How to choose the right vacuum cleaner


Many drivers have long used small car vacuum cleaners, the main difference between which from the ordinary - dimensions and no need to connect to the power supply. But not everyone knows those moments that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing.

Cleaning the car with a vacuum cleaner

Читать дальше о том, как правильно выбрать автомобильный пылесос-->Итак, специалисты советуют сразу выбрать и определить такие характеристики:

  • The quality of the device and materials used in the manufacture;
  • Accumulator charging;
  • Power;
  • What type of device.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Modern manufacturers offer a choice of two types of car vacuum cleaners - regular vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with a fluid collection function. With the help of a washing device, you can get rid of not only dust and dirt in the cabin, but also collect puddles that were formed from the snow. Such equipment will help to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the form of condensate under rubber mats or in other hard-to-reach places.

Car vacuum cleaner PH 2002

You can choose models with special filters that help rid the salon of all sorts of allergens and other harmful substances. The only drawback of washing vacuum cleaners is their high cost.

Charging device

Depending on the needs, you can choose one of three options - charging from the cigarette lighter, charging from the mains, built-in battery.

In the case of charging from the cigarette lighter device will work no longer than 30 minutes. If you exceed this limit, you can disable the vacuum cleaner battery.

Models equipped with batteries, work without a break for 15 minutes. And this, unfortunately, is not enough to clean the cabin. The disadvantage of charging from the mains is limited access to it. Here, the best choice would be a vacuum cleaner with a combined system.

Car vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter

Dust collection

You can choose one of two types of dust collectors for car vacuum cleaners - a bag and a plastic container. Which one is better? The second option is more practical and safer than the first. The container is easily removed and instantly cleaned. Professionals recommend to pay attention to the model with a plastic container as a dust collector with a volume of at least 700 centimeters cubic.


Most manufacturers additionally complete their devices with various nozzles. As you know, in the cabin of modern cars there are many places that are difficult to vacuum without a special nozzle. But there is also a minus - the price directly depends on the number of nozzles and brushes. Anyway, a wide selection of nozzles will never be a disadvantage.

Автопылесос Black&Decker

Experts in this case recommend to choose a vacuum cleaner with a minimum configuration (basic). As needed, you can buy additional attachments or brushes. In most cases, the minimum grade looks like this:

  • Wide nozzle in the form of a brush with a long nap. Moreover, the length of the bristles is adjustable;
  • Narrow plastic nozzle, which will help to remove debris and dust from the most inaccessible places;
  • A soft brush that makes it easy to clean soft tissues or other surfaces.

As for optional accessories Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, they can be divided into several main groups:

  • Nozzle for polished surfaces. It is a regular brush with very long bristles;
  • Nozzles with which you can collect pet hair or hair;
  • For cleaning upholstery fabric suitable soft round nozzles;

Please note that in the case when your pet is often inside the car, you cannot do without a turbo brush. But the brush with a long bristle will be useless in the cabin, where there are no polished parts. There are other types of attachments. More details about the destination of each will tell you the supermarket consultant.

Device power

The choice of capacity for car vacuum cleaners is quite large - from weak to very powerful. The more powerful - the more expensive. But the technical performance of cleaning such vacuum cleaners are much higher.

So, the weakest devices (up to 75 kW) will relieve the interior only from dust, ash and crumbs. It is better to immediately discard this option. Today, several large global companies compete in this market, whose products fully satisfy the demand for car vacuum cleaners.

As you can see, even the choice of a car vacuum cleaner should be approached correctly. If you already have experience in acquiring such a device, share comments under this article.