New renault kaptur - renault kaptur 2017–2018: prices,

Very soon a new generation of compact crossovers from Renault - Kaptur 2017–2018 will appear in specialized dealer centers (photo below). The news for the domestic car enthusiast is joyful: at the end of 2017, most experts believed that direct deliveries, due to the presence in Russia of the Kaptur own line of production, would not. The manufacturer himself was in no hurry to dispel these suspicions - and it is quite possible that he couldn’t choose the best course of action until the last.

Photo: new Renault Kaptur 2017–2018

Photo: new Renault Kaptur 2017–2018

On the one hand, the supply of the Renault Captur (photo below), which is a continuation of one of the most sought-after lines from the French manufacturer, means an additional influx of money and the opportunity to strengthen the expansion to not the most promising, but not the poorest of the priority markets. On the other hand, the import of crossovers of the new generation will inevitably lead to the loss of popularity of the model being assembled in Russia now. However, it is quite possible that the auto giant will arrive from Renault Kaptur 2017–2018 in the same way as with its “predecessor”, with the transfer of the release of crossovers destined for the domestic market to the country of realization. The benefit of production capacity is already there, and the assembly is exclusively nodal and based on original components.

Renault Kaptur 2017-2018 years (photo below) is positioned by the manufacturer as a budget crossover, intended primarily for movement around the city. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot go out into the nature on a new car: arrange family or friendly gatherings in the fresh air, go on a short tourist excursion, take part in a sports event or, if the landscape allows, go fishing and even hunt.

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