Invulnerable: which car is the most durable in the world?


Ask any more or less sensible motorist about what kind of car he advises to buy. "Reliable!", - the experienced will answer, and it will be the most correct advice. Of course, the adjective in this case is very streamlined and speaks in general about the sum of the qualities that a car must possess in order to be considered durable. It is clear that not everybody can afford an armored vehicle capable of piercing a wall. But there are other criteria that should be guided in the search for an invulnerable steel horse. In this article we will talk about what are the most durable cars, and also find out whether your transport is among the reliable ones.

In many ways, the reliability of the car is determined by its durability.

In many ways, the reliability of the car is determined by its durability.

Marauder - it sounds solid

First, let's turn to the cases of “narrow”. You must admit that it is very logical that the most durable car in the world is an armored monster with the eloquent name Marauder. He received an honorary title in 2011 after participating in a car television show, where he had stellar passed a series of specific tests. Since then, the brainchild of the South African company Paramount Group from Olympus, no one has yet been able to bring down.

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15-ton "baby"

What is so impressed with this "kid"? The strongest machine was originally created for specialized military tasks: to accompany and protect columns and group transportation of fighters. As a result, the Marauder received many features.

This car is able to swim and is able to move and crush any car that will meet on the way. "Baby" is equipped with explosion-proof seats, resistant to explosions, the wheels are made using bullet-proof materials.

It looks like a car Marauder

The strongest armored car weighs about 15 tons, and the load on board can take three tons more. The marauder in length reaches more than six meters (6.12). Its height is almost 2, 5 meters, and its width is almost 2.7.

Mina - goodbye

The car carries ten passengers. With all its bulkiness, this durable machine develops speeds of up to 120 km / h. The engine produces up to 300 "horses."

Tests have shown that the most durable car in the world will stand in mortar shelling and will not be afraid of rocket attacks. The brick wall for this “boy” is as if made of cardboard - it will ram, fill up and never blink.

On the video car Marauder:

Even having blown up on a high-explosive mine during the test, the Marauder just shook himself off and confidently followed on, receiving only minor damage to the hull.

Cook green, half a million

Now this car on the market is freely available and anyone who wants it and has enough money can buy it. Manufacturers tried to make the model cheaper. Established the assembly in Jordan, and also used parts and assemblies manufactured by other companies. For example, by MAN. But despite this, the price of the marauder's armor is not easy to break through. The cost of the machine is about 500 thousand dollars.

"Portrait" capital machine

But let's face it. If you are neither a millionaire nor a criminal authority and do not live on the territory of an acute military conflict, then you, in fact, do not need the most durable Marauder machine.

Mercedes SLK car

In ordinary life, we are guided by other criteria, choosing a capital car. Correctly watch how the model works, whether it loses its regulatory performance in the process of driving. The frequency of breakdowns and maintenance - also determine the strength and reliability of the machine. Behavior on the road in difficult weather conditions, the number of emergency moments, controllability, quality and quantity of safety equipment are important.

Audi A6 car

It should be borne in mind that cars lose their reliability over time, so if you choose cars in the secondary market Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, look how the previous owner took care of her, for what purposes he used, whether there was a major overhaul. Interestingly, the price is not always an indicator of the strength of the machine.

Mercedes GLK car

A few words about your car ...

Traditionally it is believed that the most durable cars produced by the Germans and the Japanese. In third place - cars from the States. But is it? We will not guess, and turn to the research of specialized organizations. For example, there are results of a study by the US analytical agency J. D. Power for 2012. Then the experts clearly stated that they consider the most reliable cars, released in 2009-2010. In general, they stated that the strength of cars is growing from year to year.

Porsche 911 car

Large-scale interview

The analysts made their conclusions based on the results of complex interviews with car owners. Drivers were asked about the troubles that had happened to the inhabitants of their garages over the past year and how often. As a result, for each brand of car was calculated its own index, indicating the number of breakdowns per 100 cars. Further, the principle of analysis is simple: fewer collisions - more reliable cars. The study involved almost 40 thousand motorists. And compared the 32 models released in 2010.

BMW Z4 car

Japanese "rule"

What did D. D. Power find out? So, the most reliable they called the Japanese Lexus (71 damage). The second place in the "German" Porsche (94). Third with the same result 112 faults came Japanese Toyota and American Lincoln. But the Land Rover, which is collected in the UK, was the most fragile car, dialing 220 calls to the service (despite the average rating rating - 126).

Mercedes E-Klasse C car

The word "Germans"

But independent German auditors from the international concern TUV prepared a more relevant study. This year, together with the specialized magazine Auto Bild, they published a reliability rating based on an analysis from 2013 to 2014. A robust machine, in their opinion, should not have serious flaws, therefore they also considered breakdowns as a percentage.

Audi Q5 car

Risks are reduced

In order to understand which car is the strongest, the auditors analyzed the condition of 8.5 million cars, for a total of 26 brands.

According to TUV estimates, manufacturers manage to reduce risks. For example, if in 2014, during a similar test, an average of 24.9% of failures were recorded, then the results of 2015 showed 23.5%.

Ford Focus car

Rating strength cars TUV is from 2008. The best result for this time was shown by Mercedes-El-Kay (2.4) and became the leader of the 2015 strength rating. In general, the list is saturated with German cars.

Top reliability

So, the top 10 most durable cars in the age range of two or three years, looks like this:

  • 1 place. Mercedes SLK (2,4).
  • 2 place. Audi A6 (2.6).
  • 3rd place. Mercedes GLK (3,6).
  • 4th place. Porsche 911 (3.9).
  • 5th place. BMW Z4 (4).
  • 6th place. Mercedes E-Klasse C (4,5).
  • 7th place. Audi Q5 (4.7).
  • 8th place. Audi A3, Ford Focus and Mercedes C-Klasse (4.9).
  • 9th place. Mazda 2 (5).
  • 10th place. Volvo XC60 (5.2).


We see that there are really a lot of “Germans” in this rating. But there are opinions that the German roots are no longer the guarantor of the invulnerability of the car. For example, the profile magazine “Which?” Conducted its own analysis. It was checked 33 thousand cars and, as the experts say the publication, the most durable machine in the world is not German. On the contrary, from year to year, the image of the German models surrenders. And the lowest score earned Volkswagen.

Mazda 2 car

The best dynamics of improvements shows Ford. But the best are still Japanese cars. According to the Which? Even cheap models of these brands will give odds in terms of strength to several more expensive competitors.

Local nuance

Well, such studies, of course, are an aid for a motorist when choosing a vehicle. However, choosing a solid machine, relying only on such an analyst to the Russian consumer is not worth it. After all, as a rule, representatives of countries with a more developed road infrastructure take part in international polls ...

Volvo XC60 car

In our case, one of the strength criteria will be the suitability of the vehicle for use in the domestic canvas.. Therefore, among other things, pay attention to ground clearance and throughput.

Smooth road and reliable ride!