The infiniti q70 looks gorgeous and perfect.

The Q70 model in Russia has been known for a long time, only before this model was called the M and was a serious competitor to German cars of the same premium class in the person of BMW and Mercedes.

infiniti q70 photo

In today's review, our Infiniti Q70 is not in the most expensive Premium package, the price of which is 2054400 rubles, a 3.7-liter gasoline power unit is installed under the bonnet, whose power is 333 horsepower and peak torque is 363 Nm. With this engine is a seven-speed automatic with the ability to switch gears manually. In this configuration there is AWD four-wheel drive. The car turned out quite interesting.

As for the differences from its predecessor with the M label, besides the name, some changes were made in the interior and exterior design, the platform was improved - it became stronger, the suspension was improved, and the electronic systems of the car became more modern.

infiniti q70 test drive

Of course, there is a long version of the Infiniti Q70L, in which the wheelbase is elongated, but for now you can only buy it in China. If we talk about the Russian market, then there are several complete sets available:

  • 2.5 Premium и 3.7 Premium;
  • 2.5 Elite и 3.7 Elite;
  • 3.7 Hi-tech and 5.6 Hi-tech;
  • 3.7 Sport and 5.6 Sports.

If we consider Infiniti Q70, it is clear that there are no fundamental changes in the design of the appearance, there are some minor improvements in the shape of the car, thanks to which the car began to look even more representative. Especially beautiful are the new bumpers, head optics and taillights with LEDs. Also changed the grille and trunk lid. All these parts of the exterior complement the light-alloy wheels with a special design, and as you know, well-chosen wheels make the car more spectacular.

Salon in Infinity Q70

Infiniti Q70 2014 фото

Salon Infiniti Q70 2014 fully compliant with premium car. The quality of the materials used for interior trim is excellent, mainly genuine leather, expensive wood, original aluminum inserts and high-quality carpet. Inside, you feel comfortable at home. In addition to high-quality materials, a wide enough list of various equipment and rich functionality immediately hit the eye of this car.

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Of course, one of the most important options are electric, heated and ventilated seats, as well as the instrument panel with a 7-inch display. Also in the Infiniti Q70 cabin there is a high-quality Bose Studio Surround speaker system, 16 speakers of which make listening to music in this car grand. Still can not fail to impress the multimedia system Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System with an 8-inch touch screen. Also, by the way, a huge variety of various electronic assistants. The security system in this car is high, it warns the driver when there is a danger of a frontal collision, there is also an emergency braking system, all-round visibility and the ability to look at the car from above.

infiniti q70 salon

It is also very comfortable to sit in the back rows, there is enough space in this car even for tall passengers. There is so much space behind the passenger that a passenger whose height is less than 180 cm can easily throw one leg over the other. As for the trunk, it also has a very good spaciousness and high-quality finish, its volume is 500 liters. The trunk is opened by means of an electric drive, just press the button and the trunk will open.

Specifications Infiniti Q70

After we understand the exterior design and interior design, it is time to move on to studying the technical characteristics of this car and the performance when driving. It is very pleasant to drive such a car, all thanks to the Front Mid-ship platform, which lies at the base of the Infiniti Q70, it was this platform that was the basis of the predecessor and it worked well. A special feature of the platform is that the engine is installed behind the front axle - closer to the salon, thanks to which the car received an ideal weight distribution between the axles.

infiniti q70 engine

After the Infiniti engine starts, 333 horses are immediately sensed and if you press the gas pedal to the floor, something very pleasant will happen, the car starts to rapidly pick up speed like a rocket. After a few seconds, you feel like drowning in the seats, but lateral support perfectly wraps the body, which is very nice.

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Acceleration from 0 to hundreds of km / h is carried out in 6.3 seconds, and this is an excellent indicator for a car weighing 1790 kilograms. But this is not the most powerful equipment, if there was a 5.6-liter engine, whose power is 408 liters. with., then acceleration to a hundred would occur in 5.3 seconds. What is good in this car, despite the excellent speed characteristics, the driver and passengers will feel comfortable and safe. When the car enters the turns, there is no roll, while the speed does not decrease. When you ride like a real kid, that is, in sport mode, you immediately feel that body rigidity increases, and the car fits perfectly into turns, and the gas pedal becomes more responsive.

infiniti q70 photo

But if you drive on the road with a broken surface, the suspension is already working differently - it becomes softer, eats up all the bumps, providing high comfort for the driver and passengers. The suspension design is quite simple: there are double wishbones in the front, and an independent multi-link suspension is installed at the rear. Such a suspension copes well with minor irregularities, but if you drive into a large pit, then of course, the sensations are not very pleasant, but nevertheless the car will behave perfectly on dead Russian roads. Further photo Infiniti Q70 which shows that the car looks very solid.

Infiniti Q70 2014

If we compare the new suspension with its predecessor, it is clear that the re-tuning of the suspension had a good impact on the car, the new Infiniti now drives more smoothly and smoothly, providing high comfort to the driver and passengers. The car behaves especially well when driving in the city, the automatic transmission behaves well in traffic jams, when overtaking, and the braking system quickly slows down, you can drive very quickly on this car and make various maneuvers, while feeling comfortable and protected. If you drive on the highway, you can manually shift gears, and there are a lot of them - as many as 7 pieces. If you manually shift gears, you can feel yourself driving a sports car, although the Infiniti Q70 is a premium sedan.

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infiniti q70

By the way, the nature of the ride changes significantly, if you switch between different driving modes, by the way, there are a lot of Eco (the mode in which the car drives quietly, while saving fuel), Standard (standard mode, great for city driving), Sport (great mode, if you turn it on, the car will behave very briskly, the gears will switch at the red tachometer mark, the acceleration dynamics will be as fast as possible, and the suspension stiffness will be higher, the steering wheel will also spin more rigidly - almost like on a sports car) and Snow (this allow mode easy to ride on snow-covered road and overcome drifts and ice on the car will behave confidently). Regardless of the mode, the car behaves very confidently, and the feeling of comfort is always present.

If you compare the Infiniti Q70 with German cars, it is very similar in character to the BMW 7 Series, the price of which starts from 3,695,000 rubles, but still, Infiniti has its own characteristics and unique features.

And then the video test drive infiniti q70: