Mercedes c-class cabriolet? no, not heard ... but in vain.

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet At the nearest Frankfurt Autumn Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz will be presenting a new C-Class in a convertible factor format. How this not-so-usual model will presumably look like can be understood from the render of Photoshop Masters from the Automedia Design Studio, which has already been published on the Web. They did not wait for the official presentation of the cabriolet and limited the flight of their imagination to lines drawn from the spy photos of paparazzi taken during the test of the car. One look at the "face" Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet it turns out enough to understand that it is copied from the sedan model of the same name. However, the changes are still there. They immediately come to the attention when going for the front rack. This, of course, a folding roof and rear-view mirrors, moved to the door. The shape of the aft part has also changed significantly compared to the C-Class sedan. The cabin interior uniquely repeats the typical solutions that are used in the entire generation of C-class cars. In addition to the resemblance, the convertible borrowed from its "prototype" and the engine range.

Sedans, coupes and universal C-class Mercedes are widely represented on the Russian market. Cars have, as a rule, rear and four-wheel drive and are under the hood of both gasoline and diesel units. Sea-cabrio2 With the price tags from Mercedes, everything was always too sad for the average Russian. Today, the cheapest C-class sedan in the basic configuration is sold from 1 million 700 thousand rubles. Universals bargain and that more: the most affordable option costs from two million wooden. Well, the C-Class Coupe starts at two million one hundred and thirty thousand rubles.

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In addition to the cabriolet, Mercedes is going to present the new A-class sedan this fall. And the modified G-class crossover, which increased its capacity by as much as sixteen percent, was presented to a Russian buyer just a month ago.