Choosing a hybrid dvr correctly


Every motorist understands how important it is to properly organize video surveillance. However, the task is not so easy to cope as we would like. Only a careful study of the numerous proposals will allow you to make the only right choice, to guarantee a high level of safety in the car salon. If there is a desire to simultaneously use digital and analog solutions, it is best to use a digital hybrid DVR compatible with various types of equipment. What is a hybrid video recorder? How to make the right choice and which aspects are best to pay attention to?

What is a hybrid technology DVR?

All modern video recorders based on hybrid technologies are commonly called HDVR. These devices assume an optimal basis: the digital and analog recording options are successfully used in equipment to monitor the situation on the road.

Hybrid DVR

Modern video recorders with hybrid technology

Читать далее о тонкостях выбора гибридного видеорегистратора-->Автомобилист получает возможность убедиться в возможности максимальной защиты транспортного средства. HDVR представляют собой универсальные устройства, ведь они идеально сопрягаются с любыми системами видеонаблюдения. Предполагается высокий уровень спроса на выпускаемые регистраторы, несмотря на то, что список хороших моделей существенно ограничен, и, скорее всего, будет оставаться таким ещё длительное время.

Complete set of the video recorder

Modern HDVR video recorders have a standard design, but at the same time they differ greatly in configuration. So, the device includes:

  • body ergonomic design and high quality;
  • compartment designed specifically for the hard drive;
  • powerful fan for reliable cooling of the equipment used and maximum protection against overheating;
  • cable and cable that interconnect several working circuits;
  • motherboard;
  • CPU;
  • port for entry - exit;
  • internal power supply.

Completion, or rather its degree of reliability, functionality, accuracy of service, determines the level of popularity of recorders and, of course, the degree of benefit in any trips.

Hybrid DVR bundle

Device configuration

The reasons for the popularity of HDVR video recorders

Hybrid modern DVRs, which involve a two-channel approach, enjoy a high level of popularity. This situation does not cause any surprise. Initially, you need to choose a video surveillance system technology, because it can be analog or digital. Not every motorist is ready to make the right choice on their own in the shortest possible time. Even if consultation is offered to employees of the store, the choice turns out to be a serious task. Despite this, the hybrid DVR is a successful way out of this situation.

Analog devices enjoy a high level of popularity, because they managed to show optimal performance during their active use. The technology, successfully used for many decades, fortunately, did not deserve serious complaints. Most reviews show positive characteristics. In other indicators, you can also find benefits: affordable cost, ease of repair activities or replacement of components.

Digital video recorders suggest the possibility of using a digitized signal, so that it can be easily transferred to a personal computer, laptop, and even the Internet. However, digital technology will immediately cost you more.

Most often, motorists are forced to focus on their financial capabilities, and not on the optimal characteristics of the proposed equipment and its quality. If you want to find a universal option, located between two competitors, the hybrid channel DVR becomes the ideal offer, because it combines two technologies at once and makes you happy with an affordable price.

Easy to mount гибридного видеорегистратора

Easy to mount

Hybrid models make it possible to successfully combine two different technologies, noting their worthy sides in each case. For example, an analog device can be supplemented with digital technology and vice versa. Thus, it turns out that the channel DVR is able to work successfully with completely different technologies. Empowerment is maintained on an ongoing basis.

How to choose a HDVR DVR

Choosing a DVR is an important step before you buy, which you definitely need to go through. It is imperative to carefully examine the technical data of the devices that are connected to the machine’s video surveillance system. For example, an inexpensive model is only suitable for simple equipment without optimal performance. If the budget device is installed on an expensive camera, the benefits of innovative technologies will become inaccessible. The approval remains valid when reversed: an advanced recorder should not be bought if the cameras can transmit only low-quality data. Both devices must comply with the level of technical data.

Choosing a modern channel hybrid DVR, it is best to focus on the following parameters:

  • the number of channels used to work;
  • types of DVR cameras that are supported when shooting a situation on the road;
  • input and output options. It is necessary to focus on the quality of sound and video, because only in this case, you can fully control the situation on any trip;
  • a method of compressing audio and video signals that come from equipment;
  • the possibility of synchronous playback;
  • volume, as well as the type of hard drives that are successfully supported by modern DVRs;
  • interface application for Ethernet connection;
  • temperature range for device operation;
  • type of food.
Hybrid Video Recorder

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The number of channels determines the level of functionality of the device. Choosing a multi-channel DVR, you get the ability to connect multiple devices at once. Moreover, the cost of the model for 8 and 16 channels will not differ significantly. It is possible that the number of cameras will subsequently be more, as there will be a desire to expand the video surveillance system. At the same time, you need to remember that for high-quality playback, you should take into account the possibilities of HDVR, so it’s best to focus on the type of equipment supported and the optimum performance of the DVR.

The duration and quality of playback are determined by the following characteristics: methods for compressing video and audio data, the amount of installed hard drives. It is important to understand that any channel recorder is designed only for a certain amount of information, after which the principle of cyclicity is used, and the new information is recorded over the old one.

If the channel recorder will be used for monitoring 8 cameras of the middle class, two to four terabytes of memory will be required for a three to four-day recording cycle.

The ability to broadcast footage to the Internet is an important feature. Models with the support of such a broadcast are immediately more expensive, but at the same time they allow you to watch the car from any place. In addition, a motorist can share data with their relatives.

The place of installation is always determined by the level of energy consumed and the operating temperature. This aspect must be considered in order for the equipment to serve successfully.

Hybrid technologies will be actively developed, so the channel hybrid DVR promises to be the best choice for a practical, sensible motorist.

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