Ten auto brands rewrote their price tags by october

Десять автобрендов переписали свои ценники к октябрю

According to the next monitoring of prices for cars sold in our country, it has been established that ten marks have changed the price tags on your lineup. The prices were monitored by the specialized statistics agency Avtostat. Avtostat's experts found that prices have changed several Chinese auto brands. For example, the price tags on their FAW cars rewritten as follows: increased by two - seven percent of the price of "four-door" FAW Oleysedan BEFORE B5 went up by four - four and a half percent. Russian representation of the Chinese brand Gilli raised prices Gilli Эмгранд 7 and of all-hearted Gilli Эмгранд Х7. Sedan went up by 1.3 - 1.6 percent, and the crossover - by 3.0 - 3.1 percent. Десять автобрендов переписали свои ценники к октябрю From the trend to raise prices, by all means dropped the most popular Chinese brand in Russia Lifan. This car brand just in September brought to our country новопоколенный седан Lifan Соланоwhich has a 1.5 liter gasoline aspirated for a hundred horses, coupled with a manual transmission, under the hood. Prices complete sets Solano The new generation is determined in the range from half a million to six hundred thousand rubles. And this price is twelve percent lower than stands Solano предыдущего поколения. Похоже, Lifan понимает, что в России кризис, и увеличивая сегодня прайс-листы бюджетных моделей, на которые есть устойчивый спрос, можно попросту попрощаться с покупателями. Все бы так! Десять автобрендов переписали свои ценники к октябрю How is the Korean competitor doing? Kia? Of the entire line of cars sold by us, last September, only the compact hatch rose by 1.2 - 1.9 percent Kia Picanto. The three-door version of this model is no longer available to us, and the five-door is ten percent more expensive.

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Not only Asian cars rose in price, European car brands also raised prices. For example, in the range of Czech cars rose by 1.4 - 1.9 percent liftback Sorry rapid. Rising in price by 1.3-1.7 percent and liftback Skoda Octavia, but only with gasoline engines, with diesel under the hood of Octavia did not go up. By the way, the Czech Skoda is in the top ten best-selling cars in our country, and more specifically, at the eighth position. From January to September more than 36 thousand of these cars were bought in Russia. Десять автобрендов переписали свои ценники к октябрю Uzbeks, not having time to enter our market with a model Ravon, immediately raised the price tag on Ravon R2. The increase ranged from 4.1 to 5.1 percent. Basic Ravon R2 It costs today 409 thousand rubles. The coolest hatchback will cost the buyer one hundred thousand more.