Recommendations for choosing the right car subwoofer


Many motorists simply can not imagine their life without quality music. Quite often, the standard audio system does not work well enough, it produces poor sound, confronts the driver with many other problems. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle is forced to independently resolve this issue by installing additional equipment. One of them is a subwoofer. But you can not take the first available system and install it the way you want. There are certain and important recommendations as to which subwoofers are better to choose in the machine and how to install them. Therefore, carefully study all the nuances that will allow you to come to the final choice and create in the car a high-quality sound of your favorite music.

How to choose a subwoofer in the car

Recommendations for choosing a subwoofer in the car.

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Criterias of choice

It is important to know how to choose good subwoofers in the car. There is a fairly large number of points that are worth paying attention to when creating an audio system in a car. If you managed to install a new radio, made noise insulation in the car and even put a decent acoustics, still the sound may not fully satisfy you. This is due to the lack of a subwoofer, without which powerful and clean bass can not be.

When buying such equipment, experts advise to pay attention to the following points:

  • type of device (passive or active);
  • design features;
  • power ratings;
  • body type of your car;
  • equipment manufacturer;
  • the cost.

If you really want to create an excellent musical atmosphere inside your car, then the price question should not be put in the first place. An attempt to save significantly in this case will not give the desired result. Frankly cheap subwoofers poorly cope with their tasks. Each question requires detailed consideration, so you are much closer to the final choice.

Criterias of choice


By sight, all subwoofers are divided into 2 categories:

  • active;
  • passive.

You can equip your car with any sabs. But you need to determine which one is better and which one is preferable to choose in the car. Let's start with the active. A modern active subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, but it lacks an external sound control. The design is balanced, which allows for a high level of equipment reliability. If you have a priority device reliability, then choose this type.

But it is important to remember about the shortcomings. The main disadvantages of active sab two.

  1. They are sold in assembled form, which often causes problems during the installation process. You need to correctly select the device for your car.
  2. Sound quality is often inferior to passive counterparts. This is due to the fact that inexpensive case materials and other components are used in production.

Therefore, true fans of high-quality sound in the car more often prefer passive devices. Passive subs provide the purchase of a subwoofer. Because the amplifier to it you will search separately. The situation is similar with speaker cables. If you choose the passive type, the installation should be entrusted to proven experts who will be able to competently adapt the sub under your car. You can adjust the sound using the radio and amplifier, which allows you to create a more favorable and high-quality sound picture in the car.

Music in the car

Design features

Considering the design of the subwoofer, they can be divided into 2 types:

  • open;
  • case (they are closed).

They have important differences from each other, which requires a careful study of the features of each type of equipment. Having studied them separately, you will understand what the difference is, as well as which option is better to give preference specifically in your case.

Open constructions

Open sub является мощным динамиком, который встраивается в панель автомобиля. Конструкция предельно простая, что является преимуществом и недостатком одновременно. Простота устройства плоха тем, что подобные сабы не позволяют наслаждаться высококачественным звучанием в полной мере. Если вы искушённый меломан и любите очень качественные басы, вас такой звук вряд ли удовлетворит. Чтобы грамотно настроить открытый сабвуфер, потребуется использовать специальные фильтры. Без них глубокий бас невозможен в диапазоне менее 100 Гц.

You decide which subwoofer to choose for your car. In favor of open models, the fact that they are affordable, easy to install, and able to satisfy the least demanding listeners, speaks for them. Plus it is also a fairly compact subwoofer that will not occupy all the free space in the luggage compartment of your car.

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With closed constructions, the situation is much more complicated. The speakers are placed in a special box-case. Moreover, the sizes of these boxes are calculated in advance using special formulas. This allows you to take a fully finished sub in the store, as well as to make an individual order for your requirements and vehicle features. Hull devices are divided into several subspecies. Each of them has its own nuances:

  1. Phase inverters. These are the closed boxes in which there is a tunnel. It is needed to increase the pressure of sound on the speakers, which are built into the case. This allows you to avoid sound dips on the purity of 50 - 120 Hz. The sound is not distorted due to the increasing pressure on the diffuser. This is a closed space. Phase inverter allows you to block excessive pressure, which has a positive effect on the performance of the subwoofer and protects the speakers from possible damage.Fotinker
  2. Closed shells. Such subs are not very common, although their design is extremely simple. The speakers are located inside the sealed enclosure, which is responsible for damping the rear sound waves. Such devices produce high-quality low frequencies and minimize mechanical damage. But the low popularity is simply explained. The efficiency indicator here is extremely small. Closed enclosures
  3. Bandpassı. Это сочетание двух предыдущих устройств, то есть более сложная конструкция. Габариты не компактные, а довольно внушительные. По сути, это инверторный тоннель внутри замкнутого корпуса, который делится динамиком на 2 части. Это оборудование с высоким КПД и возможностью выдавать превосходный звук буквально с 20 Гц. Размещать можно в любом месте машины, поскольку звук будет выходить из динамиков через передние фазоинверторы. Недостатком является очень сложная конструкция, потому лучше покупать готовые бандпассы от проверенных производителей.Bandpassı

This is only part of the questions that you have to answer yourself to determine the best option saba. Therefore, be sure to study the following questions and be careful not only about your financial capabilities, but also about your health. High-quality sound is always better perceived by man, but it is strongly not recommended to listen to music at maximum power. This can adversely affect your health and damage your hearing.

Power parameters

The next characteristic that plays a direct role in the subwoofer is power. If you want to know exactly how to choose the right car subwoofer, be sure to look at the performance indicators. First, remember that the power parameters must necessarily correspond to the output power of the low-frequency amplifier. Moreover, the power should be equal to the sum of all output channels. If there are 4 of them, and each of 100 watts, then the power of your subwoofer should be 400 watts.

But there is one important feature. Many manufacturers specifically overestimate the characteristics of their speakers, to be more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, the best way to determine the real power is to measure the diameter and height of voice coils. The optimal size is 12 inches or 30 centimeters. Such a sub will give you high-quality bass and clear sound, while it will not take up much space in the car.

To get high-quality sound, it is usually recommended to choose a subwoofer with a real power in the range from 150 to 250 watts. If you take something higher than these values, the sound may be excessively strong. This is only for true connoisseurs, who rather want to compete, who sounds louder. About simple comfortable listening to music for pleasure is no longer a question. For deep bass, experts advise installing two subwoofers at once, which will have different power.

Manufacturers and prices

The cost of subs, depending on the manufacturer, may vary significantly. The market offers both cheap enough models and very expensive complexes, which can sometimes cost more than the car itself. The price depends largely on the manufacturer, the size of the speaker, power and other characteristics. If we talk about brands, the most popular and popular manufacturers of subwoofers for cars are as follows:

  • Alpine;
  • JBL;
  • Mystery;
  • Sony;
  • Pioneer;
  • Prology;
  • Kenwood.

Each company has its own pricing policy. Experienced motorists and just experts in the field of car audio are advised not to save on high-quality equipment, if you really decided to noticeably improve the sound of your audio system in a car. The cost of subwoofers starts from 2000 rubles. For the money you get a device of average quality and similar capacity. Do not expect cheap devices to provide you with excellent sound and will serve for many years without any problems.

Subwoofer Mystery

Among the most affordable models include the development of two companies:

  • Prology;
  • Dragster.

Their subs are from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles on average. This is an option for those who want to improve the sound of the radio, but are not ready to spend a large amount of money on the audio system. The middle price category includes developments from ESX and Cadence costing from 7.5 to 12 thousand rubles. Such devices are suitable for most car owners. This is the optimal ratio between price and quality.

If you are a real music lover, are willing to spend a lot of money on the audio system, then contact the companies Alpine, Focal, etc. Their subs are at least 15 thousand rubles. They are considered expensive, but very powerful. With them you will be able to experience all the advantages of a high-quality subwoofer. But, as you understand, provided competent installation in the car. There are separate systems, the price of which is about 50 - 60 thousand rubles. Audison company produces a sub cost of 65 thousand rubles. It is impossible to say how much money is better to spend on the purchase of a subwoofer. Everything is very individual and depends on each specific situation. One driver after a standard cheap car stereo in a car that was installed from the factory, even buying 2–3 thousand for a subwoofer will seem like an incredible reincarnation. The system will sound completely different.

More sophisticated car owners and music lovers will understand the difference in the work of the subwoofer for 3 thousand and 15 thousand rubles. Because their budget option does not suit. Experts and motorists agree that any subwoofer worth more than 20 thousand rubles is an equipment for true connoisseurs. Therefore, for the majority of car owners, the optimal choice is considered to be a device costing no more than 10-15 thousand. Here the quality of the equipment itself and its real characteristics come out on top.

Subwoofer Audison

Body type

Often, motorists forget about what kind of car they have, thinking only about the power and design of the future subwoofer. But in practice, body type plays an important role. The level of volume, saturation and correctness of the entire audio system depends on how well you place the equipment in a particular machine. These parameters are directly related to what type of body you have available. Each of them has its own special recommendations regarding the placement of the subwoofer.

If you really want to understand which subwoofer is better to choose in your car, do not forget to pay attention to the body.

  1. Hatchback. These are small two-volume cars that are popular in Russia and not only. In the case of hatchbacks, the subwoofer, its speakers, as well as the phase inverter should be positioned so that they are directed upwards or placed in the direction of the trunk door. It is not recommended to install them so that the devices look into the back seatback. Otherwise, you will noticeably lose in sound quality.
  2. Sedan. It has its own recommendations on which subwoofer is better to choose and how to install it in the car. For car owners in the sedan, it is recommended to send the speaker and subwoofer to the rear seats, but keep a gap of about 8 centimeters. If possible, point the devices in the armrest. In the second case, you will not encounter the effect of hum or muffled sound. If the sub is powerful, then the sound will be very high quality.
  3. Universal. Everything is simple here. The available equipment should be positioned so that the speaker and phase inverter of your subwoofer are turned back. So you will be able to achieve the most pure and high-quality music.

As you can see, the sedan, hatchback and wagon differ from each other, if we talk about the installation of the audio system. Therefore, be careful in this matter to avoid common mistakes.

Useful recommendations

We have collected for you some important tips that will help you make a competent and correct choice, as well as create the desired sound atmosphere in the car. Even if you understand this issue in detail, do not rush to install a subwoofer and the rest of the equipment for the audio system with your own hands. Having bought a rather expensive system, it is better to entrust its assembly and installation to specialists. And choose proven masters, in the qualification and integrity of which you are sure. Otherwise, the choice of subwoofer for the machine should be carried out in accordance with the voiced parameters. In addition to them there are some important and useful tips:

  1. There are no sound guarantees. No one will be able to guarantee you that exactly in your car and with the audio system installed in it, the subwoofer you choose will sound as high as possible and perfectly. Therefore, when seeking help from a specialist with years of experience, do not expect such guarantees. There are many subtleties and nuances.
  2. Buy from trusted vendors. The ideal scenario would be when you can try several subwoofers in your car one by one. Of these, you will be able to choose the one that will best meet your expectations. Sometimes the purchase, where the seller does not provide for the possibility of return, is a waste of money, because the equipment does not fit the car.
  3. Do not look at the parameters of the maximum power, which indicates the manufacturer. Often this is done purely for promotional purposes in order to interest and attract buyers. These figures in fact do not say anything, because it does not make sense to pay attention to them. Useful recommendations when choosing
  4. You should be more interested in rated power. This value indicates the units in which the audio system can work efficiently, cleanly and without distortion. For most machines, a rated power of 150 to 300 watts is sufficient. But if you want to literally skip music through your body, you will have to spend money on a system with a power of 300 to 600 watts. All the subs with a higher value are intended only to make a person deaf. They are not worth taking if you care about your health.
  5. Each subwoofer has a certain sensitivity, which is responsible for the pressure (sound) reproduced by the speaker. If you want to get the maximum effect, choose high-pressure devices.
  6. Pay your attention to the resonant frequency of the subwoofer. This is the resonance frequency of the speaker. Values ​​from 25 to 35 Hz are allowed. Something less than 20 Hz, you can hardly meet, because it is rare. Over 35 Hz is considered an overly large indicator that is not a good sign for a subwoofer. It is better not to take them.
  7. Magnet magnitude and acoustics. These are important parameters of choice for those who are interested in high-power subwoofer models. Experts advise to choose diffusers, made in the form of compressed cardboard. He will give more stiffness with a small mass. Plus, it has a water-repellent impregnation.
  8. Warranty. If the manufacturer gives a guarantee on its equipment in terms of its service life, this positively characterizes the company. Therefore, it is better to give preference to those who have proven themselves in the car audio segment, gained popularity among car owners and confirms its high level not only with active advertising, but with real achievements. This is the case when it is better to overpay for a brand than to take risks and turn to questionable companies, about which almost no one knows anything.

The audio system in the car can give a real pleasure from long trips. When on the road you are accompanied by a pleasant, clean tune, and not the noise of the wheels or the motor, this has a positive effect on your condition, mood and physical fatigue. Extraneous noise distracts and does not allow to concentrate.

Many motorists are trying to install high-quality sound for this purpose. Although there is a category of people who simply compete in the volume of sound and bass. A quality subwoofer plays a crucial role in the composition of the entire audio system. But do not forget that each component must correspond to the other and work in tandem, complementing the remaining elements. Only in this way you will be able to achieve the perfect sound.