How many meters to the pedestrian crossing is parking

Due to the large number of cars in most large settlements, there has long been a problem with the parking of vehicles. This circumstance did not remain without attention of the traffic police, who monitor compliance with the traffic rules. At the same time, you have to know and follow the parking rules at a pedestrian crossing in order to save yourself from a substantial fine.


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We select a parking place

Actual Rules of the Road quite clearly regulate the zones allowed to leave their own transport in them. In such cases, you can not be afraid to get punishment from law enforcement. Also, authorized employees are allowed to call the evacuation service to send an abandoned car to the penalty area.

what are the parking rules at the pedestrian crossing

Installed signs help to deal with acceptable parking / stopping places. However, one should not ignore zones where it is absolutely unacceptable to throw a personal car:

  • close to the tram line;
  • on bridges or on ramps;
  • inside car tunnels;
  • at a bus stop for public transport;
  • it is unacceptable to park on the sidewalk or "zebra";
  • in the area of ​​poor visibility of traffic lights;
  • on the road, near a dangerous turn with poor visibility;
  • in the zone of one of the lanes of the roadway, creating an obstacle to other road users;
  • cars with invalid criteria can not stand on the grounds for the disabled.

It is important to understand that these rules apply to good transport. When there was a forced stop due to a breakdown, accident, problems with cargo, the physical condition of the driver or passengers, these factors are mitigating factors.

Parking for the "green"

In urban conditions, the marking for a pedestrian crossing began to occur more often than before. She is drawn on the sections where it will be most convenient for citizens to cross the carriageway. With this approach, it is difficult to choose a place to leave the car somewhere in the allowed place.

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For clarity of all road users, the pedestrian crossing zone is highlighted visually with the help of light broad lanes, as well as with road signs with the silhouette of a walking little man. In case of bad weather, for example, snowfall or rain, it is difficult to notice the markings, so you should pay attention to the informative signs, which are enhanced with a reflective edging to improve visibility from a long distance.

After a pedestrian crossing, according to the traffic regulations, it is permissible to install a car subject to certain formalities. In the absence of a sign, measurements are taken from the markup, and otherwise from the mark. Do not allow parking directly on the markup. Even the rear bumper should not overlap the "zebra", because for this it will be a fine.

how many meters to the pedestrian crossing is parking allowed

It is important to observe the following conditions in order not to receive punishment from the traffic police officer:

  • the car must be behind the transition closer to the curb in the left lane;
  • the transition zone must be open 5 m wide (at least) for pedestrians;
  • from the left side of the car to the dividing line there should be a distance greater than 3 m for free detour of the left car

How many meters to the pedestrian crossing is parking allowed

The basics of car parking are described in the rules of clause 12. The traffic rules do not contain the term “parking”, but legally literate concepts of “parking” and “stop” are used. Most often under the parking understand parking for a long time.

Under the current rules, parking implies the following situations:

  • conscious termination of the movement by the car owner;
  • an event happened that has no direct connection with loading something into the passenger compartment or moving passengers to board or leave the car;
  • the period of the stay of the car without movement will last more than 5 minutes;
  • The vehicle is parallel to the direction of the main movement and the curb.

Parking in front of a pedestrian crossing has some features. In order not to get punishment, we recommend to adhere to the rules:

  • it is absolutely unacceptable to drive in directly on the color markings or overlap it with a bumper;
  • Parking in front of a pedestrian crossing is allowed only at a set traffic regulations;
  • A passage of at least 3 m must remain on the side of a vehicle standing on the side of the road.

You need to know that the stop before the pedestrian crossing should be made not less than 5 m to the transition zone.

If you do not follow the traffic rules in this part, you will have to pay a fine, which depends on the region. In Moscow or St. Petersburg, the amount will be 3,000 rubles. For other settlements, the punishment will not exceed 1000 rubles. for each case.

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When a breakdown or abnormal situation in the area of ​​a pedestrian crossing has occurred, it is necessary to notify others about it as soon as possible. To do this, turn on the hazard warning lights and place a triangular mark at least 15 m away.