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About A special Internet portal called “Killed roads” began to work in full force, and lovers to visit sites from smartphones also had little time to wait: very soon this portal will have a version adapted for mobile gadgets, as well as a corresponding mobile application that can be installed on the smartphone. Any citizen can now take part in changing the traffic situation in his region for the better. Officially, the project is referred to as "Road Inspection ONF/ The map of the killed roads ”and promoted it at the level of the State Duma of the Russian Federation with the active participation of ONF, that is, the All-Russian Popular Front. How will this Internet portal, or rather, the whole project, ranging from the complaint of a motorist to a specific road repair action? In most regions of the country, residents, and first of all, motorists are not satisfied with the quality of the road surface, on which they have to drive, often with a threat to the life and health of road users precisely because of the killed roads. Now, having seen, say, a deep hole, a pothole, or a generally broken-down part of the route, once covered with asphalt, a motorist can leave a complaint on the site "Killed Roads", specifying the coordinates of this place, photos and adding a few words on my own behalf. Moreover, this measure concerns not the federal highways, which for the most part are in quite acceptable condition, but the municipal road network.

As the ultimate goal, the project initiators do not intend to show the number of killed Russian roads, but to force local authorities to put the roads in order, because huge budget funds are allocated for this. Fifty seven roads have already been added to the portal map, which require major repairs. You can vote for these roads, and the more votes you get, the more significant the document sent to the local authorities to correct the situation. This document will be akin to a deputy request, for which failure may occur for the officials responsible for the situation, unpleasant times. The project organizers ask active citizens when leaving complaints on the portal to be as accurate as possible: photos should be tied to a place, that is, stupidly do not photograph only a hole in the asphalt, but be photographed so that you can see landmarks in the form of, say, the numbers of nearby houses, etc.

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Moreover, a citizen who leaves a complaint can use the advice of the moderator of the site, how to arrange and leave this complaint. Popular Front activists are allowed to use the so-called "kalabaşku"- a wooden bar 60x15x5. It is placed next to a pothole and is photographed, as usual, criminologists take pictures so that it is easier to determine the size of the pothole, correlating them with known dimensions"kalabaşki". After the application is sent, it comes in for moderation, that is, checking whether such a problem really takes place, and then, information about it appears on the portal. Right there, the portal administration signals the local management. This is how the communication of ordinary citizens is organized with officials, to whom the usual way, as practice shows, does not reach.


The main page of the site "Killed Roads"

At the end of the year, lists of those roads that need repair will be approved. They will be sent to the administration, for which these roads are fixed, with the requirement to solve the problem. With this approach, the authorities will be forced to take into account the interests of motorists, making plans for repairing the roadway, taking into account their recommendations, and not their own interests, which sometimes happens everywhere.

The most active citizens will be on the portal "Dead road"be rewarded with points and rewarded. By the way, road Inspectorate of the All-Russian Popular Front Starting in March, it will begin checks on how officials repaired the roads, which they were demanded to repair in 2015. This raid will begin in the Caucasus, in April it will take place in the Central Federal District, and in May it will reach the Volga region. By the fall, activists will have to inspect Vladivostok.

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