Rating of effective ways to warm up in the winter in a


Probably, you often had to get into a car in the winter when it is very cold. Chill, blizzard, and the engine suddenly pounded. What to do? It is clear that you need to call for help. But how to warm up in the car in the winter - that's what will be discussed in this article. As a rule, a lot of methods are known to combat cold in a car today. But we managed to make a rating of the most effective and best ways.

The top 13 most effective ways to keep warm in the cabin of your car in the winter include warming methods with additional clothes, paraffin candles, a homemade heating pad, etc.

Jacket, pants and newspapers

If you are stuck in winter in a stalled car - dress warmly

If you are stuck in winter in a stalled car - dress warmly

So. The car stalled, the stove is not working in the cabin "Kolotun". In the first place is a method implying warming with additional clothing. In other words, it is always helpful to take extra clothes with you in the winter: warm jacket, wadded trousers, warm socks. You can also warm yourself with newspapers, as experienced travelers do. Under the shirt and jacket stuffed newspapers. It is also recommended to insert paper into shoes as an insole. This will give a heat that you didn’t suspect and your body heat will last longer.

Читать далее о том, как согреться зимой в заглохшем автомобиле-->Газетами покрывают и сам автомобиль. Да, да – не удивляйтесь. Старая и ненужная бумага, как раз то, что надо! Даже и туалетная бумага подойдет, если что. Все окна и щели автомобиля оклеиваем газетами и бумагами так, чтобы холодный морозный воздух не проникал в салон. Проблема в том, что к мерзлой поверхности бумага не так легко крепится. Бывалые путешественники посоветовали бы нам крепить газеты при помощи слюны, так как она затормозит процесс замерзания окон автомобиля.

It should be noted that the papers and newspapers need to be fixed in several layers. The more, the warmer will be in the car.

Paraffin candles

A burning candle will help you warm up in a stalled car.

A burning candle will help you warm up in a stalled car.

Oddly enough to hear, but a few paraffin candles may well warm the interior of the car. Let the newspapers from above warm the car, it will not hurt. In this case, do not get too carried away and use not a lot of candles. The fact is that in the cabin insulated with newspapers there will be little air, and lighted candles take a lot of oxygen and it will be difficult to breathe. Most likely, 3-4 candles will be enough, but again, everything will depend on the size of the car.

Autonomous gas burners

Autonomous gas burner

Autonomous gas burner

The third place in the rating is the best way, but since it implies the use of an autonomous heater, we need methods to combat the cold, so to speak, with “bare hands”, it hit the third spot.

The choice of autonomous heaters for cars today is quite wide. Among the many models can be identified liquid heater, for example, such as Webasto. Such heaters will not only warm the passenger compartment, but also help to start the car's engine, as they are pre-start heaters of the fluid. Only here they are expensive and you need to properly install this heater on the car.

Now about fully autonomous heaters, among which gas heaters come out on top. The main element in them are burners of infrared radiation. Such a heater will not only warm the interior, but also make it possible to boil tea or warm up food. But in addition to the heater it is necessary to carry along with a cylinder with liquefied gas. So for a passenger car a five-liter balloon will completely go off.

The video shows how an autonomous gas burner works:

One kilowatt is the rated power of such a burner and this is quite enough to keep warm. With regard to consumption, it is unlikely that the gas will leave more than 80 grams per hour. This means that for a day or even more, it will be possible to provide yourself with warmth. The gas burner itself is very comfortable, lightweight and compact. It will not cause any inconvenience to carry it, just aside from the cylinder, as an additional equipment, you need to remember to bring along a cigarette lighter, a hose and a gearbox.

Light the gas burner should be away from combustible materials and in every way abide by fire safety measures. In addition, it will be necessary to periodically ventilate the interior, so as not to suffocate in the smoke. Experts advise to place the gas heater in a special box in order to completely eliminate the contact of the burner with the car. Not bad proved gas torches "Prometheus".

Autonomous compact heater

Compact heater KH-2006

Compact heater KH-2006

If you do not want to carry with you a gas cylinder and additional equipment, we can advise another heater, which occupied the fourth line of the rating. It works on a compact single-use collet cylinder and has a minimum power of 1.5 kW, and the weight, for example, of the Korean KH-2006 is only one and a half kilograms.

This heater is enough for three hours, but you can’t boil tea or coffee in a car, unlike an autonomous heater.

Tourist mini heater

There is also a special tourist heater Kovea KH 0710. It is also very compact and at an outdoor temperature of minus three degrees can warm a passenger compartment Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru to room, in just 12 minutes.

Such a heater will quietly fit on the back of the car's unfolded seat, give directional warmth and allow even to dry clothes in the cabin.

Catalytic mini-heater

What other ways to warm up inside the car are known? For example, there are very comfortable mini-heaters that will help to warm hands. They are also produced by Kovea. They are very economical and safe and in such catalytic burners the heating takes place without a flame.

Video on how the catalytic mini-heater works:

The flameless hand warmer Zippo has also proved itself well. It is the size of a large lighter of the same company, but warms well. Interestingly, it was used by soldiers in the First World War in order not to freeze in the trenches.

Thermos - the seventh place ranking

Regular thermos, preferably volumetric will help to warm up well in the car. Rather, not himself, but its contents. Hot tea has a good effect on blood circulation and does not constrict blood vessels, such as coffee. And the best way to carry a thermos with a hot thyme drink. Here such tea will warm very quickly. As you know, the substances contained in this grass, growing in the mountains, are very useful for the human body. Since ancient times, frostbitten travelers were warmed with just such tea, giving it to drink.

You can have a cup of hot tea or coffee to keep warm.

You can have a cup of hot tea or coffee to keep warm.

The British would advise to drink a little grog or mulled wine. But besides hot water, then you need to take with you a bottle of semi-sweet wine. Ideally, the wine should be boiled, but on the road it can just be mixed with hot water. It will not only help to warm up in winter, but also lift your spirits. But alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, sitting in the car, it is better not to get carried away. They warm only illusory, but in fact the consequences can be dire. "Under the alcohol" you can easily sleep and freeze.

You can also mix with hot water lime honey, which can be kept in the glove compartment of your car. A spoonful of honey mixed with hot water warms better than any other means.

Vinegar and badger fat - eighth place

Rub your feet with vinegar or grease to keep warm.

Rub your feet with vinegar or grease to keep warm.

And you know that vinegar warms the body better than any other means. Even our ancestors used this remedy for frostbite. So why shouldn't we use it?

It will be necessary to rub vinegar on a naked body. And then get dressed again. It will help one hundred percent or more. You can even sweat. And it is desirable not to get sick from sudden changes in body temperature, rub vinegar only feet.

You can also rub and badger fat. They also need to lubricate the feet and elbows.

Homemade hot water bottle

The video shows how to make a homemade heating pad:

Have you ever heard of a homemade heating pad? If not, then this way to warm up in the car in the winter can be just your best. You will need to take with you on the road a packet of dry alcohol and an empty tin can. You can, of course, take the full one, eat the contents, so that there are more vitamins in the body, and use the jar as a heating pad.

In order to prepare a homemade heating pad in a tin can, you need to cut off the top rim. Then in one place from above make several cuts and bend them inwards. Then punch through the nail, or if there is a drill with it, a few holes in the jar, for the supply of oxygen. Inside the can, we attach dry alcohol, and insert a hollow tube into the container from the notches. In the process of burning alcohol, the tube will heat up and it will be nice to give off heat.

Special heated vest - tenth place

Heated vest

Heated vest

Never heard of it? Three heaters are built into the vest, which operate on a small battery, which will last from 2 to 9 hours, depending on the outside air temperature. Such a vest is designed for climbers, but it is expensive. If so, do not forget to charge it and take with you on the road.


Run to keep warm

Run to keep warm

You do not know how to warm up in the car, if the above methods are not suitable for you? Remember the main character from the film “Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”? That frame, when he jumps on the spot and makes a run to warm up. In fact, this is the most effective way to warm up, but at the same time the easiest. That is why it hit one of the lowest lines of the rating.

We can recommend the following: turn on the music (if there is enough charging in the mobile phone), put on headphones and beat out the rhythm to the catchy melody in almost all parts of the body.

It is also useful to periodically rub the limbs so that they do not become numb.

If it doesn't help, then you need to get out of the salon. And quickly run around the car for as long as possible. At the same time you need to breathe slowly and evenly. After warming on the street should not remain. Sit back in the car. Chill - go out again.

Primordially Russian way to warm up in the winter on the twelfth place

Sketch the snow under the bottom of the car

Sketch the snow under the bottom of the car

This way to warm up in the car is suitable if there is a lot of snow around. Arm yourself with a sapper shovel and start throwing as much snow as possible under the bottom of the car, but so that later you can get out of a homemade snowdrift.

This is a very effective way to help isolate the car and its bottom from the penetration of cold air currents. We sit in the car and wait for help in the warmth. Additionally, you can close the gap, for example, in the windows of paper scotch, which after a trace does not leave.

Method thirteenth - well, this is absolutely for the extreme!

If you have to often find yourself in situations when you have to deal with the cold in the car (for example, you are a traveler), then you can take a regular wood-burning stove with you on the road. If you do not believe, look:

Real oven in the car

Real oven in the car

Well, how? Do you believe? Firewood or brushwood can be reserved for free, for example, if your forced stop occurred in a forest or near an old and dilapidated building with a lot of boards.

If the car stalled in the winter, do not despair. Armed with some of the above and having studied all the tips described, you will not freeze and survive in harsh weather conditions. Even when you are in a car at night, alone with a cold and harsh winter, you can create all the conditions in your cabin that are similar to home comfort. So, do not hang the nose motorists!