015

If desired, the buyer crossover Фольксваген Tuareg 2015 can choose the material for the manufacture of front seats. True, such an order must be paid separately. Car seats are equipped with an electric or mechanical adjustment system. It all depends on the configuration. But in any case, chairs can be in 12 different positions. This will allow the driver and passengers to achieve maximum comfort during the ride.

Power units new items

The engine range for the Tuareg has also undergone some changes. Now potential car owners are given the opportunity to choose one option from three diesel and three gasoline. Actually you can prefer a crossover with a hybrid power plant.

The basic option is the power unit, generating 249 horsepower. The fuel consumption of such a motor does not exceed 11 liters per hundred kilometers. Another gasoline engine is more elastic. Its capacity is 280 "horses." Well, the top-end version of the petrol 4.2-liter engine can develop up to 360 horsepower. And with such considerable power, fuel consumption still does not exceed 12 liters.

As for diesel units, depending on the version, they generate 204, 262 and 340 "horses". It is worth noting that an SUV equipped with a flagship turbodiesel engine can accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in 5.8 seconds. In general, some motorists prefer cars mainly with diesel engines, as they are very unpretentious to the quality of diesel fuel.

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The hybrid powerplant for the restyled car is a tandem of a three-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. The total capacity of the installation is 380 horsepower.

It is known that the power units are composed of an 8-speed automatic transmission. The crossover boasts two options for all-wheel drive.

Car Volkswagen Touareg 2015 model year

How does the Volkswagen Touareg behave on the road?

Experts who have already been fortunate enough to go behind the wheel of an updated car, note a few nuances that immediately catch the eye while driving. For example, impressive dimensions of the car are felt. The multimedia system of the top-end version of the car turns out to be not perfect at all. Automotive experts point out some flaws compared to more “advanced” competitors.

As for the improved materials of the interior of the crossover, they clearly do not reach the level of more expensive BMW X5 or Mercedes-Benz ML. Dynamic indicators of the top-end version of cars turned out to be more significant on paper than in reality. But on the level road, the Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI behaves just great.

After several tests, experts concluded that the Volkswagen Touareg 2015 in the V6 TDI version is more suitable for regular city trips. Under the conditions of a serious offroad, this car showed its best performance. Here, the driver comes to useful electronic assistants, which seem to control each wheel separately. In general, it can be said that this car has excellent dynamic characteristics.

Of course, it is also gratifying that this version of the crossover can optionally be equipped with air suspension and an off-road equipment package.

The body of the Volkswagen Touareg 2015

Фольксваген Tuareg 2015 фото

Volkswagen Touareg 2015 in different trim levels

New Volkswagen Touareg 2015 standard boasts fog and bi-xenon dipped headlights, rear LED lights. Sensor detection driver fatigue, modern audio system with 8 speakers. So lovers of listening to music on the way should appreciate the high quality of the sound.

Adjustable backrest, dual-zone climate control, electric heated mirrors - all this is not a complete list of the advantages of the simplest version of the restyled Tuareg. Its side windows are equipped with electric windows. Also available 6 airbags and power steering. By the way, the steering column is adjustable in depth and height. Important for potential buyers will be the presence of built-in light and rain sensors. The standard version of the car could not do without the installed parking sensors with rear-view camera and central locking with a convenient remote control.

A more “advanced” version of the updated Volkswagen Touareg received a set of nineteen-inch alloy wheels (the basic version - 17-inch), LED daytime running lights. Looks very interesting background LED interior lighting. Other advantages of this version of the car include: headlights with cornering light function, inlays in natural wood interior, electric front seats with memory, leather-trimmed seats, rear side airbags, electric steering wheel adjustment, keyless entry system, engine start just one button, four-zone climate control.

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Volkswagen Touareg 2015 R-Line дизайн

Impressive and modern system with a lot of multimedia features, built-in navigator and video player. There is also a whole system of rear-view cameras, which give a great all-round view. The system of adaptive cruise control involves automatic braking to a complete stop in the event of such a need. Obviously will please the future owners and such pleasant things as opening the trunk with a flick of a leg under the rear bumper and parking assistant. And of course, one cannot get away from the stylish and rich interior design using decorative elements made of aluminum, wood and natural leather. Perhaps a combination of different materials.

Crossover after restyling: pros and cons

Summarizing, we can identify the main positive and negative sides of the German SUV after restyling. In principle, there was no significant difference between the new generation of the crossover and previous models. It is unlikely that the owners of earlier versions headlong rush to change their cars on the crossover with a more "fresh" design. However, fans of the brand is not affected. They are definitely true collectors will seek to purchase a new version of the car.

A rather high cost can actually scare off potential buyers. A car standard with an entry-level engine will cost consumers 2 million rubles. And for Фольксваген Tuareg 2015 цена This is the initial. Accordingly, a more complete "German" will cost even more. About four million rubles will have to give fans of the brand for the top version of the popular crossover.

True, the cost can be considered almost the only drawback restyled car. The advantages can be attributed to a spectacular and solid appearance, a high degree of reliability, a fairly comfortable ride, quite decent off-road qualities. All this allows us to consider the restyling of the German Volkswagen Touareg crossover is very successful.

Russian lovers of German cars will be able to purchase an updated crossover only in April next year. True, there are also more optimistic forecasts, according to which a new product from a German manufacturer will appear on the domestic market already this year.

Introductory video about the new Volkswagen Touareg: