Japanese pickup toyota tundra is distinguished by its huge

And now we'll talk about the Toyota Tundra pickup. She has a great appearance, the engine is also good - V8, the name is excellent - Tundra, you can fall in love with this car, which weighs only 2.5 tons. As for the dimensions of this car, the length of the Toyota Tundra is 5809 mm, width - 2029 mm, and height - 1935 mm.

Toyota Tundra

Yes, this car is very cumbersome, because it is huge, and at the same time you feel safe, even when traveling to the oncoming lane. Behind the wheel of this car there is no one to be afraid except Kamaz.

As for the cabin, it is spacious here, the rear passengers have a lot of space, despite the huge luggage compartment.

toyota tundra 2014

Specifications and fuel consumption for Toyota Tundra

If you press the gas pedal to the floor, then a powerful V8 engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters and a capacity of 380 horsepower will consume 60 liters per 100 km. The car has an ABS system, which is very helpful and prevents skids. Toyota Tundra accelerates to 100 km / h in 7 seconds, and this is a very good result for a car with a huge and roomy body. Load capacity at Toyota Tundra - 705 kg.

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Very cool is also the fact that when you go quietly, the computer stops feeding fuel to half the cylinders, thanks to which the consumption of gasoline drops to 20 liters per hundred. So, Japanese cars can also be attributed to the economic.

It is also very pleasant that in this car there is a permanent rear-wheel drive, and the front one can be connected using a button, which is why it is possible to mount it. If the car did not have a button for turning off the exchange rate stabilization and traction control and traction control, it would not be interesting at all and the Toyota Tundra would be a dull car, and since it is there, everything is fine.

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Toyota Tundra

Interior Toyota Tundra

Usually, the Toyota Tundra was not very pleased with its interior, everything was quite simple in the cabin, but in the new version of the Tundra of the 2014 model year everything became different. Now the front panel has been subjected to global change. The instrument panel, the center console, the steering wheel became different, and the ventilation nozzles became round. The interior of the Tundra is very similar to the interior of the new Range Rover Sport.

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Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck, and pickups are not very different in beauty, but still it is worth noting that Toyota did manage to make a good pickup truck. Great car and it costs a paltry 2 million rubles, so it makes sense to buy one, or go into tuning the VAZ 2106, but then there will not be a large and roomy trunk, but this is also a good thing, because the six in good hands can work wonders.

By the way, the Tundra has a competitor - the Ford F150, which is 6 times better sold in America than the Tundra, so Japanese manufacturers are trying to improve the Tundra in every way, and there has been a lot of changes in the new version of the 2014 model year, such as improved aerodynamics, steering, reduced turbulence . All these changes make driving on a straight road more stable. But on impassable off-road Tundra as GAZ 69 will not pass.