How to unlock the steering wheel without a key

Owners of modern cars often face the situation when it is necessary to unlock the steering wheel without a key. The cause of this problem may be the loss or damage to the original key. Consider all possible ways to unlock independently steering wheel without a key.

Как самостоятельно разблокировать руль без ключа

Steering unlock options

There is no one instruction that would fit under any car, as each manufacturer uses its own design of locks. For new foreign and domestic cars that are under warranty, the best option would be to contact the service center. Any mechanical impact from the outside will lead to the fact that in the future the insurance company may refuse to compensate for the damage.

If the car is not under warranty, and the lock has occurred, there are several options:

  • mechanical impact;
  • system analysis;
  • call service center.

Mechanical impact

Mechanical impact подразумевает поломку блокирующего язычка. Такой вариант считается наиболее нежелательным, так как есть риск повреждения элементов рулевого управления. К тому же после этого придется самостоятельно восстанавливать сломанные части. Однако, если вопрос, как разблокировать срочно руль без ключа возник, данный метод на отечественных и иностранных автомобилях помогает в большинстве случаев.

Remove tongue

 If you do not want to break anything in your own car, then you can try to disassemble the system yourself, after removing the plastic case of the steering column.

After that, you need to cut or drill tongue. This will allow unlock the steering without a key, however there are some difficulties. In each car, analysis takes place in different ways. Provide a single instruction is impossible. In addition, for this option, you will need at least a basic knowledge of the machine structure. There is a risk that other parts will be damaged during the removal of the tongue.

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Как самостоятельно разблокировать руль без ключа

Specialist assistance

If the owner does not have the necessary knowledge or experience, the best solution to unlock the steering without a key is to contact a specialist. To the article, call a professional now you can around the clock. A visit and removal of a block will cost much less than self-damage of property.

Specialists can both disassemble the system and thus unlock the steering wheel without a key, and make the key in place on the lock. In order not to fall into a similar situation in the future, it is recommended to have a spare car key in the car or at home.