Chinese cheritiggo triumph on russian roads

Statistics collected for the eight months of 2016 indicate a sales growth of CheryTiggo by 3% compared to the same period of the previous year. The greatest demand models are Tiggo 5 and FL. The attention of Russian car owners to the Chinese brand is explained by the reasonable price and decent performance characteristics of the car.

The latest generation machines are equipped with a solid front panel with an integrated multimedia system, a large touch screen and virtual control keys. The driver accesses the overview of the rear view camera, can connect a smartphone and access the Internet. The design of door panels and seats has been changed, the variator handle is leather-wrapped.

The novelty of the Chinese car industryAccording to the information collected on the portal "Avtopoisk", the new CheriTiggo in Moscow is 25% (22 pcs.) Of the total mass of ads CherryTiggo, the remaining 75% (65 pcs.) fall on used models. The price range is within 174000-997000 rubles.


  • How much is a popular SUV in Moscow?
  • Meet the new CheryTiggo 3 in Russia in 2017

How much is a popular SUV in Moscow?

CheryTiggo cars from the following price categories are available for residents of the capital and the region:

1. New cars 2014-2015. release - 460,000-997,000 rubles.

● advanced functionality.

New Chery in 2017The novelty will be sold in Russia with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 126 liters. with., front-wheel drive, manual transmission or variable-speed gearbox. The initial equipment Comfort includes 2 airbags, ABS, heated front seats, parking sensors, air conditioning, cruise control, standard audio system. The cost of this modification is assumed from 817,000 rubles.