Gm hired programmers to crack jeep

The auto company General Motors took on the work of IT employees who hacked into the 2015 Jeep. Now Charlie Miller and Chris Valejsik will be engaged in cyber security of cars with autopilot in the subsidiary Cruise Automation.

New experts will be responsible for the preparation of various software, and after that they will join the cybersecurity team at General Motors itself.

Recall that in 2015, Miller and Valeysik were able to hack the Jeep Cherokee from home using laptops. They found vulnerabilities in the multimedia complex Uconnect, which is installed in different models of the FCA alliance.

The experts were able to remotely display various pictures on the multimedia system display, adjust the volume of the audio, give audible signals and turn on the wipers. They also managed to turn off the power unit and deactivate the brakes, as well as intervene in the steering.

FCA subsequently revoked 1.4 million machines to eliminate these vulnerabilities in software.

Meanwhile, the design of the new generation Jeep Wrangler is declassified.