The instrument panel vaz 2114 looks great and almost does

During the operation of the car VAZ 2114, a question may arise regarding the dashboard, especially when the owner of the fourteen decided to do the tuning of the VAZ 2114. If a fault occurs, you need to know how to properly remove and install the VAZ 2114 dashboard. You may also need to tune the panel. Each operation has its own nuances, which will be discussed below.

VAZ 2114 dashboard description

Difficulties in the operation of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

During the operation of the vehicle may experience various problems in the dashboard. Pointers, on-board computer or system may not work. In this case, check the fuse. Most likely, it burned out. But you need to make sure of it, check the wiring and replace it. A short circuit can cause this problem.

In the instrument panel VAZ 2114, the price of which is in the limit of 15,000 rubles, the fuel consumption indicator and tachometer may not work at all or not at all. If after checking the contacts, nothing was found, then it is worth making a reset. To do this, the reset button is held for a few seconds, and the ignition must be turned on. If the instrument arrows went up - it means everything is in order with the instruments themselves. If this does not happen, it means that microcracks have formed in the devices.

dashboard VAZ 2114 manual

To check the instrument panel VAZ 2114 (photo above), you must remove the faulty devices and consider them under a magnifying glass. But first you need to remove the instrument panel VAZ 2114 and conduct a detailed inspection. If the defects are not detected this time, then you will have to disassemble the pointers and check the serviceability of the gear. To replace the failed gear, you need the same new gear.

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Backlight dashboard VAZ 2114

Factory lighting devices in the car VAZ 2114 leaves much to be desired. The disadvantage of illumination is, first of all, a wide color variety of highlights, which is not very convenient in use. Only one conclusion - the illumination of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 needs to be improved. Although many drivers of nines really like the europanel, which initially stands at 2114, so they install the VAZ 2114 panel on the VAZ 2109 if possible.

instrument panel vaz 2114 Price

In order to improve the lighting, in order to make the designations of the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114 more visible, it will be necessary to disassemble the dashboard and acquire the necessary number of LEDs. On the disassembled panel it is necessary to make marks for mounting new diodes. For each device will need a certain number of them. For example, for a temperature sensor you may need three bulbs. Light-emitting diodes and resistances are soldered to specially designated places. At the same time it is necessary to observe their polarity and gently grind heads.

After all the diodes were soldered, you need to remove the power and check their work. If any of the light bulbs do not light up, then it means that it is faulty or the polarity is broken.

To illuminate the LCD display, it is necessary to replace the lamp with the socket on the diode and resistance. The same manipulations can be carried out with any indicator and instrument on the panel.

Assembly of instrument panel lighting VAZ 2114

To assemble all the wires of the LEDs need to withdraw to connect to the board. Then you need to connect the plexiglass and body tightly. Behind this design is connected with screws. The lighting of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 through the board. It must be installed, but so carefully so as not to bend the arrows of the instruments, or rather their drives. Everything is fixed with screws. Diode power is soldered to the lamp power. Then put on the arrows and set to zero.

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sale of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

If the need arises, you can adjust the readings of instruments and sensors using the on-board computer. A special transparent visor is put on the panel from above. After that, the instrument panel returns to its original place.