How to renew a car to another person

The new owner, buying a car with mileage, of course, registers the vehicle in his name. You need to know that since 2013, the possibility of removing the car from the register was canceled. So how to re-register a car with the purchase can be with the old license plates.


  • 1 Re-registration procedure with the owner
  • 2 How to re-register a car without an owner
  • 3 Re-registration of the general power of attorney
  • 4 How to renew the vehicle for a wife in the event of the death of the husband-owner
  • 5 Where can I re-register vehicle and what is the cost

Re-registration procedure with the owner

It is much easier to re-register a car if the seller is also present. All in order.

  1. To complete the transaction, both parties agree on a meeting in the traffic police. Often the buyer before the meeting makes a certain amount of the deposit.
  2. The traffic police inspector, who makes the initial inspection of the vehicle at the request of the old owner, will assist in the re-registration of the car. To do this, you need to take a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a certificate of registration of the car, a CTP policy, a maintenance ticket, TCP.
  3. The buyer must deposit the remaining money for the car. The former owner is returned back a document proving his identity.
  4. According to the Legislation, traffic police officers must issue a contract of sale and purchase of a car within 3 hours, not counting technical interruptions and procedures.
how to issue a contract of sale of the car

Getting a prepayment for a car

How to re-register a car without an owner

You must do the following:

  1. Sign a contract indicating the price of the car, the signature of the former and present owners. One copy of it is transferred to the seller, the second to the buyer. The third copy of the document is provided in the registration point of the traffic police.
  2. Both parties must put their signatures in the TCP. After the entire package of documents, including the CTP policy and vehicle inspection certificate, is transferred to a new buyer, he continues to process the car he has purchased.
  3. Hurry up to finish everything within ten days, since reissuing the car for a longer period will be possible only after payment a fine of 1 thousand rubles.
how to quickly renew the car when buying

Required documents for re-registration

Re-registration of the general power of attorney

  1. The party that sells and buys the vehicle carries out the designation of a general power of attorney for a person by a notary. The trustee at its registration necessarily present. The recipient of the power of attorney, for example, a relative, can perform any legal actions with the machine and even sell it.
  2. In order to reissue a car for another person, practically the same set of documents is required as in the contract of sale, only the general power of attorney is added.
  3. There is only one drawback in this, but it is very significant: the one who gave the power of attorney remains the owner. Re-register the car in your name with the new owner will not work. Mandatory payments, namely, various fines, the annual tax on the car will be paid also by the one who issued the power of attorney for cars.
how to re-register a car when buying

Handing over the keys to the new owner

How to renew the vehicle for a wife in the event of the death of the husband-owner

Civil law permits a vehicle to be re-registered for another person, but only on the incident six months after his death and strictly after entry into the inheritance.

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How now to act in steps:

  1. Notarize the notary office of the application for inheritance.
  2. Prepare all the necessary documents for the process. The list includes a maintenance ticket, a CTP certificate, a TCP and a certificate of inheritance. Then you need to contact the traffic police department.
  3. In itself, renewal is a purely legal formality. This is usually enough for one day to which you applied.
where you need to issue a contract of sale of the car

Changing numbers in one region is optional.

Where can I re-register vehicle and what is the cost

In the traffic police there is a special interdistrict registration and examination department, where the vehicle is re-registered.

However, if you need to re-register the car immediately upon purchase, then before that, make up a contract of sale.

This is a separate procedure, and it must also be paid separately.

Payment for re-registration of a car to a new owner includes:

  • duty on a new certificate of registration - 500 rubles;
  • changes made to the TCP - 350 rubles;
  • new license plates will cost 2000 rubles.

In total, this will amount to 2850 thousand rubles. If this is a purchase of a car with old license plates, then you can pay less if you keep the old license plates.