Cheap and angry: the best suvs up to 800 thousand rubles


When choosing an SUV up to 800 thousand rubles a new car often attracts more than a used one. It all depends on your personal needs. Someone better take a boo, but with a rich bundle. Others want only a new jeep.

SUVs for 800

New SUVs up to 800 000 thousand rubles

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Criterias of choice

If you look at the market offers, then buying an SUV up to 800,000 rubles is not a difficult task. The choice is quite impressive. But among the mass of proposals need a jeep that can satisfy by:

  • price;
  • build quality;
  • configuration;
  • patency;
  • comfort;
  • security.

The all-wheel drive car advantages in off-road or bad roads much more. But sometimes the SUV up to 800,000 rubles has only front-wheel drive, which does not prevent it from remaining in demand on the market.

Rating Representatives

With a budget of 800 thousand rubles, the rating was made taking into account the specified criteria. Each of you has a different perception of the concept of good SUVs. Therefore, the list includes both full-fledged jeeps with a characteristic passiveness, and models close to off-road vehicles.

You can purchase cars of the following manufacturers:

  • Hyundai;
  • H love horse;
  • Geely;
  • Chery;
  • Brilliance;
  • Changan;
  • VAZ;
  • UAZ;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Lifan;
  • Renault;
  • Great Wall.

What to buy, you decide. The domination of the Chinese car industry will not come as a surprise to anyone. Companies from China have managed to reach a new level of quality, while maintaining attractive prices. The Russians gradually began to more strongly trust manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom, and in most cases they are not disappointed in the choice.

Let's see which jeeps for eight hundred thousand are ready to offer these companies, and why you should pay attention to them. Now you can buy a number of decent cars with a limited budget.

H love horse 7

haima 7 offroat

Front-wheel drive Chinese SUV

This is a front-wheel drive mid-size SUV from China, the initial cost of which is 600 thousand rubles. The car has an attractive appearance and powerful enough engine with a volume of 2.0 liters and a capacity of 150 horsepower.

This is a sample of the new direction in the Chinese automotive industry, since the car is well assembled, has an exterior adapted to the European market, a well-thought-out interior and a number of other advantages.

Among the good Chinese jeeps, the H love horse 7 looks very interesting and potentially attractive to shoppers. You can not just take a jeep in a good configuration, but also purchase options, while fitting into the budget of 800 thousand rubles.

Emgrand X7

emgrand x7 suv

Chinese front-wheel drive SUV from Geely

Another Chinese car, this time from Geely, with front-wheel drive, apparently allowing him to be called a compact SUV. The car has a solid appearance, an interesting interior and good technical characteristics.

Such an SUV for 800 thousand rubles under the hood is a gasoline engine with a capacity of 139 horsepower. With their help, the jeep feels good in the conditions of the city, but is also capable of conquering a small off-road. It is not necessary to count on the increased passability, but the SUV will be able to drive through difficult sections.

With a starting price of 680 thousand rubles, you will have quite a lot of money to buy additional options. Even in the basic configuration, the machine from Geely is adequately equipped, because for 800 thousand you will receive a richly equipped version.

Brilliance V5

brilliance v5 suv

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Quite an interesting jeep from the company Brilliance, which is fairly included in our list. Yes, this is another Chinese SUV and only with front-wheel drive.

But the car is frankly pretty, qualitatively assembled, meets the needs of the city dweller with the ability to overcome difficult road conditions. This is not a car for off-road, but you can go on the nature, fishing without any problems.

The engine is not the most powerful. With a volume of 1.6 liters produces 110 horsepower. But quite economical and allows you to confidently ride in urban environments and a good show yourself on the track.

Plus, the SUV is beautiful, has a roomy interior, rich equipment in the basic equipment, which is worth learning from many competitors. As standard, the price of the car is 760 thousand rubles, but it will be enough for the buyer without excessive demands. Auto worth the money, because it falls into our rating.

CS 35

changan cs35 suv

Changan CS35 will be a worthy candidate for purchase

A small jeep for the city and nature trips from Changan. Front-wheel drive combines well with a manual transmission and a 113-horsepower engine.

Many wonder why the car is worth almost 800 thousand rubles in the basic configuration. This can be explained by good equipment even from the start, good technical characteristics, competent organization of the internal space and build quality.

Если для вас не принципиален бренд, то есть вы смотрите на содержание, а не название, тогда Changan CS35 will be a worthy candidate for purchase. Да, это не топовый автопроизводитель, но автомобиль заслуживает внимания и уважения. Инженеры постарались хорошо, чтобы потребители получили достойный джип для города с интересным экстерьером. Смотрится CS35 действительно здорово.

Tiggo 2

tiggo 2 suv

Chery City SUV

Chinese city SUV. Here again we see front-wheel drive, manual gearbox and a relatively good engine with 105 horsepower at a working volume of 1.5 liters.

Many Chinese companies are treated very carefully by Russian consumers, sometimes avoiding them. But Chery has earned respect and attention, it is in demand and trust in Russia.

At the same time, Chery did not follow in the footsteps of many low-cost automakers, inflating the prices of their products and offering scant assembly in basic versions. Their Tiggo 2 has a beautiful appearance, high ground clearance, which allows you to call it a jeep.

Also, the machine receives a wide list of equipment in the base configuration, which costs about 750 thousand rubles. That is, the budget of 800 thousand, you can easily fit.

This is an ode from those Chinese cars that does not raise doubts about the quality of the assembly and the competent organization of the internal space. Therefore, in Russia, Tiggo 2 is selling quite well. This is not a huge all-wheel drive SUV, but its characteristics allow to operate the car both in the city and beyond, including difficult road conditions.

Niva 4h4

Lada 4x4 SUV

Budget domestic jeep Niva 4 × 4

If you want to buy an SUV up to 800,000 rubles, and it is the parameters of the terrain that are important to you, the ability to overcome the most difficult road sections, then pay attention to the VAZ product in the face of the Niva 4x4 model.

This is a budget domestic jeep, whose history began in 1984. Even a new model costs from 500 thousand rubles. The car is ideal for budget restrictions, because it leaves a lot of money to buy options, tuning or other expenses.

Before you, perhaps the best car on the parameters of patency among the budget of new SUVs. Yes, there are no modern multimedia complexes, new electronic assistants or very economical engines with increased performance.

For its modest money, the Niva offers a 1.7 liter gasoline engine with an output of 83 horsepower. But add here all-wheel drive, huge ground clearance and equipment options, which will allow you to get the best car for hunting, fishing, outdoor activities or working on a farm, for example. Workhorse without unnecessary frills. Simple and concise.


chevrolet niva SUV

Chevrolet compact SUV

Compact SUV from the company Chevrolet. The car carries a name similar to that of the VAZ "Levels", because it is a restyling of the domestic version.

Only now the car is released with a Chevrolet nameplate. The car may have lost a bit in the cross, but remained a full-fledged compact jeep with high capabilities in terms of off-road driving.

At the same time, the car has become more modern, has received an interesting design, a more comfortable interior, some electronic gadgets. That is, the car is more suitable for the city, but allows just as confidently to be operated in off-road conditions.

The new car in the top configuration costs about 670 thousand rubles, which fits perfectly into our budget. For this money you get a really good jeep with great potential.


lifan x60 suv

Lifan x60 in the basic configuration from 540 thousand rubles.

We offer to get acquainted with another Chinese small jeep worth up to 800 thousand rubles. Basic equipment costs from 540 thousand, and in the top version the car will cost 820 thousand rubles.

The model is produced in 2012, that is, it is quite fresh product from the company Lifan. Jeep X60 is equipped with front-wheel drive, 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 128 horsepower.

In fact, the car is quite high, has a good cross, consumes about 8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. This is a compact SUV without a big name, but already managed to gain the trust and love from Russian consumers.

Among all Chinese jeeps, the Lifan X60 looks like one of the best options.


great wall hover

Full frame jim from the Chinese manufacturer

Do not think that in China they can only do adaptation for SUVs. Here produce and full frame jeeps. One of them is the Hover model from the Great Wall company.

The car is powerful, big, roomy and high, which allows you to feel confident in off-road conditions. With a 2.3 liter engine, it produces a modest 130 horsepower. But they prove to be enough in practice, although many would like more productivity with such a volume.

Due to the constant all-wheel drive and characteristic for SUV parameters, the car feels great on the roads, but is also well operated in urban environments.

The new model costs from 700 thousand rubles, and the top performance costs 1.2 million rubles. So for the available 800 thousand you can take the average option for a complete set, which will completely satisfy the list of the proposed equipment for almost any buyer.


hyundai creta suv

An interesting small jeep from Hyundai

Very interesting small jeep from Hyundai, which costs from 790 thousand rubles. Yes, for 800 thousand you can take only the basic package.

Но это достойный вариант для тех, кто не хочет покупать китайские авто, а больше доверяет проверенным мировым брендам. Даже в начальной комплектации Chalk выглядит неплохо, предлагает солидный набор оборудования и экономичный мотор на 123 лошадиные силы при объёме 1,6 литра.

This is an interesting urban jeep, where you can drive outside the city and conquer the easy off-road. The machine does not possess the capabilities of Niva or UAZ, but surpasses many competitors due to the quality of assembly, design and adaptation to our roads. A good choice for 800 thousand. But it is better to save more money and buy a more expensive version.


hunter new suv

This SUV with a huge ground clearance

If you need a real SUV with a huge ground clearance and the ability to get there, where it will be except a tank, choose UAZ Hunter. It costs from 620 thousand rubles.

This is a car with an old design, a minimal set of modern equipment, not the most ideal salon. But the SUV is incredibly durable, reliable, durable and able to experience all the difficulties of our roads and off-road. No wonder Hunter is actively used in off-road racing, they are bought by fans of trophy-raids, hunting and fishing.

Workhorse, which is difficult to get stuck somewhere. Yes, this is not the standard of exterior or comfort. But with their direct responsibilities as an SUV Hunter copes 100%.


green reno duster

A car with excellent driving characteristics and maneuverability

Worthy completion of our rating. If you take all the SUVs available in Russia that cost up to 800 thousand rubles, the majority of buyers will stop on the Renault Duster.

This is a car with excellent driving characteristics, maneuverability, combined with excellent appearance and decent equipment. No wonder Duster is the leader in sales in its class and acts as the best-selling model among all Renault.

The car has four-wheel drive, good and economical engines (gasoline and diesel) with capacity from 109 to 143 horsepower.

For such a great all-terrain car manufacturer requests from 630 thousand rubles. But we advise you not to skimp, and take the version as close as possible to the 800 thousand available to you. Top-grade worth almost 1 million rubles.

As you can see, you have a wide choice. Here the main thing is to correctly prioritize. Think carefully what characteristics you have in priority.

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