Rolls-royces, maserati and other luxury cars may soon leave

Rolls-Royces, Maserati and other class cars The automotive segment of the luxury class rarely suffered particularly from economic crises, as it is extremely difficult for people who are able to spend tens of millions of rubles on a car. Today, the Russian car market in all other segments catastrophically falls, and in the luxury, on the contrary, it adds. However, quite unexpectedly for many, our security system ERA-GLONASS may soon sweep away from the market in general any luxury car. Why? Celestial cars and Glonass - what are we talking about? It turns out there is something. Every Russian car until 2017 must be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system equipment. That is the law. But how to connect luxury cars to it? Yes, probably, in the same way, as well as other vehicles - so the logic prompts. And this is actually the case, but the ambush lies in the regulation of certification of machines equipped with a system. The fact is that after installing the equipment on a luxury car, which in itself is not an extremely complex action, this car is legally obliged to pass crash tests. And they just will deprive the benefits of manufacturers of supercars, because for the certification of each new model equipped with Eroy-Glonass, you must break into smithereens on crash tests for at least two cars of this model. If you look at the number of models of each heaped auto brand, then it turns out that you have to break more expensive cars than they are bought every year in our country.

Rolls-Royces, Maserati and other class cars

This is what the Glonass Era button on the Lada Vesta panel looks like.

Manufacturers offered our government not to install on the so-called "small lots" of cars that supply luxury cars and GLONASS equipment, but this idea did not find support in the government. That is why the importers of "cool cars" and say that the law obliging to equip all cars with Glonass before the end of next year will not allow selling either Lamborghini or Rolls-Royces, or Aston Martins, or Bentley, or Maserati with Ferrari in Russia .

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Last year, 1,157 luxury cars were bought in Russia, more than sixty percent of this number are new Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class). The next most popular one is Bentley, with a score of 208 cars, and then on the decreasing all the others, up to three cars sold during the year in Aston Martin. Rolls-Royces, Maserati and other class cars By the way, when a year ago, for the first time, they started talking about not to equip luxury cars with the GLONASS system, this idea was strongly supported by D. Medvedev. But the opponents of the ex-president still convinced the government that it was impossible to launch supercars on the country’s road without an established security system, given that the owners of such cars usually behave extremely aggressively on the road and pose a great danger to others. In addition, if you do not allow GLONASS to allow luxury cars, then suppliers of other cars will also take advantage of this, they will simply switch to "small lots" of supplies, since the security system will be outlawed for them.

However, it was recently announced that the luxury crossover Bentley Bentayga, the most luxurious representative of the SUV segment in the world, will arrive to us already this month. The power unit under the hood of this car is able to accelerate it to 301 km per hour.