Spanish car brand seat, part of vw, presented a new suv

Spanish car brand Seat, now part of VW, introduced the new SUV Arona

It should be noted right away that the Russians will not see this model of the new Spanish subcompact crossover in our car market. But later, the parent company Volkswagen will launch models similar to it under its own brand and Skoda brand, which has been part of the VW Group for twenty-five years. Spanish "Seats" today officially in our country not to buy, but the "SUV" Seat Arona First of all, we are interested in the fact that it is a forerunner of small SUVs from VW, and which will come to us. They will be built on the same modular platform as this SUV - MQB-A0 (a shorter version of the MQB platform). This trolley collects class B cars, for example, the fifth generation Seat Ibiza of the fifth generation, officially presented in February of this year.

Seat Arona a bit bigger than the Seat Ibiza: it exceeds the hatchback by almost eight centimeters - 4 m 13.8 cm, wide - by almost decimeter - 1 m 54.3 cm. There is no exact information about the clearance of Arona, according to rumors, it is one and a half centimeter more than ibiza. However, for the subcompact crossover Arona, which will be sold only in Europe with its beautiful roads, the patency is not critical. More important for the buyer will be a spacious luggage compartment in four hundred liters. In addition, apparently it is a real dude, it has excellent handling and engines with a very modest appetite. Seat introduced the new subcompact crossover Seat Arona Buyers can choose the color design of their new Seat Arona from as many as sixty-eight combinations.

Under the hood of the "SUV" will be the following engines. This is a 1.6-liter 110-horsepower gasoline engine, 95 or 115-horsepower one-liter turbo engines and another petrol-powered 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. There will be dizelek - 95 or 115-strong with a displacement of 1.6 liters. Turbo engines will have to be paired with a seven-speed automatic, 1.6-liter aspirated - with six-speed hydromechanical. All-wheel drive Seat Arona will not, only leading front. Seat introduced the new subcompact crossover Seat Arona Premiere Seat Aron  will happen in the fall as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Immediately after it will begin selling the model. It is assumed that the Arona "siblings" will be shown at this motor show: these are the Volkswagen T-Roc and Skoda Polar subcompact crossovers. They will come to our country, and therefore it is likely that among their complete sets will be all-wheel drive. Seat introduced the new subcompact crossover Seat Arona Subcompact crossovers in Europe are in a state of tough competition - too many of their models of various brands are represented there. Only this June, Hyundai Kona, Kia Stonic and Citroen C3 Aircross arrived at the European car market. "Frenchman", by the way, will arrive early next year and to us.

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